Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uh, baaaaackspaaaace!

All of the things I have to write about today are locked up in my head and don’t seem to want to come out. Whether because I am terrified of what could happen if released or whether I really believe they’re irrelevant. Only time will tell. I’ve been catching up on one of my favorite blogs Chelsea Talks Smack. I love her stuff but it always makes me very reflective and thoughtful. Sometimes too much so. Tomorrow I know I will be like, “Whaaaa was I thinking? Damn sentiment. Quit pulling my heart strings already!” Therefore to save you all from a possible word vomitorium, without further ado (and drum roll please)...


Summer goal lists are…classic. Everyone makes them and they’re always the same: full of a redonkulous amount of things that we already do every summer and are just extremely missing due to copious amounts of snow and ice and extreme sun withdrawal. Then the rest of the stuff we throw in there, the spark of our own individuality, is usually either insane, improbable, likely not going to happen or something we’ve strived towards our entire lives but haven’t got around to doing yet.

And all that doesn’t make them any less damn fun to write up. So cheers people.

50 Things to do This Summer

1. Go on a picnic
2. Watch a sunset
3. Build a bonfire
4. Sing karaoke
5. Make a new friend
6. Learn how to drive a standard
7. Kiss a boy
8. Blow bubbles
9. Fly a kite
10. Put my feet in the ocean
11. Watch a sunrise
12. Write a book
13. Eat campfire food
14. Lose 15lbs
15. Get drunk off tequila
16. Go camping
17. Light a ton of sparklers
18. Play a video game, and win
19. Fall in love
20. Play mini golf
21. Get a pedicure
22. Make an elaborate sand castle
23. Go star gazing
24. Run barefoot through the grass
25. Eat corn on the cob
26. Go see fireworks
27. Go bridge jumping
28. Read a book on the front porch
29. Jump into a swimming pool with all my clothes on
30. Complete my summer video
31. Pick a bouquet of flowers
32. Get a wicked tan
33. Do a cartwheel
34. Make mimosas
35. Go down a waterslide
36. Buy a dream catcher, just because
37. Walk barefoot on the beach
38. Ride on a boat
39. Play washer toss
40. Go fishing
41. Grow something from the ground
42. Go swinging
43. Set up a bird feeder
44. Run beside a train just to see who’s faster
45. Go on a road trip
46. See the Cabot trail
47. …any other suggestions? MUST BE SOMETHING AWESOME/CRAZY!

Ya.  I already started. Wrote the friggin list in my journal last week.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"That would be my gatorade bottle."

Okay it’s official. Nothing is funnier than the men at my work making PA announcements. I’m pretty sure somewhere they are all taking bets on whether or not someone will dare say something vulgar/ridiculous/hilarious. God love them. They make my day that much more bearable.

Also Easter egg M&M’s are GOOD. Thanks, Mom!

Last night was another gym excursion. Running around the track was a little bit easier this time and I found out that working with a barbell is much easier than working with those stretchy bands. SCREW YOU stretchy bands. Or maybe it’s just because my muscles did all their initial “you worked out for the first time and killed us” bitching over the weekend and now they are done complaining. (Let’s hope so!) Thursday we are doing a special ‘Body Pump’ session which is sure to kick my ass. I like having a trainer though. Honestly, nothing motivates me to jog around a track like someone periodically looking me in the eye saying “I want you to push it this lap.” And then making me do stairs.

I sort of heart him.

Exciting news tonight, I have been invited for a ‘Surf and Turf’ evening of extravagance at Jamie’s mother, Kate’s house. She lives about 30 min away on the BEACH and apparently she’s making lobster and steak. NOM NOM NOM MARRY ME KATE NOM.

I also met Scott’s mom last night (she is visiting from Ontario for the week) and oh my gosh is she not the spitting image of him. They are adorable. She is such a tiny little thing! And so sweet. She asked me all about my job and education and life. And then the three of us watched the, you guessed it, Jays game! And the comments her and Scott were making just killed me.

So after work we are all piling into Scotts car and driving out there. I AM EXCITED. I WANT TO LEAVE WORK NOW.


Thursday night will be another gymtastic evening and Friday I am looking forward to a little girl time with my new PH friend, Amanda, who has recently moved to my ‘hood’ as I like to call it. House-breaking in party. Woop, there it is.

Happy Wednesday!

PS: Just checked out: 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood, 'Matched' by Ally Condie and '1984' on DVD from my local library. Has anyone read/watched these? What did you think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

canadian holidays = long weekend for ME

Okay, the disappointment of there being no Ikea in Halifax has set in. Apparently my sister was playing an extremely mean joke on my spirits. Moving on…

Just got back from the long weekend and whew! TIRED WOMAN. Basically I hung out with my friends (a lot!), celebrated my #1 gals 23rd birthday, got told what to do by my mom, spent $700 on new rear wheel bearings (STUPID CAR), went to the market with my fawscha, attempted to see Bridesmaids (it was sold out), ate a delicious meal of BBQ and salad with my family, lit a crap load of sparklers, took my grandmother out to eat, went grocery shopping in my parents cupboards and spent $70 at Future shop replacing everything that was stolen from my car.


Oh ya. My car was broken into last week. Yay for Port Hawkesbury! More points towards why I love you so.

Note to self: don’t leave rear door open.

Note Note to self: Don’t let boys sit in your backseat who forget to lock the doors.

I wonder if it’d be cool to take my bra off at work. IT REALLY HURTS. It’s being super uncomfortable for some reason and Gaaaaah. I have a little over an hour left. I think when it gets to the hour mark I am gonna lose it. Be prepared boys. The girls are coming out!

Pleasant surprise: got back to PH yesterday to find our hay field of a lawn mowed! YAAAAAY. No longer bee central (goodbye dandelions). I got my TV set up in my bedroom and it’s just like being home now, I have gotten my room the way I want it. Pictures to come…be excited.

Recent life goals: Find a park and go all out swinging. Plant some daisies. Take off this bra. Make banana bread.

Ohhh so this weekend here’s a little update for yas: Matt came up to stay overnight for the party. Here’s me and the Robler trying to go home to my house at the end of the night and my friend Dan is all “Come to my house my parents are not home blaah blaaah we will party more” (Yeah, some of us still live at home, we are young kaaay) So we end up there, 20 min later all I want is to go home and cuddle in my bed! And Dan SUPER AWKWARDLY asks Matt if he is going home with me when I’m not in the room with them. Matt is like “I don’t know, if she’ll let me.” I am so so tired of boys and annoyingness. When you’re 22 relationships are NOT rocket science people. You like someone or you don’t, and they like you or they don’t. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find someone you like who likes you back. DONE.

Matt who so clearly likes another girl is now trailing along to my house. Gaaah. SO TIRED OF IT. I actually left my bed in the morning hours and slept on the couch upstairs instead. I think I’m officially over it.

My roommates favorite movie is Wedding Crashers, so I made sure to bring my copy from home for him. Now there's the real problem, my friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Suburbs


Only took me about 2 hrs to get it set up (and my roommates help..) uh but it turned out good I got to talk to my sister for the first time in too long. Then she tells me there’s an IKEA in Halifax. :| WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE. I was only in Halifax for the past TWO weekends chillin in a hotel room. Now I am craving my first IKEA trip. And so is my bedroom.

Except I’m trying this new thing this summer: not buying a ton of stuff. Partially because I’m feeling very frugal lately and partially because there are no actual stores other than walmart within a 50 km radius of where I live. Either way I might just go to IKEA and come out with a chair that I’ll have to strap to the hood of my teeny car. I’ve been awaiting the ‘Great Move Out’ for many years now and I have been collecting things I will take with me during my life.

• porcelain acorn from my ma
• yellow rabbit bedside lamp
• wooden food trays
• wooden owl statue
• pictures framed in my room
• multiple baskets for holding things
• my map of the USA
• POLLY FUCKING POCKETS (it’s all for you future lil Tyler)

However, I do have an opening in the collection. The giant wooden owl I got from zellers on sale back when I worked there. For years I thought it was wooden with metal. Then it fell off my bed when I was packing and smashed. Apparently, it was some crazy heavy ceramic. So unfortunately it died.
Funny side note: when you Google ‘owl zellers’ not only does a picture of it come up BUT it is MY picture from a previous blog post. HA. (Ya. That was my room all pink and zebra-ey. It’s brown now KAY..)

I’m supposed to get paid tomorrow which is cool cuz I’m po. Paying rent SUCKS. Especially when your house has BUGS IN IT. Ya. Super gross. Three of them. Three bugs so far I’ve seen. 3 weeks I’ve been at the house. (Just to clarify all three were silverfish, I sort of got carried away with the spider pictures...)

The dreaded silverfish. 

Less frightening than the ear wig, more frightening than the spider.

Well atleast that was before I googled spider and found this disturbing shit! THANKS ALOT GOOGLE.

(Sorry Whit)

Either way GROOOSSSSSS. I just keep reminding myself that this is not my house and I have no real over-abundance of possessions in it which will get infested. AHHH I just said infested. Also I’m trying not to tell my mom because she will either freak out and make me move somewhere else for the summer or she’ll never let me set foot in our house again.

Personally I think its super disgusting. I have never lived in any house with bugs (cuz I’ve always lived at home and we just didn’t do bugs). But now that I live with two guys and the house isn’t exactly stunningly clean I am not really surprised. Apparently silver fish like damp, humid spaces (we live ten feet from the ocean in a 110 yr old house) and they eat sugar/carbs and paper products. I found two in the bathroom. And breath. One in the pantry on MY shelf under MY box of cereal. This morning I saw the second bathroom one and managed to kill it as it ran out from under the toilet paper roll I picked up that it was likely eating. Gross. Shudder.

Anyways, plan of action: Tell my land lady. Demand she hire the cleaning lady I was promised. Put everything I own in the pantry in a Rubbermaid container.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awwww ya!

Well it’s been another stunningly productive day here in my closet, I mean office. The bossman has been gone now for 2 days. He is gone for the next 3 weeks. This is going to be the longest 3 weeks ever. I have gotten as far in work as possible today but instead of being a keener and reading something which would make me smarter, I am not. I am just not in the mood this week like I was last week and the week before. I am dog tired… 2 visits to the gym after none for +6 months has taken its toll on my bod.

I am enjoying the Y however (cuz as crappy as the gym is, there is nothing else to do in Port Hawkesbury!) and last night planned on joining. Instead, ‘Kevin’ aka Gym instructor hottie! Suggested I sign up for a personal fitness class he and another trainer lead. They began this week and apparently a chick dropped out after the first day :|. Monday and Thursday for 8 weeks 6-8pm $125 will get me the class, along with a gym membership and get this, a FREE 6” sub from subway every day of the 8 weeks.

This class is supposed to be not only a wicked powerful training class but they will take time to teach us about nutritional facts and healthy diets. Kevin (he is so dreamy) looked me in the eye and told me it was a privilege that he’d asked me to join because he knew of other people who had been on a waitlist (probably lies, but he has such pretty eyes!) and that I must promise to eat well and come to the gym at least once a week apart from his class (how could I say no to him???).

Also a plus the winner (there are 5 of us) aka the person who loses the most weight/inches(?) will win a free 1 year YMCA membership, and second place will win a free 4 months (which is about as long as I will be in PH, bonus!). So now I am motivated to win, cept these other chicks have got a 4 day head start. Biatches! I am going to enjoy a final meal at some point before my weigh in from McDo and drink as much water as possible the day of so maybe I will bloat an extra few pounds, muahaha.

Oh. Ya. The class. So 30 min is dedicated to cardio. They have a separate track where we will be jogging/running and doing stairs (pictures the biggest loser workout, male and female trainers yelling encouragement at you included) 30-60min working with bands, kettle bells and weights and time for life lessons at some point I guess. I am the youngest in the group. Hope I do ok! Lol. Apparenty the last chick that won lost 22lbs. I think I can trounce her.

Wish me luck.

Monday, May 16, 2011

For What It's Worth

Work kills me. Bottom line. Sometimes in a good way. Sometimes in a bad way. When it’s good, I work so hard but it feels good and I enjoy it. When it’s bad I am still working so hard except it doesn’t feel good.

It feels frustrating and pointless! It makes me feel so stupid and question if this is the right career path for me and whether or not I can actually do it or will I just fail. I have visions of my boss saying “You don’t got the stuff, kid.”, and it is terrifying.

Then the really awful part is you want to do better but you can’t even function properly because you’re muscles have all tightened up and your worried face is stuck there and you get shaky and headachy and just think IT’S POINTLESS! I CAN’T DO IT! Side note: Plus of working at Lepreau, there were lots of woodsy walking paths I could take off on without anyone questioning me and have an all-around good emotion vent. Or, in case of serious emergency, I could call up my sister and get talked off the ridiculous ledge that I’d strayed to.

Sometimes I think I should have done something different. My mom told me once that one of her biggest regrets was that she didn’t get to do her ‘dream job’. Funnily enough, the career path she divulged to me that day that she’d always wanted to pursue, unknowing to her answer, is also my dream job: An archeologist. An anthropologist. Whatever you want to call it. I picture myself, as she did, as someone to go out on adventures finding things, traveling to far off places, exploring the past and history and culture and using my hands as well as my head. Wearing cut off khakis and loose button up shirts and bucket hats and constantly meeting new people.
Sometimes I think, if I work in the industry for a few years, I can make some money. You know everyone thinks engineers have such a fantastic salary. They really don’t. A base engineering job will probably get you in the high $50,000 a year. Maybe $58,000 if you’re lucky. And I know that’s nothing to snub at either but still it’s not that high.
I just don’t know. I think someday soon I will jettison off and go exploring in Egypt or someplace. 1 more year of school left and I still feel like I don’t know anything. Who would hire me? Would I hire me? When there are so many more kids out there who are sickeningly BRILLIANT while I am merely mediocre.

Is there such a thing as a quarter-life crisis?
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. (insert screaming face of choice here.)

(Later that day…)
I think I just had a slight panic attack. But I am better now. Spoken in a British accent ala Everafter (I fell off a ladder in the orchard, but I am better now)
Only 30 more minutes of work which I plan on completely squandering here, on twitter, talking out loud to myself, texting and most importantly eating stale licorice. Schedule for tonight: get home from work. eat. make tomorrows lunch. go to gym. get ass kicked. shower. go to bed. wake up. repeat til insane.

THANK GOD FOR LONG WEEKENDS. Let’s all cross our fingers that the Rapture is not going to happen on Saturday, but if it does I will likely be snuggled next to the people I LOVE cuz I’m going home for 4 days. YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY! I miss all my girly friends, my boyish friends, my kitties and my parents so much! I’m definitely a little homesick. And I miss my house. And my backyard. And my neighborhood. And my BED.

I watched Benny and Joon last night. Young Johnny Depp is hot. And spry.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

big stop hangover breakfast is good

Two nights of drinking later and I think I have properly bonded with my roommates. However my liver is not talking to me.

Friday night was pomegranate vodka (you know the one) and the Jays vs the Twins. Last night was Long Island Iced Tea...and....the Jays vs the Twins. Scott is actually getting me into baseball. Never thought that would happen.

I am popular apparently, I have gotten two numbers already since moving here. Baam.

Shauna and Amanda. Ohhhh yeaaaaaaah. But in all seriousness it's nice to have some possible girl friends here. I'm also contemplating joining the local YMCA here. It's fairly inexpensive and in walking distance from my house. There's a public pool in the building next to it that has lap swim and such and I could get a membership to both places for about 60 bucks a month, which is not too shabby. I went to the Y yesterday. The gym kills me. Elliptical, my old friend, my legs have not missed you. Family Guy is slowly becoming my favorite show. Ps I am totally not maybe a little deny til you die crushing on my roommate. After Colin I have invoked a strict policy on not making things awkward. So NO. Nooo. NOOO.

But he is really hot. And his personality is deceptively flirty. It messes with my MIND. And we might have sort of almost slept in the same bed Friday. Cept I got outta there and went to my own bed because I am smart and have learned that lesson. DON'T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT PEOPLE. Anywaaays, as always I will keep it honest on my blog and keep you properly updated. I definitely still miss Matt a lot too though. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mambo #5

For your visual pleasure I have creeped photos of my roommates.


Unfortunately neither of them is him....

Uh so what has been going on, it has been an exciting past few days! One of my sorority sisters and good
friends just got married this past weekend. 5 of us girlies all converged to be there for her on her special
day, and let me tell you, it was special. I cried about…6 times. Here is a pic of the happy couple at the

Congrats guys!

Sunday I booted it to Halifax for another lovurly stay at the fancy Prince George Hotel (Thanks work!). I
decided to venture from my hotel room and ended up at the movie theatre! I went in and saw Thor. All.
By. My. Self. Hahaha, I told my friend and he was like: “Noooo! You are officially old.” Well, I guess at
22 it is official. I’ve never gone to a movie by myself before but it was pretty fun. I got to sit wherever I
wanted and I had lots of space! I ate a giant amount of buttery popcorn guilt free (NOM NOM NOM) and
I got really into the movie. O.K. As into the movie as I could possibly get. Mostly I was just staring at the
hotness of his body. As Homer Simpson drools for donuts, I drool for Thor.

This week’s goals: 1. Do laundry; mamma needs showering towels. 2. Find this swimming pool you’ve
been hearing so much about. 3. Cook a decent meal; PB&J is GROSS. 4. Finish gathering my lovely friend
Whitney’s birthdaaaay present!

I live the life of a wild man, I tell ya.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

schools out for summer soooo i can blog again now

For some reason I have this thing where I can’t announce something big before it happens without getting this horrible stomach feeling. I convince myself that if I announce it all proud and stuff that I’d be completely jinxing myself and then somehow it wouldn’t happen. So here I am. I have been a silent blogger waiting with baited breath to ensure my new adventure...
And well I guess it has happened: I. Have. Moved.

Yah. Moved moved. Out of my parents’ house and out of my hometown, for the first time in my life. (Someone’s growing uuuup) I was offered a summer job placement with Nova Scotia Power at Point Tupper Power Plant (see below) which is where I am now working as sort of an assistant to an instrumentation/controls technical specialist.
So to summarize I moved out and I’m working at another power plant for the summer.

What else?

I sort of started (?). I have like 6 pages, which is nothing. But I guess you could call it a start. I love love love writing. And FYI, you all will never ever read it. Ha! Maybe. Maybe someday...if I become a really famous and rich author ALA Stephanie Meyer (yaaaa rigggghhht).

Uh, I live with two boys in a 110 year old house which so far does not seem haunted, which is a plus. One of them is a 30 something "DJ"/computer nerd, Jamie, who I don't think has ever been even a little bit layed and the other is a 22 yr old paramedic named Scott who is constantly watching baseball or playing baseball video games, sometimes leaves pee in the toilet and enjoys eating my bagels. Gooooooood times.

They are very nice guys tho, so it could be worse. Nonetheless you'll most definitely be hearing my rants about them here

Aaaaand that's enough for now.

Lovelies <3
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