Thursday, January 28, 2010

booo surprise training.

so i forgot i had to do this training today and ALL DAY kind of training. im already bored and it hasnt started yet.

things that bother the shit out of me:
people who crowd your personal space in grocery store lines
any kind of truck driving directly behind you, because no matter what their lights will shine in all your mirrors and blind you
people who talk during a movie in the theatre or check their cellphones constantly
work related training

11 more minutes...YUCK!

sadly i will not be able to blog again today, maybe tomorrow morning if i get here early enough i can manage one. and i wont be able to read any of your lovelies, which is one of my favorite passtimes! (maybe i can sneak a peak on my training computer ;) )

anywaays, nothing much exciting happened last night. i took a two hour bath and read the host (LOVE that book) and then immediately took a shower and washed my hair, then did my hair, then went to bed. WICKED night all in all.

Tomorrow i am heading to sj. No ladies, not for a colin visit (gah). For a JB visit! my very favorite SJ resident! me her and our friend Bells who lives in moncton, are all going to have a girly night and go out on the town for a little IPN: indie pop night with DJ Bones! woooord. i requested: when you're around - frankmusik, telephone - lady gaga ANNNND dead honey - die mannequin (my favorite song to sing along to right now)

Sat I'm heading to moncton with a group of my lovely soro sisters for a little retreat. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! cant wait. more details later!

g2g training beckons..xoxo everyone cross your fingers that i don't fall asleep!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

why..? i have a crush on this song...

Suddenly I want to jump the bones of a half american, half japanese 23 year old male r&b singer..or possibly perform a 20 second choreographed dance with him in the rain.

Is anyone else as confused as I am?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I just ran into the Trailer Bunny while walking out of the lunch/bathroom trailer. He was sitting right beside the steps! He is so precious, and BIG. Not fat, just a big guy. He was snacking on an apple core which had been uncovered by the melted snow. I have a strong suspicion it belonged to my apple once, because I often throw food there, thinking of my little hoppy friend. It has been drizzling here all day, and my poor little tough man! He was soaked, and his fur was all bunchy. HEART B-BREAKING! I wanted to scoop him up and bring him inside to get warm, or at least give him a little under the chin scratch, but he didn't let me get closer then a few feet away. So, I stood in the rain and watched him devour the whole core. One last attempt to pet him, and he hopped away. I immediately ran back to my trailer to eat the apple i had leftover in my lunch so I could put out a new core for him to enjoy.

Sitting here now, beside my freshly eaten apple, my mind is _______. While eating, I looked up some information on rabbits, including that I probably shouldn't feed it unless I'm prepared to do it everyday forever. They'll become dependent on it. It really breaks my heart, but he has survived this long through an outdoor winter, so I hope he will make it through.

What do you guys think? Should I just throw the core out there for him or not?

PS i got another one of those name calls again, I even put Ms. as my salutation. It was an asian man who I think assumed I was "Tyler Fraser's" secretary because he says, hello im calling for tyler fraser. and I say yes, this is she.

uh i am calling for tyler fraser

yes...this is she.

tyler fraser?



bored and at work.

Sometimes there is work to be done, but you just can’t force yourself to look at it anymore. This is one of those times.

What a snore of a day. It’s only 10:30am. Nothing is in the least entertaining here at work today. My music is not satisfying me, and there is no one around to chat with.

Yesterday when I left work, I said goodbye to everyone as I always do. I usually get a “Bye Tyler” from Colin. He didn’t look up at all and didn’t say anything! And he couldn’t even pretend he wasn’t listening because he didn’t have his head phones on either.

Well, who really cares? Sometimes I don’t say bye, lol. But usually it’s because I’m cranky with him. We made me think maybe he is cranky at me for some unknown reason. Also this morning I walked by him coming in the door and said “Hi” and he again ignored me. Which brings me to my point: I did like Colin, but I also like him in a different way because he is one of my good work buddies. There aren’t exactly a lot of us students around here, and even less of them are fun to talk to! So, basically it’s me and Colin in my trailer, he’s my go to guy to talk to when I’m bored. Brendon is around here too, but in a different trailer.

Now I am dying of boredom and I feel like I want to go say “HEY whats up” to Colin, because that is the normal thing that I would do if looking at him in just a friend way. But then I’m like eff, maybe I shouldn’t go bug him because what if he just thinks it’s because I like him. And he already seems ticked off at me so poking at him might not be a good idea for that reason either…..

Which brings me back to my original dilemma: bored as **** at work. And I look like shite today. And my face is all hot for some reason, I keep having to put my hair back into a lame ponytail. Soon. Will. Begin. Stabbing. Hand. With. Pencil.

Monday, January 25, 2010

the ridiculousness of having a boy name..

so you all know my name is Tyler.

my full name is in fact Alyson Tyler Wanda Faye Fraser. (i know i know, im pretty much set for a career in country music...)

5 names? yes, it's a family thing. all of my siblings have been cursed with it as well. and my children will have an absurd amount of names so people can ask them the same questions i've been bothered with my whole life :)

oh and last but not least, the fact that i don't go by my first name, alyson.

people always ask me why, and i'm like, "well, back in the day when I was around a month old, i just couldn’t take being called alyson anymore! so i asked everyone to start calling me Tyler instead."

HELLO! no one chooses their name for themselves. (unless they get it changed of course)

So, im tyler, sometimes ty. sometimes tpain. sometimes tfrase. that is the bottom line.

don't get me wrong, i adore my name. im so happy my parents named me something original, and that they chose it for such a good reason, and that they mutually agreed it was right for me (because i believe it is, perfectly). i also really like having such a long name and having a first name i don't go by. especially since my siblings all do as well. it seems sort of regal in a way to me.

but here's the real kicker: my name, Tyler, is commonly a boys name. I realize this, but i am in fact, a girl. Unfortunately, this is quite a difficult concept for some people to wrap their heads around.

example: i just got off the phone with a company i've been corresponding with via email up to this date. no, i do not sign my emails MS Tyler Fraser. i don't think i should have to and that it would be kind of silly. Anyways, the woman actually paused after I told her who was calling and said: “So, you’re Tyler…and you’re female.” In this really serious, almost rude, disbelieving voice. I’m used to this and gave her a firm yet polite “Yes” in return. I think people find it especially difficult when they are expecting and picturing me as a boy before we talk on the phone or meet face to face.

Worse, I’ve talked to people who are just flabbergasted, and become lost for words. They'll stutter on their sentence, and say things like,'re name is really Tyler?

Argh! Yes people, it is true. I am a woman named TYLER. It is possible in this crazy world we live in!

I don’t really mind it usually. I just shake my head and think its funny, laughing at these peoples ignorance. I even had this one company that I was emailing with and they insisted on addressing me Mr. Tyler Fraser, or Mr. Tyler, in every email. (We had a bit of an office joke with that one...) But even funny things get irritating if they’re repeated too much.

So here I am, just a girl named Tyler trying to make her way in the world, believe it or not.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend blogging

“Walking by myself down avenues that reek of time to kill”
-L.E.S. Artistes – Santigold

As per request from my whittle: t’s iPod on-the-go playlist of the moment

the adventure - angels and airwaves
anything you want, you got it - roy orbison
anyway you choose to give it - the black ghosts
bad romance - lady gaga
beetles - warpaint
better off as two- frankmusik
billie holiday - warpaint
bulletproof- la roux
burgandy - warpaint
california dreamin'- shaw blades
the call - regina spektor
can't take it in- imogen heap
coin laundry - lisa mitchell
confusion girl - frankmusik
cousins - vampire weekend
creator - santigold
dance in the dark- lady gaga
dead honey - die mannequin
do ya - neil nathan
elephants - warpaint
empire state of mind - jay z ft alicia keys
the fame - lady gaga
february air - lights
fire burning - sean kingston
free bird - lynyrd skynyrd
gimme sympathy - metric
happy - leona lewis
the heart of life - john mayor
heavy cross - the gossip
hell - tegan and sara
i'll be seeing you - billie holiday
i'll kill her - soko
i'm a lady - santigold
i'm not your toy - la roux
i'm with you - the stills
incomplete lullaby- lisa mitchell
keep me in your heart - jorge calderon
keep on - dj champion
l.e.s. artistes- santigold
lights out - santigold
little moon - first aid kit
little round mirrors - harvey danger
money honey - lady gaga
monster- lady gaga
morning after dark - timbaland ft soshy
only one - yellowcard
our own pretty ways - first aid kit
paper gangsta -lady gaga
paper planes -mia
pokerface - lady gaga
the pretender - foo fighters
pretty green - santigold
reasons to love you - meiko
rich girl - down with webster
say aha - santigold
sexy chick - david guetta ft akon
shooting star (party rock remix) - LMFAO
shove it - santigold
skeletons - yeah yeah yeahs
solar midnite - lupe fiasco
south side - moby
speechless - lady gaga
set fire to the third bar - snow patrol
stars - warpaint
starstrukk [Remix] - 3OH!3 ft katy perry
summerboy - lady gaga
table for glasses - jimmy eat world
take my heart - soko
tangerine - first aid kit
telephone - lady gaga ft beyonce
this kind of love - sister hazel
tiger mountain peasant song - first aid kit
tiger mountain peasant song - fleek foxes
us - regina spektor
view from heaven - yellowcard
the weakness in me - joan armatrading
whatcha say - jason derulo
when you're around - frankmusik
you're not coming home tonight - first aid kit
your winter - sister hazel
zero - yeah yeah yeahs


Friday, January 22, 2010

donut fridays @ a nuclear power plant

Yeah, Homer Simpson style, our supervisor brings in Tim Horton's donuts for us every Friday :D I am presently enjoying the utter deliciousness of this gem:

(via google)


what is your fav timmys? for all those gals who live in Canada, that is! sorry for you's who don't have Tims!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it just me or...

does Leona Lewis look an awful lot like Santigold?

Today's theme song

Looovin' the dance solo. Performing it as much as possible from my desk chair. Where did JLO go....? I miss her.

8:13 am and jittery?

haha YAY for new followers! i get excited every time i get a new one. if you are reading my blog and not following should be (cough nat...cough m.) Cuz it makes a person feel GOOD!

This morning i drove to work in my carpool and drank a MONSTER energy drink so as not to fall asleep:

The result is that I have an abundance of energy now, and no real way to disperse it. I hope it lasts all day. It feels good, lol. It is like a fun drug...except legal. I don't feel sad about things like BOYS right now. YAY. Everyone should drink these!

PS here are my new sneakers, just as killer as they were yesterday.

I love them.

Last night I watched some reruns of Peak Season, and realized how much I miss it. Killa killa! It was even an ep with the aussie couple in it <3. Sigh...and now Jersey Shore is almost over...what am I going to watch now.

I don't have makeup on and haven't decided whether im going to put any on or not yet. Hmmmm.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 Things I hate about you dictates my life

I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car, I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big, dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick — It even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh — Even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're not around. And the fact that you didn't call.
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you — Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all

I cry at this part every time i watch it. this is one of my favorite movies, just listened to it on youtube in the background while working. thanks, big sis Erica for buying it for me on VHS when i was too little to understand it <3

Dix choses...

10 things!

I was tagged by the lovely Samboy to share 10 random things about me! I'm excited....and it will help me get rid of those 2 ugly posts below which I do not want to see anymore.

1. I like to think that I have my own style, which I love! But sometimes I get to thinking about trends and wonder if I come up with any of my own ideas, or if they are just subconsciously planted in my brain through TV, magazines, the internet, etc? For example, Ray Banner sunglasses have been pretty hot this past while, but I swear I bought a pair from le Chateau months before I saw anyone else with them. I even wore them and then got tired of them and stopped. Then all of a sudden it seemed like everyone was effing wearing them!? This thought often stops me mid purchase and makes me wrack my brain as to whether I truly like it or not.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favorite show. I own all the seasons and have probably watched them 8 times through. I love everything about it, the cast, the characters, the story lines, the fight scenes, the comic relief, the love stories, the heart, and everything else that makes that show what it is. Oh, and my MAJOR crush on Spike doesn't hurt.

3. I have an irrational fear of flying in an airplane, or aerophobia. (Aerophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of flying) Last time I went on a plane it was on a trip to California for my sister Erica's wedding. We had 3 landings and take offs for the way down, and two on the way back. By the end of it I was still horrid. On the first take off I had to hold my dads hand and I had tears in my eyes.

4. I can speak English and French, but am rubbish at learning languages now...I tried to learn Spanish in a university class and totally gave up and dropped it. It was too hard and awkward! I wish I could speak lots and lots of languages, I find them fascinating and beautiful. I also really enjoy watching subtitled movies. Swedish is one of my favorite is mesmerizing.

5. Some songs make me dance, always, even if I am in the most public place where dancing is extremely foolish and inappropriate. Here is a short list of some songs that possess me these days:

Fire Burning - Sean Kingston (listening to it right now, and am dancing in my desk chair)
Pokerface - Lady Gaga
Call On Me - Eric Prydz
Summer Girls - The Stereos
Swing - Savage
Cotton Eye Joe
Believe - Cher
Sexy Chick - David Guetta ft Akon
Crank Dat - Soulja Boi
Starstrukk [Remix] - 3OH!3 ft Katy Perry

6. I can't remember a relationship I was in that I didn't cheat on the person, and I have been "the other women" more than once. I have serious issues with monogamy, and sometimes I think it is better to not have a monogamous relationship. It's complicated and confusing and probably only makes sense to me, so I won't even try to explain myself.

I think that I'm just this kind of person that won't be satisfied until they meet the person their going to marry. And then I will be, and I'll be grown up, and I'll be ready. I also have a firm belief and desire to someday get married and have a family and a wonderful marital relationship.

7. My two front teeth are fake! I got them knocked out when I was young when me and a friend were throwing rocks into the stream in my backyard. Lee swung her hand back and smacked me in the mouth with the rock she was holding. My mom and Lee were both crying and but I didn't cry. It didn't really hurt and I didn't realize at the time what it would mean exactly. Well now I know! Years of having temporary caps fall off at random times in my life and having to walk around snaggle toothed for a day or two, multiple emergency trips to the dentist to get new ones stuck on. Finally ending when I was 18 with the application of permanent porcelain verniers. Now my teeth are different, and they'll be that way forever. Isn't that a weird thought? Just imagine all of a sudden you have different looking front teeth then what you have had your whole adult life. WEIRD!

8. Sneakers are my passion. I wear them all year round! I would rather wear sneakers then cute flats, or practical winter boots. I cannot wear heels if my life depended on it, they hurt me soooooooo bad, no matter how slimming they make your ankle look! I also am the pickiest sneaker buyer on the planet. It literally takes me weeks, sometimes months to buy a new pair. I have to go through every shop, check out everything. Most of the time I will do all that and not end up buying anything because I am so damn particular. Not only with looks, but with fit. So I'll end up keeping on wearing my old pair, even if they are full of holes, ripped, stinky and all around destroyed. I have owned only about 5 pairs of sneakers in my life that I really enjoyed. The pair that I bought on this past weekend are one of them. I am wearing them right now and I love love LOOOVE them! I tried to look up a pic online but there are just too many Adidas out there.

9. I'm 5'11. TALLLLLLL!!! and I love it.

10. I drive a motorcycle and I wish I could drive it all year round <3. Mine is a 650 Suzuki GS '84, but I really want to buy a sport bike when the opportunity is best.

THAT TOOK SO LONG. It's hard to think of random things about yourself, cuz to you, they're not really random, they're just you.

My turn to TAG 5 people!

I piiiiiiiiiiiiiick, the people I think most likely to do it, or that I want to force to do it, or that I think will pass it along, cuz it's fuuuuuuuuuuun:

Tmo (even though I think she is a slacker blogger because she hasn't written in a week! hint hint)
Amy Renee


My heart just broke

because Colin has changed his display picture on fb to a shot of him with his arm around his gf, taken over the holidays, and they both look wonderful and happy.

I am sick to my stomach and such a fool.


The following is what was too scandalous to put in my blog...then I decided I don't care.

I emailed Colin asking if he wanted to go out to lunch Thursday when I had my car at work. He didn’t reply and ended up working through lunch.

The next day I was like TYLER don’t even answer his emails YOU ARE MAD AT HIM for not even bothering to reply yesterday. Of course, at 10:12am he emails me and it says:
Does your lunch invite still count for today or has that ship already sailed?

And of course I cannot say no to him, so I tell him it’s a plan. We ask other people if they want to join us but in the end it is just me and him. I also wanted to get pizza, cuz we don’t have pizza in our caf at work. Then I realize the place is at least 20 min away driving. I tell Colin maybe we should just eat in the caf here but he says no, he doesn’t care. So we end up going, just me and him. And all of a sudden I’ve got him in the car for 20 minutes, alone and sober. I jump right to the nitty gritty questions: asking him about his gf and his life and stuff. We get there and get our pizza, eat in the car. Then somehow we get around to the subject that I really like him and I realize his situation with his gf and how he cannot get out of it easily and blah blah blah, the usual. Then I just say: “If I asked you to kiss me right now, would you?” and he replies: yeah, probably. So I say OK kiss me and lean over to him and we are both smiling ear to ear like two little kids in middle school. And he kisses me.


I tell him to kiss me again, and he says it’s too public (we are sitting in a gas station parking lot after all, where lots of our co workers are) So I start putting on my seat belt to go back to work and he says: “Have you ever been to Lepreau falls?” He explains how it is this water fall down the street a bit that has its own parking lot at the end of a long street. He says we can go there….

And so we do. And we are sitting in park, kind of awkwardly, both knowing what is about to happen.

We kiss twice, but I stop it both times. Stomach eating self at this point, all these thoughts running through my head: Shit he has a gf, Shit I like him so much, Shit this is my dream come true, Shit does this mean he likes me too for real now, Shit it’s my time of the month, SHIT! He then says maybe we should go back to work and I agree, again putting on my seatbelt. He looks at me and says, “Tyler..” like I am doing something wrong, then “Do you want to go back to work?”

I say no, he looks at me and turns himself fully around in his seat, pulls me to him and we are off, seriously making out. We’re there for about 30 min, stuff happens…

As soon as it’s done he is panicking I can tell. His thoughts likely similar to mine. He says stuff like “That was so bad, I feel so guilty. I have a gf. You are my co worker. I don’t want to break your heart.” And then he starts going on asking me how it would work between us. “You live in Fredericton, I live in SJ. What are we going to do when our work term is up in 8 months and you go back to school fulltime at UNB in Fred and I am here in SJ at NBCC fulltime?” At this point I am still flying from what just happened but I am brought down rather abruptly by his clear distress. He says things like “I’ve never done that before, everyone’s gonna know at work! We’re going to get fired!”

I can’t take it anymore, I snap at him telling him to calm the fuck down, know one is going to know, no one saw us, his gf won’t find out. I don’t expect him to immediately break up with her because that happened. And to please just act like he normally does because I can’t handle him freaking out.

He says “Look we are fighting already. Ok, still just friends. With benefits....”

We get back to work, no one asks us a thing, and we go about our afternoons like we always would.

I am a horrible person because he has a gf, I know. But just because they’ve been dating on and off for 7 years doesn’t mean they are meant to be. Them having the same group of friends probably doesn’t hurt, and their mutual friends already dating and such, it’s just a snowball effect. How can I pry him out of this hole he is in? He’s told me a million times he doesn’t like her, and how much more awesome I am. But it’s complicated, as it always is with these things. Just because he’s settled, doesn’t mean he has to settle.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

has everybody missed me!

SORRY I've been MIA since last Thursday. I am sooo behind on my daily blog entries for the month of Jan...need to make up like 4 now I think. We'll see how today at work goes.

We must interrupt this program to bring you breaking news.
Friday was a pivotal day, in the craziness that is my life. I could not blog on Friday due to the events that happened and I cannot blog about them now. This is the first time that I have blog censored. THAT IS HOW INTENSE THIS IS. It is my life.

Respectfully, if curious minds want to know I will indulge appropriate details to those who ask. Other than that, just know that Friday was, one of those amazing magic days. I am nothing but smiles about it.

We now continue with our usual blog.
Saturday I woke up feelin like p-diddy. Me and Whit went to Crabbe for more snowboarding. I took the class again and she did some runs while I was in it. My instructor told me that I would learn no more from the class and I was ready for one-on-one instruction. Couldn't be happier! All I want to do is snowboard. It is so freeing! The adrenaline of it, it is the only distraction I've found so far that allows me entirely to not think about Colin.

I love crushes, they can feel amazing but they can also feel horrible. And even if you don't want to your thoughts are constantly roaming back to that person. It is a blessing to be able to escape my mind sometimes and just feel utterly relaxed and content. Another great mind clearing tool I benefit from is Yoga class. It was canceled last night as the instructor went away :( We'll see how crabby it makes me today that I didn't get my fix!

Saturday night turned out to be an amazing girls night! Me, Whit and my girl Hutch piled into my car and road-tripped to Saint John to stay overnight with Jen Bunny, who also had a friend over. We ended up pre-drinking at her house then heading down to the local hot spot 'O'leary's Pub'. There was a band and it was packed. Soooo much fun!

Me and Whit danced the night away on the dance floor with these two foreign students from Saudi Arabia. They were good looking, but mostly funny because they couldn't speak English well at all, or else they couldn't understand us yelling at them over the band and other normal rowdy bar sounds. I couldn't stop laughing at Whit and her guy, who kept trying to kiss her and she would be yelling "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, THREE YEARS" (and she would hold up 3 fingers in his face and he just kept ignoring her) We got many drinks and kept dancing. If ever we left to find our other gf's they would tail us like little puppies. The guy I was dancing with was pretty saweet. His name was Michelle and I kept making fun of him for it cuz it's a girls name, which doesn't make sense because my name is a boys name but whatever. He was calling me Baby all night because he couldn't pronounce my name right (Tielier). I probably said "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" about 6 times to him....he also had this really nice hat on. He kept putting it on me and letting me wear it, so I was pumped. When we were leaving I was like "I love your hat, I want you hat" And he actually gave it to me! :) woooop for female powers of persuasion.

Here's the little gem<3

Poor guy, it is like brand new. He must have paid about $40 bucks for it. I'm the devil. Oh well, doubt I'll ever see him again haha! I win!!!!

PS Even tho Colin wasn't around that night, he was still in my head. Jen was asking me if the boys were coming over (him and his buddy Murphy) and then we just got to talking about it with the rest of the ladies. Eventually, Amanda, Jens friend, took my phone and called him so we could all hear his voice for some reason (I think I said it was one of my favorite things about him and then everyone got curious) No luck out of service area (thank god, cuz what was I going to say to him??) Then I see Hutch and Amanda texting on my phone. They managed to send him a 'semi' dirty, if not hilarious, msg. ("Hey babe are you in town tonight cause I'm not wearin anything"..BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA so stupid) Then Jen took my phone and hilariously tried to mend the situation in her drunken state by sending another text message explaining the first. ("Hey its Jen, Tyler is wearing clothes, someone stole her phone, I am terribly sorry for the confusion, thanks for your understanding, I hope you had a wonderful night except if yuo were with your girlfriend because that sucks, anyways nice texting you, maybe ill see you again someday, maybe your friend too, if he ever learns my name! Goodbye...Ps if your girlfriend is reading this I'm awfully sorry for maybe getting you in trouble! Love jenn b." Yay, that wasn't atleast a 3 pager or anything)

Neither worked out very well....I asked him about them briefly yesterday and he didn't seem too impressed.

Anywho, Sunday was awesome too, we came home early and I decided it was time to find some new kicks aka AWESOME SNEAKERS! I went to Winners, Eastside, West 49, Source for Sports, Boathouse and finally Footlocker, where of course I found the perfect pair. They are due to arrive at my house today so I will post pictures soon. I also picked up a clearance pair of gym sneaks from Source for Sports aaaaand a new hoodie from West 49 perfect for snowboarding. Good times, can't wait to wear the new suckers. :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Me at work in a nuclear power plant. WOOP!

*****************************REMOVED ALL PICTURES FROM THIS POST**************************** (something about me being paranoid I might get fired...)

Sooooo, like my little "About Me" says, I work at a nuclear power plant. You all know my desk is in a (usually dead silent) trailer outside, across the parking lot from any of the actual building buildings.

Yesterday I went inside the plant itself to look at a few systems and take some pictures of panels. Once I was done, I sort of roamed off on my own…. I don't get down to the plant very often and my boss encourages me to. He told me I should go for an hour everyday and just walk around and observe things and really get to know the ins and outs.

Well, this was sort of my first '1 hour solo' visit. And FYI, I totally got lost and was circling around a few of the upper levels like a chicken with her head cut off. Finally, I recognized where I was and managed to locate the stair case that leads to the security exit.

Factors that definitely helped getting me lost:
The floor is all grated metal so you can see down every level just by looking down, TERRIFYING if you are afraid of heights, LIKE ME. I'm constantly paranoid that my hard hat and safety glasses are going to tumble off. The highest level is 95 ft above sea water. Also, the floors don't have normal names, because they are less floors and more "elevations". So they use the elevation height to distinquish between them. Too bad they are all sporatic measurements. They go like 95ft,60ft, 45ft, 35ft, 20ft...I am probably missing a few but I can't remember them...

During refurb, there is maintenance going on everywhere so there is scaffolding everywhere that you literally have to climb through it and there is loads of caution tape. People working in all these different places, banging and sawing and yelling. Not to mention the usual load noises caused by the machinery running.

There is no logic to the floor or ceiling plan, so that all the giant ducts and ventilation and cabling can go anywhere. So all of a sudden the floor will end, or you will come to a temporary staircase, or ladder.

Every door is thick to be fire resistant, and made to look like you aren’t allowed to go through them. It gives you a tingly feeling that you are doing something wrong or are going to set off an alarm if you go through, so it makes it intimidating even to go through a door! (even worse if you’re already lost)

The place is crazy!

Me and guy going through some panels

Generator turbine! turned off and covered with plastic to protect it's innards from dust during refurbishment.

This was down in one of the lower levels. Huge friggin tank reheats the steam for the generator.

Huge steam ducts

View from above! I took the one and only elevator up to the highest elevation. That, again is the generator and turbines, from above this time.

Those blue things on the left are the turbine houses, what usually cover them when the generator is running. Don't they remind you of the dharma initiative?? So many things do in the plant because most of the stuff was built 30-35 years ago, especially the main control room! Full of old looking dials, meters, buttons, screens. I wanted to get pictures of it, but I thought they might frown on that...

Hee hee! Look at the little people!

ME: gotta love the nuclear green tan, eh. I swear it was a lighting coincidence, haha!

Couldn't get too close to the railing, the height was making me dizzy! This is my fake scared face, but when looking over the edge I did feel like I might just collapse over the bar.

While exploring I came upon a few of these rooms. Didn't so much want to go in there. Exposed live voltage. YUMmmmmmmmmmm.

Me being lost and silly, alone in a big old buzzing room, wherever it was...

Anyways, thought you guys might enjoy a little look into what I do (when I'm not sitting at my desk...)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

famous Wine and Cheese: ABC style

So, googling ABC party costume ideas was no help. Guess I'm going to have to turn on my creative genius.
These poor girls were basically all I could find. I cut their heads off to leave them some anonymity. (and some dignity!)

I really like the feather idea! I think I could do that...I am going to keep my eye on that one. I can't even tell what the three on the right are supposed to be...

OK creative genius coming out: IDEAS plucked from my cranium, GO.

Taped together grocery bags. Haha I would do NB liquor bags.

Christmas wrapping paper! Bow and all.

A flag! (Michelle could be South Africa)

Duck tape (obvious....)

Some sort of shrubbery, vines or fake flowers. Dollar store special!

Aluminum foil. You could also somehow incorporate those foil baking pans.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND that's all I've got. Feathers is still my fav. Glue gun: FIRE!

Now, for funny things to drink out of:

a watering can
soap dish
washed out shampoo bottle
coffee pot
blender pitcher
small plastic garbage can
a bucket
sand castle making bucket
flower pot.. o shit they have holes in the bottom dont they. maybe not.
ziplock bag (Home made mini sips!!!! lmao.)
ice cream container
salt and pepper shakers

BAAAAH hilarious. I certainly have enough of those ideas. This weekend I will be heading to the dollar store and getting some supplies together. Project for craft Sunday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little bit of love

i doodled this out the other day when in a particularly loving mood and listening to some choice songs. im going to dedicate this to all my friends who have been engaged, married, enjoy a lovely relationship or are just enjoying the savory spontaneity of the single life.

the paper was blue, but apparently our work printer can't be bothered to scan the color...

this is a little i found on one of the blogs i read and it has been my desktop background for a bit now. sometimes i just want to scream it!

my head bobs subconciously whenever i hear lady gaga

1. I didn't blog yesterday. :| . Which means I actually had a decently busy day at work, yay! My boss taught me all this new stuff and got me into a new technical design to rework.

Sometimes I can be extremely it weird that work gives me a happy?

2. The sorority I'm in, IBX or Iota Beta Chi, is hosting RUSH for the next two weeks. It is our recruitment period where we host numerous events and collect potential new pledges. Today is the first event: we have a booth set up at the Clubs and Societies fair where we talk about our group, give out candies annnnnd special invitations to our famous Wine and Cheese, which is always our final Rush event. This year we chose an ABC theme...anything but clothes and cups. (Bulgy eyes) Does anyone have any original ideas of what I could make an outfit from/what to drink out of??

3. I finally downloaded the Fame Monster by Lady Gaga, and have been listening to it non stop on my iPod. 26 songs of pure exhilarating, dancie goodness! highly recommended.


"He ate my heart
(I love that girl)
He ate my heart
(Wanna talk to her, she’s hot as hell)"

4. Snowboarding on Saturday was amazing. I DID not break a damn thing, other than my ego.. The lesson was very tiring for my non conditioned muscles. I feel a lot better after just that short time with an instructor however, and am planning on taking the class again this Saturday. Hopefully my muscles will be a little stronger and I will be confident enough to make it down some real hills with my girl.

5. Life after high school: does anyone elses body feel really different? I feel like my whole psyche works in a new way. In lots of areas, that is a good thing..growing up, maturing, settling into adulthood. But one thing I've been thinking about is how active I used to be. Back then I used to get up, go to school all day, stay after school for practice or a game, go home, stuff down some food, and most likely go out to a different team practice or game. Busy little bee I was, as were most of my friends. Now, 3 years later, I catch myself complaining about how I don't have time for anything after my 12 hour work day, blah blah blah whine whine whine. I used to embrace my fast paced lifestyle. Now I can barely make myself go out to dance with friends and stay til the bar closes without wanting to pass out.

WHERE HAS MY ENERGY/SPIRIT/FIRE GONE? Well, I'm determined to find it again. For the past two weeks I've been attending workout classes at my gym after work and trying to think of any other fun ways of getting back to my old toned and capable body. Ideas or workout buddies are welcome and appreciated.

6. Last night, after Yoga class, while I was in the kitchen with my momma chatting like we do and getting my lunch ready for today:

"What did you want to take? There is some pork left."


"Well, I can make you a chicken breast."


"How about a steak?"

"I think I want to become a vegetarian..I'm bored of meat."

She then pulled out of the fridge a vegetarian lo mein from M&M Meat Shop.
(She had actually bought us both one as a treat for New Years Eve. I was planning on staying in on NYE and having a chill mom&ty-party with her aka laying in her bed watching Criminal Minds reruns and keeping up a steady commentary about who we think is the best looking in the cast and why..but of course was talked into going out (I am easily convinced). She is the sweetiest person around. I love my momma.)

So vege huh. What do y'all think?

7. HEY! I didn't even think of writing about Colin, until just now while am going back and editing..

What does that tell me!

Nothing much actually...he is still the same for me. I'm struggling between the desire to hang out with him and the desire to remain sane. Yesterday, (remember I was quite busy) he came over to my desk in the morning just to chat, which is very rare in itself. (He's on my way out of the trailer so I am often the one walking by him) He cajoled me again when I was coming to Saint John. Then he went into his "Us four should get together again and hang out" speech. ("Us four" being myself, Jen Buns, him and his trusted friend Murphy) and I assume us hanging out would mean drinking and making out again...

He has been singing that song to me since my return from Christmas break. Here is where I am torn between wanting to give in...Aren't we all just living for those small precious moments of happiness. Frustration with myself ensues.

Boys are complicated, but that's what makes them worth it, isn't it?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ridiculousness of me and ppl i love.

NO RHYME OR REASON. JUST love on a Saturday night.

Me and Robyn.

The Craftsitters Club: Me, M. and Tmo

Our IBX Sorority 2009 Christmas card, located on Michelle's fridge <3

Taken by M. I assume for you B.

and Dave's Engagement party aka the typical eastcoast kitchen party...

Me and Tmo posing near the atm at the Capital.

M. and her beau, Dan.

Best ever picture takers.

Second best ever picture takers.

Someone's not ready for the flash!

Just a bunch of pheonix dancing fools.

That's why her hair is so big, it's..full of secrets.

Head over heels and utterly bewildered.

Passed out party animals <3.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Craft night update, O, aaand it's Friday. YAY!

It turns out it takes more time to do all those things I had planned then one would think.

I skipped the ski pant search, will be doing that tonight after work. Did get to Eves Rocher because I needed more shamp/cond. Check out the free mug and spoon!! I got two of each. Love.

As predicted me and M. went out and had a lovely dinner at Dimitres, where we ate yummy food, discussed our holiday adventures and dished some girly gossip. <3

We made it to Michaels and got completely swept up by the place. There were so many goodies! I almost forgot what I was originally going for. Also everything was on clearance, so I couldn’t say no to anything…

blank barrettes was one of the things i meant to pick up

Couldn't resist the cheap cute ribbon

Then silly me, I accidentally went into the jewelry making section and found these little jems on clearance. I'm actually surprised I didn't get more...I was picking them up left and right.

Weird bird thing but I love it.

Lovely fox.

Antique scissors.

Golden owl.

Sewing machine.

The white rabbit.

Some biiiirds.

And some relaxing yoga-esk pieces <3.

Can't wait to make some new necklaces (i have really wide excited eyes right now!)

After our lengthy visit to Michaels, we went to Walmart to get some fabric. Next time we will hit up Fabricville. The Walmart selection was a little lacking...but we managed to find some cute 1.97/m prints, so all turned out well.

I also got these and have been chowing down on them all day. NOM NOM.

By the time we left it was already past 9pm, so I decided to call it a night and reschedule our actual crafting for another time.

Lovely lovely evening all around :)

Tonight, I must venture off to find ski pants. Later on I plan on getting together with some good people at the James Joyce pub. Not too much drinking though tonight, as nobody wants to puke off the chairlift. Right, Whitney? Tomorrow I probably won't have time to blog because we are leaving early for crabbe, then I am heading to a friends to celebrate his birthday and to an engagement party of one of my favorite sorority sisters <3.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

ps i love saying lovely right now. did you notice?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's craft time!

I can’t wait until Monday, when by 4pm I will be leaving work! It’s hard to get any work done at this point of the day…mostly everyone is gone, even the people who get here after me (dang 9 hour days.) It’s quiet and we leftovers are usually pretty restless.

Tonight I have a jam packed evening planned!

First I need to find some decent ski pants that will both keep me warm and provide sufficient padding for the many butt falls I predict happening this Saturday. It’s pretty much official. Me and the Whit-ster are heading to the hill to show off our sweet snowboarding skills. Oh wait, I am getting a lesson first, lol. THEN the sweet skills will come out, I swear. Pray for my survival please!

I also am going to look around for a sporty jacket, since I doubt I can wear one of my pea coats or my faux-leather bomber jacket. Not really ideal for the sports.

Luckily the hill provides the rest of the gear (at a price) so I don’t have to deal with all that shaz.

I’ve also got to stop in to one of my favorite stores, Eves Rocher, to get some shampoo and conditioner and some really friggin cute FREE MUGS! One of my favorite things about this store is that they send you a coupon each month that lets you take 50% off an item or items or buy one get one free, and they always have a freebie as well. Last month it was a holiday spoon collection, which I tried to get for my mom near Christmas, sadly they were all gone. This month it is a really adorable mug and spoon. And for $1 more, you get a second mug and spoon. HOOK ME UP, MAYTEE!

By this time I will undoubtedly be starving to death. I will pick up Miss M. and drag her to Dimitres (the most delicious genuine Greek restaurant). She doesn’t know about this, but I can’t really see her objecting, and hopefully she’ll read this and NOT EAT first. <3

Then we are going up to Michaels, the expensive craft store of our town, and settling in at her place for some exciting crafting! I predict some new barrettes being made from me. She is planning on making a headband and a bulletin board! Cutes!

All in all should be a fun-tastic night! Hope I can find everything I need at the mall. I don’t think they let you on the hill in jeans…..

Peace.....pass it on.

Cuz it just feels good.

Jabba the kitty.

My bf, Liam. Sometimes he gives me kisses, but mostly he just eats and sleeps. Typical male, eh?

Rudely awakened

He's my love.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As light as a feather

Not to be outdone by someone who will remain unnamed, I must blog!

Today began not so good. I was up super late last night watching the international juniors hockey final, Canada vs USA, so I had to drag myself out of bed this morning after only 4 hours of sleep. Got to my carpool and was planning on napping immediately. Nope, ended up talking about carpools and moving to Saint John for an hour and a half. Turns out the girl I've been riding with is going to start staying down in SJ with her bf a couple days a week. So, I got to work exhausted and carpooless(as of next monday). Also I did Body Combat at Goodlife fitness yesterday and I think I pulled something in my arm from doing all those punches and jabs. I have literally taken 8 ibuprofen so far today! and it's still sore! It was so fun tho. (The teacher kept getting us to picture our opponent and pretend we were really punching and kicking someone...guess who I was picturing...if you can't guess I'll be talking about him about 3 paragraphs from now)

So while grumpily sitting at my computer, extremely distraught at the prospect of moving and having to pay a monthly rent, searching kijiji for cheap SJ bachelor pads, I got a call.

It was a gentleman from one of the carpools I had contacted to join.

*Dramatically hold breath here*

I met with them this afternoon and pending my approval, I am soon to be a member of a 3 man 1 woman carpool with 4 drivers (if i so dain to drive, which i think i will), where I don't have to pay and will only have to drive once a week and twice every 4th week, instead of paying $75 a week. cha CHING! Wow, if im confusing anyone sorry i know i have never mentioned the shite problems ive have with my work carpool, but the short story is that mine disbanded, i didnt have a drive, i was going to have to move to sj, and NOW i dont, ze end. (ps i totally stole 'shite' from sb's blog speak)

Talked to my supervisor today, finally back from his vacation with old man newly dyed black hair (chuckle chuckle) and he gave me a sweet new fresh workload! As odd as it sounds, I can't wait to start working on this stuff. It's really good work, like meat and potatoes kinda good work.

Also, I lent Colin $5 yesterday cuz he forgot his wallet, and today he sent me this:

From: Boyd, Colin
Sent: January 06, 2010 10:44 AM
To: Fraser, Tyler

Could I interest you in lunch today, my treat buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudy

And we went, it was so romantic!

HAHAHAHAHAHA, Just kidding. Brendon came too, but Colin did buy me lunch, so at least he paid up. He can be dangerously sweet and funny sometimes, which makes my heart flutter stupidly. Gaaah. Friends. Friends. We are just friends. (Repeat while banging head fruitlessly against desk until brain computes)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new to ipod tunes / kind of the 10 things i hate about you soundtrack

31 blogs in 31 days and Crabbe

I just felt like reiterating this fact: I successfully blogged 31 times in 31 days (over the month of December)

Can I get a WHOOP, WHOOP?

This was a goal that I’d made for myself to be an adamant blogger. Turned out it wasn’t too hard, since lots I wrote about was rubbish. BUT it was still lots of fun and I feel a job well done.

(m’escuse on the rhyming)

This month I may try for something more drastic. Not two for each day of the month, but maybe like 1 and a half? Depends on how early I get to work or how bored I am at lunch I suppose…anywho I hope you all enjoyed last months ridiculous blogging, and buckle up for more to come.

Right now I am at work eating Sweet Tart Shockers. Mmmmmm sour then chewy goodness. It’s been a pretty good day today and yesterday. Been lovely weather out. I am sitting at my desk right now in my favorite sneakers with a tshirt on and my window thrown wide open.

And on the subject of me at work, I know what you all are really wondering about: what is up with the Colin situation!

Just kidding, I can see you eye rolling at the screen. I don’t think I am fully over him yet, but I think I’m definitely on my way. I have this thing where if I think it’ll go somewhere then it’s like, impossible for me to get over, and I will just bust my brain thinking about it.

Well, I know that it’s going nowhere fast with Col ever since our one and only talk before the Christmas holiday, so my brain is just automatically getting over it. It’s good too, cuz I am still behaving the same around him and he to me except that I’m like, Blah blah bli blah! I don’t care la la la! It’s a lot more comfortable and healthy and still good fun. (which I need lots of with my desk buddy gone)

I did receive some nice msgs over the holiday from a certain other boy (specifically Josh, who came to the sorority Christmas party with me). He went home to Toronto for the break and should be back anytime. Who knows! Maybe he’ll text me again and we’ll do something this weekend. (I’ll keep you posted ;) )

CRABBE. I agreed to accompany bestie whitney to the ski hill, Crabbe Mountain, this Saturday. We are snowboarding…:| Trouble is I do not know how to snowboard well at all… I may end up wussing out or else go early and get a morning lesson when there is no one else on the hill so I wont embarrass myself. And oh yeah, I don’t even have ski pants. Should probably get on that since I don’t even have any sporty trackies I could wear either. WHY am I not the same size as I was in high school, god dammit!

So, if I abruptly stop blogging it’s cuz I’m skewered somewhere in the wilderness on a tree.

Love love love to you all. Stay tuned for a playlist to be posted as soon as I’m finished with it.




same tattoo, flipped. nuf said.

Monday, January 4, 2010

so long Desk Buddy

Well ladies and gentlemen; it is indeed a sad Monday. Today is the first day I'm working by myself, without my trusty desk buddy. Last Thursday was his final day working here. (He got himself a sweet job in New Zealand! maybe someday he'll get me a job) The point being, Marc is gone and I am lonely, lonely at work. When I look behind me, there is no mess, no computer screen on, just a big empty chair :( No French man giving me his signature 'creep Tyler out' eyes, or throwing paper clips at the back of my head. No snide or sarcastic remarks. God, I miss him. He was the perfect work brother.

Him sitting in his chair beside me, with the going away present I gave him. Mike & Ikes (so canadian), a picture of our group and a custom made tshirt that says, "I moved here from Canada and they think I'm so, eh?" (timeless simpsons quote)

Surprise shot of him sorting through all his papers, soon to be recycled!

His empty chair: me mentally preparing for his departure.

For lunch we got take-out at The Harbour Diner (which happens to be built into the local gas station), colorfully known by our staff as 'the greasy spoon'. The poutine was...ok. Cheese was good!

By the time I got around to taking a picture Marc had already devoured his spoon burger and fries...

After lunch, we just couldn't get into working mode so I took Marc for his first (and last) visit to the ocean shore (about a 20 minute walk from us).

It is beautiful <3.

Marc pointing at the plant (that cylindrical building is the reactor!)

We took our time down there and walked the long way back. I wish him all the best in life and on his New Zealand adventure! <3 u, M. Pelletier.
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