Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calling for aid from all you chicks….oh and just some tattoo

Ok so I have this friend and he is kind of cool. But also lame to the extreme for not already posting about his new friggin tattoo...which just happens to be amazing. (don’t tell him I said that, he’s such a cocky bastard as it is)

Maybe he was shy about showing off too much of his scantily clad upper thigh. Oh well…TOO late. Behold the awesomeness:

It’s not even done but it is still magic. Personally, I'm really looking forward to the bright red apple.

Alright, all you chicks HELP. The shampoo & conditioner I have been using have been discontinued (BALLS MOTHER F***ER THEY WERE THE BEST EVER WHO DO I YELL AT), and I have no sweet clue of any other good replacement options. And I mean good good…my hair laughs at most available for purchase in drug stores. Salon brand wise, I’ve tried Redkin: made my hair greasy waaay too fast. If I'm paying 20 bucks a bottle my hair better stay clean for more then 1 day.

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GOOD SHAMPOO/CONDITIONERS! (Honestly, cuz I’m a lazy-ass and don’t feel much like wasting my time or money tracking them down on foot)

Umm…I’m having a bread baking date AND going to the Hilltop with my gfs tonight. Don’t hate.


WhitneyAlaina said...

aveda. expensive but lasts SO long because it takes So little. anyway, one bottle normaly lasts me at least 6 months, even when i had long hair. plus they have different kinds and they'll help you find the kind best for your hair ty.

theeastcoaster said...

*coughs* whats this you mean by "kind of cool" you must mean im wicked awesome...

the cat whisperer said...

Haha, I didn't read the first paragraph before skipping to the picture. I thought it was you!! I was like dang lady, shave those things :) I love that though, the hand especially was beautifully done.

What did you use before? Right now I use TIGI Dumb Blonde but I absolutely hate it. TIGI Oatmeal & Honey is amazing though, and you'll smell like breakfast all day! <3

Plaid Guru said...


I got it from Yves Rocher, it's called Phytum Hair Care Anti-Aging.

I was just in there one day smelling the different bottles on the shelf and I found it. I loved loved the smell and bought it. Been using it ever since, just a happy coincidence that it worked so well with my hair. So sad they have discontinued it...

TIGI I have never tried!

The Aveda also sounds good Whit, cuz i know you don't mess around when it comes to your hair :P.

Amy Renee Martin said...

Hiiiiii ya.

Awesome Tat and niiiiice upper thigh... ha ha ha. jk. couldn't really tell it was an upper thigh at first anyway.

shampoo and conditioner... I also will vouch for Aveda... I don't use it. Hair care is not up on my list of priorities while my hair is so short... biosilk is good too!

AKC said...

I got your letter!!!!!!!!! FUN!
Expect a reply from me, you just wrangled a new pen pal yo :)
I hope your cake is awesome.

PS. Aveda shampoo is wicked badass awesome.

samboy said...

I use Avon's True Blonde shampoo. Theres a brunette version too. Not sure if Avon in the US does the same products? x

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