Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exercising vs Working Out

THIS IS A BIG THING. And someone needs to tell the truth about it. So I'm going to do it. WHO's WITH ME.

(I've been watching a little too much Game of Thrones lately, maybe a little overenthusiastic with my battle cry there.)

If all of you out there thought that exercising and working out were the same thing, oh boy wait until you read this. Sometimes I get judged when people ask me if I work out or go to the gym and I say never. What they don't understand is that doesn't mean I am a 24/7 couch potato and I deserve to be the size that I am. I will explain.

I absolutely HATE going to the gym. It is so boring. Mind numbingly boring. First off, I don't enjoy being on the treadmill or elliptical doing the same thing for an hour. Watching the clock tick off in front of you second by second doesn't help. And how about you turn the television channels to something decent okay? Nobody wants to watch a riveting game of golf while they're trying to pass the time. I mean really. OH and thanks for shutting down half way through my program because I got off for more than 30 seconds to get a drink of water from the fountain. Guess that's not allowed.

Unless you really enjoy going to the gym, I honestly think it's a waste of time and actually painful to endure. Half assing anything there means you aren't actually gaining muscle or loosing weight you are dicking around and now you've wasted all that time doing your reps, cleaning the machines, driving to the actual gym and changing. Gah. Zero to low results. And then 3 weeks later you're pissed off because you didn't lose anything and you went 4 days a week for nothing. It's like studying. You say you studied ALL DAY but if you actually sat around, studied a little, went on facebook, got a coffee, talked to some friends passing, checked facebook again, studied a little bit more -  well guess what no wonder you did shit you really only studied for an hour.

Now all you people that enjoy working out and it actually works, GOOD ON YOU!!! KEEP IT UP! Seriously, it's like a miracle. I don't get it but keep doing what you're doing.

Then there is exercising. Beautiful, glorious exercising.

I exercise when I play volleyball 4 times a week. I exercise when I go skating, skiing, swimming, walk to work, walk to the bar! Exercising is what I do. I do not work out. Exercising is exhilarating, limitless, competitive, full of laughter, music, companionship, relaxation.

I proudly can say that I do not work out. But I do exercise. You are not a failure if you don't hit the gym 5 days a week.

Clarification complete.

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