Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

A few things

Lately I have -

gone camping in Jasper with some co-workers and friends

won our beach volleyball playoffs and got FREE T-SHIRTS

we are getting ready to move

gone shopping at the West Ed too much

reading two amazing letters I've received from my favorite pen pals

britt is getting ready to go on vacation in LONDON for a month

got a ton of errands done and still have a ton to go

had a lovely skype date with this mr

any of you guys recognize the backdrop of this pic?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Apartment!

We are FINALLY MOVING TO A NEW APARTMENT! YES YES YES! This place is bank and from our apartment tour is going to be awesome. To iterate exactly why I’m so excited please observe the following table:

1 bedroom
1 bathroom - tiny ass tub
1 sink
Coin laundry across the road
Dirt alley spot - uncovered
2 bedroom
2 sinks - dishwasher - heaven
Cozy :)
Washer & Dryer EN SUITE!
Underground parking lot - secure & heated

Funny enough – the buildings are actually off the same street. Just a few avenues from our place now. I am sickeningly excited about moving into this new place. I daydream about it on the daily. My very first apartment that I will be moving into empty. The whole thing is ours – a blank pallet waiting to be filled with anything and everything we can imagine. And that is in our budget. O I just came down to Earth. Okay I’m back – imagining myself lying in the middle of the empty living room making a lovely carpet angel. I cannot wait.

So we have basically three major rooms we can decorate, other than the bathrooms. We aren’t allowed to paint but we are allowed to put up nails (No screws! Lol) and tacks into the walls to hang things. We have our bedrooms and the living room/kitchen area. Brittany actually came up with the idea of decorating the main room as kind of a “Travel” room, put up lots of maps and maybe a few globes and different decorations or items from places around the world and places we want to visit. This sounds a very cool but a little hard so we’ll see where we get once we move in. I actually don’t see my sister as much of an avid decorator. Very creative, she just likes to do lots of other things out of the apartment where as I will be obsessing. She will decorate her own room I think with intentions to decorate further. I will organize and decorate the SHIT out of it. I cannot wait to set up my own bed, desk and vanity. Speaking of, I need to get a vanity. I AM a vanity girl. The bathroom will hold all of my jewelry on display and a ton of books. It will be like my mini-library. I CAN GET A BOOK SHELF NOW AND GET ALL MY BOOKS SHIPPED TO ME I miss my books desperately. I have already bought and read two since I’ve been here.

The kitchen I picture us keeping it pretty clean – we will cover the fridge and maybe put up an original painting or two. Britt owns a table with two chairs. I would love to have 4 different chairs actually for the kitchen table, I like the look of it being mismatched. And a lovely lace table cloth with a vase of flowers mmmmm. I would actually love our living room to have a book shelf as well maybe 6 or 7 rows high and we can fill it! Basically I want out apartment to look like Urban Outfitters, Anthropology and Bed Bath & Beyond’s trifecta love child.

IKEA will probably be our best friend. Or kijiji. Actually I think I’m going to start looking now for furniture – lots of people are moving around September 1st. We are going to need a couch, chair maybe, kitchen chairs, television…I am going to need everything for a bedroom I have no furniture save a desk and an ottoman. I should really get a sewing machine – curtains, slip covers..t-shirt quilts.  

Well I’m glad we had this chat.
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