Wednesday, December 2, 2009

work break.

I feel the need to write a blog but I also feel the need to do it conspicuously, so I am first writing it in word then will transfer it! HA ha! This information is irrelevant to everyone reading but I’m telling ya anyways so shaaatup. I have had a pretty solid work day so far so I don’t feel too bad about taking a couple minutes for myself. Today has gone on as usual work days do, but it is different somehow, like there is an upbeat feel in the air….

Brendon made it to lunch today (:D yay) and he brought a friend, mike, with him which was a lovely surprise. Mike works at head office in Fredericton but is doing a couple odd jobs up here this week so is staying with Brendon. What else, what else. Oh yes, then my desk buddy is here sitting behind me, and he is in good mood today and not stressing out. We have been discussing the trailer bunny and different ways I can smuggle him off the property. He just threw a mitten at me, MY mitten specifically. I wonder if he knows he’s being written about…?

Me and Colin have been having an especially good day, talking a lot and joking. He touched my hand when he walked by my desk earlier, which was strange since he never walks by my desk and has never touched my hand like that before. It was…nice?

OK, confession time: I am planning another SJ sleepover this Thursday night with my adorable friend Jen Bunny. We have both sworn that we are going to have a girly night, full of boy gossip, but no actual boys. Well, at least not our two in particular. We’ll see how well that turns out. I will be driving up to SJ tomorrow myself to attend a big group meeting for our department that is being held at the Fort Howe Hotel. I figured since I will already be in town and I will have my own car, (no $16 cabs for me this time Saint John, fuck you!) I might as well use it. I plan on coming into work Friday as well to get in a little banked time I can use over Christmas when my sisters come home!!! Good thing about that is for once I get to choose when to come in, when to leave, what radio station to listen to aka MY iPod, the temperature of the car, etc, etc. Pure bliss.

Back to my confession, I was not, I repeat NOT planning on telling a certain someone (cough colin cough) that I would be in sj for another night. Unfortunately, it sort of slipped out yesterday. Me and my mouth, right. I was telling him how I was planning on driving down, and then that I was working Friday as well on my day off. You’re driving down twice? He exclaimed. No I’m staying at Jens again. (oh, Freudian slip.) (did everyone like how I turned that into a bit of a novel there? I should write a book :P)

Yupp, so the cat is out of the bag. It’s good tho, I think. The way I see it is now that he knows I’ll be around, we’ll just see how he plays it out. And if nothing happens then I will be like Whateve mo fucker! And continue on avec la vie.

And please don’t think I’ve forgotten about his little ‘I love you too’ on the phone last week. I surely will not and I know he has a serious asshole/coward/immaturity complex. To shield myself from such further overhearings, everytime he gets a phone call I immediately put on my headphones and change it to a loud song, even if it’s to do with work. I’d rather not hear anything. It’s none of my business anyways and I don’t even care.


FML, lol. Love love.

Shout out to my favorite little lady. She knows who she is <3.

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