Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calling for aid from all you chicks….oh and just some tattoo

Ok so I have this friend and he is kind of cool. But also lame to the extreme for not already posting about his new friggin tattoo...which just happens to be amazing. (don’t tell him I said that, he’s such a cocky bastard as it is)

Maybe he was shy about showing off too much of his scantily clad upper thigh. Oh well…TOO late. Behold the awesomeness:

It’s not even done but it is still magic. Personally, I'm really looking forward to the bright red apple.

Alright, all you chicks HELP. The shampoo & conditioner I have been using have been discontinued (BALLS MOTHER F***ER THEY WERE THE BEST EVER WHO DO I YELL AT), and I have no sweet clue of any other good replacement options. And I mean good good…my hair laughs at most available for purchase in drug stores. Salon brand wise, I’ve tried Redkin: made my hair greasy waaay too fast. If I'm paying 20 bucks a bottle my hair better stay clean for more then 1 day.

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GOOD SHAMPOO/CONDITIONERS! (Honestly, cuz I’m a lazy-ass and don’t feel much like wasting my time or money tracking them down on foot)

Umm…I’m having a bread baking date AND going to the Hilltop with my gfs tonight. Don’t hate.

Monday, April 26, 2010

random things you want to know about me (im sure of it...maybe)

and when I say random I really mean colorful, bordering on disturbing facts you may or may not want to know about me. Proceed with caution, I'm feeling honest!
• I wish my hair was down to my waist and at the same time I wish I had the ability to rock a short cut.
• Someday I want a dog that is bigger then me and will be able to drag me down the street.
• I sing a scary amount (especially in the car) even though I will never be 'good'. I still love it. Beware future boyfriends!
• I may not always be 100% happy with my body or the way I look but I truly love myself and am confident in who I am and for that I am extremely thankful
• I often day dream about different scenarios in my life. I will pretend talk to someone, usually a boy or either someone who has recently pissed me off and I will repeat it over and over till I think it sounds perfect. Unlike in real life where I can barely string two words together which pertain to my real feelings. This usually happens while driving in my car, doing my business in the shower or washing dishes. But sometimes I get caught in the act, often at stop lights.
• I am certainly not a lesbian but I find the whole concept of being gay very intriguing
• I have an amazing family: Mom, Dad, older sister Erica & older sister Brittany and newly initiated step brother Brad. I care about these people more than anything in the world and I feel extremely blessed/loved to have them in my life.
• I do like little dogs and cats but I am constantly plagued with a strong desire to punt them across the room. Not to hurt them, just cuz I think it would be hilarious to see it fly through the air. Yeah...sometimes I am a terrible person.
• I used to play competitive volleyball and it was sort of my life. I really miss it, too.
• I believe that sometimes I can be racist and that makes me very angry at myself.
• Watching Super Nanny on tv has given me nightmares about my future children.
• If you put a bottle of dill pickles down in front of me I’ll eat them until I get sick. My grammie used to make homemade ones for us. I miss her and miss them. No other pickle will be quite the same.
• I have never broken a bone, but once I got hit head on by a truck on the highway while riding my motorcycle.
• The only reason I drink alcohol is to get drunk. I hate the taste, concept and price. Never would I ever have a drink otherwise.
• Some people like shoes the way that I like sunglasses. I have about 40 pairs and when I find a pair I like I usually buy a duplicate (cuz inevitably one pair will break). I could care less about pretty shoes. Except sneakers…a hot pair of sneakers will make me salivate.
• I really love to read and get into a good story. And even though I mostly read books whose difficulty level is aimed closer to that of a 14 year old I still feel smart pulling one out to read while in public.
• I’ve never gotten a tattoo, but I have big plans.
  ...or not...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Despero is an effed up movie.

This month has been extremely hectic hence only 6 blog posts! Therefore, the following will be the most kick ass post ever seen around these parts. (Probably not but just got with it)

Let’s begin with the excitingness that was last weekend. Saturday night I arranged a mini-SJ celebration! Me, Whit, Jin and Evan all piled up in my car and booked it.

Here are a few side notes:
- Whitney recently was accepted into Education -Celebration.
- Whit and Jin were both celebrating the end of exams
- Evan is just awesome and so he decided to come along
- I had nothing especially to celebrate other than that I love all these people and I knew it would be a kick ass time.
- My dad gave me a 15 year old coupon for a free night at this sketchy sketchy motel The Fundy Line and after much deliberation, they honoured it – free room = ballin! No matter the level of sketch.

So we went down and got all prettied up, just for fun, and went out to dinner at East Side Marios which was really fun and delish, and then went back to our room and broke into the glug glug. After a few hours of never have I ever and many drinks, we headed downtown.

Summary: YAY going to bar! Boo whitney forgot her ID at the room. YAY evan threw some money at a cab to take me and whit back. Blah blah blah blah me and whit drunk talking to cabbie. A quick shot while grabbing ID and we’re off! Back to O’learys woooo! Find Jin and Evan and dance dancey dance! Aaand drink break! And more dancey dance. Dance dance dance. Drink. Dance. Sing. Evan singing to lady gaga. Dance drink sing. Dance drink sing. Bar closes, go outside. Girl crouched down crying by wall. Giant fight in the street! Us running like little girls away. Drunk drunk drunk. Running back uphill to find cab! Home again home again.

Meanwhile, I had been texting with Colin’s friend, Murphy all day and night. After we got home from O'learys 3 of them met us up at our motel. Ok, honestly, I love these guys. They are really not your typical ‘good guys’…I know stuff they’ve done that is very baaad, but they seem to like me a lot and therefore I like them a lot cuz they’re nothing but nice to me. Pretty much had a heart to heart with each one of them about Colin. How he is stupid and doesn’t know what to do or what’s good for him. How they all love me and hate her, and that they’ve all got my back. One of them reenacts how excited and close Colin was to going with me before Colleen snagged him back by referring to me as the touch down and how Colin was right on the end line about to score before he got pulled back. Their reassurances definitely made me feel better about the whole situation, even just the fact that they know so much about me and him. And especially the fact that they like me, it’s good to know they’re on my side.

Once they left Whitney hit the sack and me Jin and Evan walked (slash ran) down the street to the gas station and bought some nom noms! *I’d like to note that as we were running the seam on the front of my bra where it snaps together came apart aaaand i think we all died from laughing a bit.

Next day we got some mcdonalds breakfast (euggh), caught the ending of Despero on cable and hit up old navy for some shopping. All in all, complete success of a trip.

Now I am back at work, doing my thang as per usual. I work for two men mainly, and one of them is funner then the other. So I foolishly asked the fun guy for more work, and what does he do? He partners me up with fucking Colin to help him with some work he's doing. LOL. Just my luck, eh? Not that I mind working with Colin at all, but it’s just a funny coincidence. And I’ve yet again fallen into another spot with him…4 more months to freedom and a return to sanity. Breath. Also when I started the work with him yesterday I got these superiority complex vibes from him, like because I'm a girl therefore I am dumber then him. Well, we shall see, my fine feathered. We shall see.

YOGA is the sexiest thing on the planet. I lurv it and want to do it everyday! Sadly it’s only once a week at my gym…anyways moral of the story I went Monday and..it was hot.

Last night I went out to a goodbye dinner and a walk by the water with my good gal friend Emily Hutch: good luck this summer woman! Can’t wait to see you when you return in the fall.

Tonight I am bout to kick some Evan ass at pool. LOOKOUT! Oh and I will be sending my first happy mail package tonight - je suis exciter.

Ummm ummm ummm ummm. That’s all for now. BAM.

PS: DESPERATELY asking ALL for aid! Every song on my ipod reminds me of him for some reason. I need distractions! Any new songs you have that you can tell me to download so I can made a giant new playlist and build new memories would help so much. Thank you thank you thank you for your support.

My near future..I hope...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OK...don't hurt me, anyone.

EFF EFF EFF. How did Colin Boyd weasel his way into being my fb friend? cuz I'm dumb! That’s why. Yupp. Ugh. Some of you might have noticed my newest fb friend is none other. Now I have all these worries about pictures I’ve been tagged in that I’m… not at my most flattering, and obsessing about finding the PERFECT profile picture. (rolling eyes at self)

Yeah yeah I know, it’s been established that this guy is ‘no good’ for me, putting it nicely. However, I felt it was time for a whole situation update since I haven’t really been acknowledging him in my posts for about a month. So here goes…

It’s been 5 weeks since his gf broke up with him. And I’ve been keeping my distance from him since. I am no rebound. Well…I don’t want to be anyway. And I made it clear by TELLING him that to his face.

I think I’ve been in pretty good spirits since. He’s been texting and emailing pretty steadily ever since the weekend of their break up, but I haven’t hung out or seen him other than at work. I pretty much have a shield up against him now. Even if he is being super nice and fun and says how he regrets going back out with her this time last year because he could have better spent that time with...others, it just doesn’t budge. Which makes me confused when sometimes I do want to let him in. I just can’t seem to do it.

I know the whole situation is this awful, sticky mess…but lately I’ve been thinking of how I will only be working with him until the end of August. After that, chances are we will never see each other again. So, if it makes me happy, maybe I should just go with it regardless of the…consequences. After all, I have tried denying my, feelings, for him, which I will add I have only felt once before (for ex-bf Ashkan) and that didn’t work and ignoring him doesn’t seem to work either. Therefore I think it’s time to buck up buttercup and just go with it. I can only learn and grow at this point. And for now, that is that.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

keep the good times rolling

Alright alright alright, time for a good old wordy blog. Can I just begin with that it’s FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE?

Yessssss. Nothing is better then working in a small trailer with the window down beside my computer and glorious sun shining in, listening to good tunes on my iPod. Hmmm. Ok…rereading that, lots of things are better, but it is the best case scenario for me at work sitting at my desk. Ya, that’s a little more accurate.

Anyways, this week has been pretty relaxing. Watched Battle Royale Tuesday night, love that movie! If you haven’t seen it, see it. I got so caught up that I went out and bought the book the movie’s based on last night and have already started reading it. Exciting.

Last night, my good buddy Evan picked me up and we went and played some killa pool. Best part was this short hottie who was, for the most part, sitting at the bar all night and therefore pretty sure he was hammered, or atleast had a good buzz on. He walked by our table twice to go to the bathroom. The first time when he was walking away I caught him eye starring me down. He just had the most serious look on his face, like pure seduction, I actually started laughing. I was giggling and blushing just like a little school girl. And he just sauntered back up to his post at the bar. The second time he did it, I was ready and I kept my composure, trying to equal his seduction look while not being able to stifle my smile. He literally kept eye contact until he was looking backwards at me while still walking away. It was awesome! Haha, awesome because he was actually kinda hot. He was fairly short, but I like short guys, and the way he walked, looked at me, and his general appearance, he sort of reminded me of Stefan from Vampire Diaries. HAHA! Oh geez, ok next topic.

Tonight I am once again resting my head in the fair city of Saint John. My car pool TOTALLY ditched out on me today, so I had to drive by myself...figured I might as well make lemonade! Jbone doesn’t get off work until about 7:30pm so I’m on my own until then. I got to work late this morning (perk of not having to meet a carpool: able to say ‘fuck it’ and hit that snooze button!) so I’ll be here until about 6pm if I’m a good girl. 30 min or so to SJ, then I figure I’ll get some grub and do a little shopping. No, Colin is not on the menu, if anyone is curious. At the moment I’m pretty sure we are in a…fight. Complicated, long story, not blog appropriate.

Anywho, I’m hoping me and Jen get some quality hang out time in and possibly play some Disney scene it, cuz we are seriously ballin’ at that game.

Uhhhhh, what else. God this is a doozie. Can you tell I’m bored at work? Uh, let’s see Friday night I am going to see Two Hours Traffic at UNB sub. PUMPED! Have seen them in concert twice already and they are awesome guys. Hutch and Whit have agreed to be my dates.

Saturday night is Iota Beta Chi’s Annual Ball! I am sooo excited! Evan is coming with me (as my guest) and he is gonna dress up all sweet, he even got this grey vest to wear and he’s getting it taken in right now. I heart him. Predrinking at Miss Whitney’s house I do believe. I am fairly excited for the whole affair.

That about sums it up. Keep the good times rolling.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wonderful Tuesday

So, I just have to say that this has turned out to be one of the best work days ever! This is not even a real post, it is just me NEEDING to express emotions. My stomach is literally bursting with happiness. And I cannot stop smiling, my face hurts a bit.

Wonderful, wonderful day.

I wish you all this feeling!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

easter weekend

So here comes the 4 day weekend.

I should be in a better mood, really, 4 days off is definitely what I need. But of course my day has been blotched. It's really not necessary to say by whom.

One question: Why can a boy never just leave you alone to get over him in peace? Why does he have to always say something sweet to you or email you or follow you to lunch and eat with you or touch your hand or notice you have just got your ears pierced again when no one else does.

It’s like he knows exactly what buttons to push and when to push them to keep me hanging on to him.

*Violently shakes head*


No plans… other than what I’ve so far thrown together with a few awesome people…
I was really hoping on going for a little road trip to somewhere but didn’t really work out with peoples work schedules, with nothing being open Fri or Mon, and with no where close I want to go to that it isn’t still too cold out for. (sadly I’m not ready for camping or the beach yet)

Tonight I am getting together with my gal Robyn! We are going to spend the night gossiping about boys and how much they suck and busy ourselves making cardboard ‘gag awards’ for our Sorority Ball next Saturday. I am meeting her for dinner first at Dimitres. YUM! I am going to remember to photograph it hopefully to show off the nummyness.

I sort of wish I was 7 years old and someone would make an easter egg hunt for me. That was my all time favorite thing to do. I would even buy the candy myself, If only someone would offer to hide it for me - and hide it good, cuz now I’m older and wiser, and taller and can see on top of things.

If only…sigh.

Since my weekend is going to be fairly low key you’ll probably be hearing from me again before next Tuesday. Cheers all! I hope your Easter weekends are simply magic.
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