Monday, January 4, 2010

so long Desk Buddy

Well ladies and gentlemen; it is indeed a sad Monday. Today is the first day I'm working by myself, without my trusty desk buddy. Last Thursday was his final day working here. (He got himself a sweet job in New Zealand! maybe someday he'll get me a job) The point being, Marc is gone and I am lonely, lonely at work. When I look behind me, there is no mess, no computer screen on, just a big empty chair :( No French man giving me his signature 'creep Tyler out' eyes, or throwing paper clips at the back of my head. No snide or sarcastic remarks. God, I miss him. He was the perfect work brother.

Him sitting in his chair beside me, with the going away present I gave him. Mike & Ikes (so canadian), a picture of our group and a custom made tshirt that says, "I moved here from Canada and they think I'm so, eh?" (timeless simpsons quote)

Surprise shot of him sorting through all his papers, soon to be recycled!

His empty chair: me mentally preparing for his departure.

For lunch we got take-out at The Harbour Diner (which happens to be built into the local gas station), colorfully known by our staff as 'the greasy spoon'. The poutine was...ok. Cheese was good!

By the time I got around to taking a picture Marc had already devoured his spoon burger and fries...

After lunch, we just couldn't get into working mode so I took Marc for his first (and last) visit to the ocean shore (about a 20 minute walk from us).

It is beautiful <3.

Marc pointing at the plant (that cylindrical building is the reactor!)

We took our time down there and walked the long way back. I wish him all the best in life and on his New Zealand adventure! <3 u, M. Pelletier.


the cat whisperer said...

I know you're being sweet and kind, but this post made me laugh so hard. Especially the mental preparation. Sad desk friend departure!

samboy said...

aww its so pretty there!

and check out the giant box of mike and ikes! JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS x

mahuahua said...

beautiful beach!hope you don't get too lonely at work sweetheart xxxx

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