Tuesday, January 19, 2010

has everybody missed me!

SORRY I've been MIA since last Thursday. I am sooo behind on my daily blog entries for the month of Jan...need to make up like 4 now I think. We'll see how today at work goes.

We must interrupt this program to bring you breaking news.
Friday was a pivotal day, in the craziness that is my life. I could not blog on Friday due to the events that happened and I cannot blog about them now. This is the first time that I have blog censored. THAT IS HOW INTENSE THIS IS. It is my life.

Respectfully, if curious minds want to know I will indulge appropriate details to those who ask. Other than that, just know that Friday was, one of those amazing magic days. I am nothing but smiles about it.

We now continue with our usual blog.
Saturday I woke up feelin like p-diddy. Me and Whit went to Crabbe for more snowboarding. I took the class again and she did some runs while I was in it. My instructor told me that I would learn no more from the class and I was ready for one-on-one instruction. Couldn't be happier! All I want to do is snowboard. It is so freeing! The adrenaline of it, it is the only distraction I've found so far that allows me entirely to not think about Colin.

I love crushes, they can feel amazing but they can also feel horrible. And even if you don't want to your thoughts are constantly roaming back to that person. It is a blessing to be able to escape my mind sometimes and just feel utterly relaxed and content. Another great mind clearing tool I benefit from is Yoga class. It was canceled last night as the instructor went away :( We'll see how crabby it makes me today that I didn't get my fix!

Saturday night turned out to be an amazing girls night! Me, Whit and my girl Hutch piled into my car and road-tripped to Saint John to stay overnight with Jen Bunny, who also had a friend over. We ended up pre-drinking at her house then heading down to the local hot spot 'O'leary's Pub'. There was a band and it was packed. Soooo much fun!

Me and Whit danced the night away on the dance floor with these two foreign students from Saudi Arabia. They were good looking, but mostly funny because they couldn't speak English well at all, or else they couldn't understand us yelling at them over the band and other normal rowdy bar sounds. I couldn't stop laughing at Whit and her guy, who kept trying to kiss her and she would be yelling "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, THREE YEARS" (and she would hold up 3 fingers in his face and he just kept ignoring her) We got many drinks and kept dancing. If ever we left to find our other gf's they would tail us like little puppies. The guy I was dancing with was pretty saweet. His name was Michelle and I kept making fun of him for it cuz it's a girls name, which doesn't make sense because my name is a boys name but whatever. He was calling me Baby all night because he couldn't pronounce my name right (Tielier). I probably said "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" about 6 times to him....he also had this really nice hat on. He kept putting it on me and letting me wear it, so I was pumped. When we were leaving I was like "I love your hat, I want you hat" And he actually gave it to me! :) woooop for female powers of persuasion.

Here's the little gem<3

Poor guy, it is like brand new. He must have paid about $40 bucks for it. I'm the devil. Oh well, doubt I'll ever see him again haha! I win!!!!

PS Even tho Colin wasn't around that night, he was still in my head. Jen was asking me if the boys were coming over (him and his buddy Murphy) and then we just got to talking about it with the rest of the ladies. Eventually, Amanda, Jens friend, took my phone and called him so we could all hear his voice for some reason (I think I said it was one of my favorite things about him and then everyone got curious) No luck out of service area (thank god, cuz what was I going to say to him??) Then I see Hutch and Amanda texting on my phone. They managed to send him a 'semi' dirty, if not hilarious, msg. ("Hey babe are you in town tonight cause I'm not wearin anything"..BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA so stupid) Then Jen took my phone and hilariously tried to mend the situation in her drunken state by sending another text message explaining the first. ("Hey its Jen, Tyler is wearing clothes, someone stole her phone, I am terribly sorry for the confusion, thanks for your understanding, I hope you had a wonderful night except if yuo were with your girlfriend because that sucks, anyways nice texting you, maybe ill see you again someday, maybe your friend too, if he ever learns my name! Goodbye...Ps if your girlfriend is reading this I'm awfully sorry for maybe getting you in trouble! Love jenn b." Yay, that wasn't atleast a 3 pager or anything)

Neither worked out very well....I asked him about them briefly yesterday and he didn't seem too impressed.

Anywho, Sunday was awesome too, we came home early and I decided it was time to find some new kicks aka AWESOME SNEAKERS! I went to Winners, Eastside, West 49, Source for Sports, Boathouse and finally Footlocker, where of course I found the perfect pair. They are due to arrive at my house today so I will post pictures soon. I also picked up a clearance pair of gym sneaks from Source for Sports aaaaand a new hoodie from West 49 perfect for snowboarding. Good times, can't wait to wear the new suckers. :D


Anonymous said...

And im sitting in the blue room trying SO hard not to laugh out loud from that whole thing.

TJayne said...

You had a pretty damn good weekend. Not so much the Colin thing though, still funny though, t-hehe.

mahuahua said...

i'm intrigued as to what happened...!x

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