Monday, April 26, 2010

random things you want to know about me (im sure of it...maybe)

and when I say random I really mean colorful, bordering on disturbing facts you may or may not want to know about me. Proceed with caution, I'm feeling honest!
• I wish my hair was down to my waist and at the same time I wish I had the ability to rock a short cut.
• Someday I want a dog that is bigger then me and will be able to drag me down the street.
• I sing a scary amount (especially in the car) even though I will never be 'good'. I still love it. Beware future boyfriends!
• I may not always be 100% happy with my body or the way I look but I truly love myself and am confident in who I am and for that I am extremely thankful
• I often day dream about different scenarios in my life. I will pretend talk to someone, usually a boy or either someone who has recently pissed me off and I will repeat it over and over till I think it sounds perfect. Unlike in real life where I can barely string two words together which pertain to my real feelings. This usually happens while driving in my car, doing my business in the shower or washing dishes. But sometimes I get caught in the act, often at stop lights.
• I am certainly not a lesbian but I find the whole concept of being gay very intriguing
• I have an amazing family: Mom, Dad, older sister Erica & older sister Brittany and newly initiated step brother Brad. I care about these people more than anything in the world and I feel extremely blessed/loved to have them in my life.
• I do like little dogs and cats but I am constantly plagued with a strong desire to punt them across the room. Not to hurt them, just cuz I think it would be hilarious to see it fly through the air. Yeah...sometimes I am a terrible person.
• I used to play competitive volleyball and it was sort of my life. I really miss it, too.
• I believe that sometimes I can be racist and that makes me very angry at myself.
• Watching Super Nanny on tv has given me nightmares about my future children.
• If you put a bottle of dill pickles down in front of me I’ll eat them until I get sick. My grammie used to make homemade ones for us. I miss her and miss them. No other pickle will be quite the same.
• I have never broken a bone, but once I got hit head on by a truck on the highway while riding my motorcycle.
• The only reason I drink alcohol is to get drunk. I hate the taste, concept and price. Never would I ever have a drink otherwise.
• Some people like shoes the way that I like sunglasses. I have about 40 pairs and when I find a pair I like I usually buy a duplicate (cuz inevitably one pair will break). I could care less about pretty shoes. Except sneakers…a hot pair of sneakers will make me salivate.
• I really love to read and get into a good story. And even though I mostly read books whose difficulty level is aimed closer to that of a 14 year old I still feel smart pulling one out to read while in public.
• I’ve never gotten a tattoo, but I have big plans.
  ...or not...


samboy said...

I enjoyed that :)

I like to hear random snippits about people - I'm nosey! x

brit. said...

i think i already knew most of this! perks of having a sister who is also your best friend :)

TJayne said...

I like this. :) I knew quite a bit, but you are always full of surprises.


hahaha so about the thing about throwing small animals... my dad and his brother used to take one of their cats by the legs, turn it upside down, drop it, and do this closer and closer to the floor to see if the cat could get back on its paws before landing... obviously, it didn't always.
so you're not the only one with those thoughts and at least you don't act on it.

theeastcoaster said...

if you ever need encouragement to get a tattoo im the guy to talk to

mahuahua said...

• The only reason I drink alcohol is to get drunk. I hate the taste, concept and price. Never would I ever have a drink otherwise.

<3 Ditto!!!xxxx

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