Sunday, May 30, 2010

giveaway as promised

This is going to be my first giveaway! (in delayed celebration of reaching 20 fol and because i just think they're nifty)

To enter:

1. You must be a follower of my blog
2. You must leave a comment recommending a great blog for me to check out!
3. You must say what country you are from
Also please leave your name and email address so that I can contact the winners.

For 2 additional entries each:
Blog about my giveaway and link to it OR Tweet about my giveaway.

(please leave a separate comment for each)

Prize #1: fun girly stuff
card holder
pocket mirror
nail brush
nail file
thing for painting toe nails...
hair bobbles

Prize #2: for lounging around the house

to do list
blank cards with envelopes
mike and ikes
mean girls dvd

Liam helping out

Prize #3: time to travel
2 bracelets
travel bag
packing list
luggage tag

In addition to the 3 sets, I'll be randomly throwing in either:

This old school Hardees cup...

Earrings made from this old necklace...

Or a necklace made with this pendant...

I'll be throwing in a few other extra little things to each, just for fun!

Good luck fellas. Will be drawing the winner in 2 sundays time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

in the spirit

My sister kindly reminded me of the giveaway I promised at 20 fol. WELL HEY! I’m a slacker. However, glad to have you all around and imma give you stuff. NOT at this moment. Not in this post (since I am at work, unless I decide to go raid the supply cupboard, which come to think of it might be a good idea: File folders, anyone?)

SUMMER IS HERE! For reals.

This past long weekend (thank you, Canada, and your many statuary holidays) the temperature was a steady 30 degrees Celsius and sunny, sunny, sunny! Celebrated two friends birthdays and went on my first (of many, I hope) camping trips. I even got a somewhat tan. Mucho accomplished; good weekend.

It’s been so humid; I’m constantly drinking ice water. OK ANY DRINK WITH ICE (let's not discriminate). And when I’m not drinking it, I’m thinking about drinking it. ICE ICE ICE ICE. I empty and fill at least one tray a day. And just in case I go crazy, I've got a back up as well.

Oh ya, I got texts from Boston Red Socs allllll weekend. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. He is cute :) We talked Friday and Saturday night. We’ll see what happens. He does live in SJ, an hour away. But did it ever make me smile to receive two msgs from him coming back into the service area post camping trip.

BUA. I just like pictures today I think.

Ashley KC and Erica: good things are coming your way.

Friday, May 21, 2010

thank GOD for long weekends

Ok. I am breathing. Breathing breathing breathinnnnnnng


Sigh. (Catches breath)

Had to get that out. Now allow me to explain.

I get to work this morning and immediately sign in on fb (obviously). 3rd from the top on my Home Page, directly in my unwilling line of sight:

Colin Boyd is now in a relationship <3 with StupidBlond.

Punch. To. Gut. Quickly followed by a tsunami wave of shame at being bothered by this at all. I mean it’s not like it’s a surprise or anything and it’s not as if we’ve been best buddies these past few weeks either. Minutes go by and I contemplate either giving him the facebook equivalent of the finger by clicking “Like” on the update, or permanently hiding him from my fb homepage. Going with maturity (and lameness) I choose the latter.

So that’s fine, I am easily moving forward from there, chit chatting with Evan which always gives me a little high for some reason. (Maybe cuz he despises Colin and just completely talks down about him. Good friend.) Day goes by. I get a nice lunch from the caf. I finish reading a great book. I come back.

The boys arrive.

15 minutes later, Colin saunters over and for some reason sits on the desk across from mine. Then he…wait for it…opens his mouth and actually starts up a casual conversation. With me. Yeah, this is the guy that has been avoiding me like the PLAGUE for the past three weeks. And now he’s back. Just like normal. Talking to me, asking me what my plans are for the long weekend (a subject which I keenly avoid with him, as a general rule), telling me how he’s got no plans and so on and so on.

First a punch in the gut, and NOW A SLAP IN THE FACE?! This is where the hysterics come in. WHAT IS THIS GUYS PROBLEM? He ignores me (and my inappropriate emails) for weeks and now, the day after he’s become fb official with the gf he decides it’s time to jump back on the flirt with Tyler train???

Nor does it stop there. He makes a point to come over two more times, the final going off on one of his “I am clearly smarter than you” speeches that he just looooooooves to speak at me. It is all I can do to not roll my eyes and start making possession noises.

Sidestepping him mid-speech I instead take the conversation to our mutual boss, who is much easier and nicer to talk to. 3 minutes later Colin follows me and tries to interrupt everything poor Dave is saying. Insert me, sitting between them, staring and talking only to Dave refusing to even make side eye contact with douchie magoo. (Who’s the child now. Not me, doo de doo.) Finally, Colin goes back to whatever he was doing and I bee line it for my desk.

Two minutes later Colin comes back over to me to apologize (WTF? WHERE IS THIS BEHAVIOR COMING FROM.) Then he begins yet another tactical conversation in effort to find out whether or not I will be going to SJ over the weekend. (I usually drive in a carpool and a dead giveaway that I will not be returning to Fredericton is if I drive myself. Hence my favorite of his strategies: “So, did you make the drive all by yourself today?”.) Which coincidentally is the one he tried next; to that I answered with a quizzical look bordering on disgusted (but not enough to make my face deformed).

Oh, le sigh.

Does it ever get easy?

Let’s end with a happy little week recap, shall we? I mowed my lawn Monday night and my throat felt scratchy. The next morning I woke up with a full on disgustingly sore throat and matching brown spit up! Yaaay! I was also tired, had a headache and a sore stomach but I figured it’s 4am. No one feel good at 4am. Unless their still drunk.
FYI there was no alcohol consumed through these events or before. First thing my mom says after I called her yesterday, “You were hung over, weren’t you.” Yes. You caught me mom, with my pants down, drunk on a Tuesday night.
Got to work and could not move. So sick had to go to the infirmary (yeah, we have an infirmary) and get put to sleep. Made it home, cancelled my plans to go see Robin Hood, went through the Mcdonalds drive thru, picked up some Tylenol, got the chills in the drug store, got home and got under the covers and stared at my mcdonalds. Moved to the bath tub where I proceeded to fill it with 100 degree celcius water. Napped there for as long as possible. Considered offing myself to dull the full body pain I was experiencing but decided the cats would die too if I wasn’t there to feed them, and what kind of mother would that make me? Teetered down to my bedroom without drying off, knocked the uneaten mcdonalds on the floor (where the cats promptly enjoyed it) and fell asleep. 12:30am I wake up and have to pee like a mother fucker. Get to the toilet. Let it fly. Then im washing my hands and suddenly heaving into the sink. And somehow my puke reflex is attached to my bladder, because standing there i manage to pee my pants. (I JUST FRIGGIN PEED! How…??) Well, nicely done Tyler. I get in the shower. Get out stumble back down to bed. Wake up covered in cold sweat and cant manage to fall back asleep so i head upstairs and try my mothers room. No dice. Try my fathers room (No they aren't separated, they're just too old to have sex, and dad snores.). BINGO! We have a winner. I wake up at about 5 am to find the sheets completely soaked and freezing with my sweat. Shower #2. Finally I end up in my bed again with pajamas on and pretty much spend my entire Wednesday there. (While peeing my pants I decided work wasn’t going to be a good place to go that day.) Also at some point I remember thinking I was in the emergency room and Evan was visiting me. Fever induced delusions…you’d think I could have come up with something more creative really.

24 hours straight of sleeping later and 2 work days still sweaty, less headachey, able to use brain sensibly...

Now, let’s get drunk.

No seriously.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my horizontal life

Living alone in a 4 bedroom 2 floor house is hard. Remind me when I move out to ensure that I find a place that is sized for a single person and has a dishwasher. If possible, I'd also like a self mowing lawn. Think I've got the cooking for myself managed...that is I'm no longer living off McDonald's and Wendy's. (my stomach thanks you)
It's been a surprisingly good weekend. Friday night was a complete wash: rarely do I say no to plans especially on a weekend but for some reason I was pass-out tired. Went to bed at about 9pm. Made the drive into work Saturday; had some things needing to be done. Oh. And guess who was the only other person there?

Oh yeah.

You guessed it.

We've recently been in this fun little holding pattern where he is avoiding eye contact with me in a fashion somewhat similar to a guilty small child, and stubbornly refusing to talk to me. This may have something to do with a less-than friendly email I sent him the other day.

Whoops! Unprofessional me. But what are you gonna do? It's been working out well to my advantage, actually, except that his behavior is so damn noticeable. We both work for the same person right now on a job and the other day the guy asked me what was going on with me and Colin. :|

O and he wore a really horrible shirt the other day. It was one of those old navy-esk collared t-shirts with stripes, dark red. An ok shirt on some,well most people, but I don't really fancy them. And did it ever look bad on him. Fingers crossed that he wears it more often!

Working with him ended up pretty uneventful, other than that he sat at the same table where I was working. Fortunately, a combination of mutually ignoring each other and us both having iPods worked out well.

9 hours of work and 1 1/2 hrs driving later I picked up Whit, we got ice cream cones, Evan met us at my house and we all went over to our friends to play cards and Scattegories. WE ARE WILD. Home by 12:00am; asleep by 1:30am.

(This is where my weekend recap gets slightly exciting, I swear...)

My phone starts ringing, wakes me up. It's this guy I once had a thing with in SJ...Robyn you know who I'm talking about, from the night you and I went out on the town by ourselves and ended up at buddys house. Yupp it was him!

He is calling me, why? I check the is 3:30 am. Blink blink.

However he persists, calls again and sends me a msg. By this time the cats are awake and walking all over my body in attempts to get me out of bed to feed them. NEWS FLASH, kitties! Wide awake now, thanks, no need for the face pouncing.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt since we'd had such a good time together in SJ, I weighed my options and decided I would go out on a limb and msg him back. Turns out he was in town with some buddies and about an hour later, well...he came over to...uh...hang out.


We had another really good time, like...really really good. It was just like last time, except better. For one, I wasn't hammered and neither was he. For two, we talked for a really long time and got on scary well. For three, he was... the perfect Tyler's man. Just the right combination of asshole, sarcasm and romance (not easy to find, let me tell ya). We finally fell asleep in eachothers arms and he kissed and cuddled me all morning. It was a-dor-able. And really nice. (rereading this I am gagging slightly, but it is the truth...)

If last time was a slice of chocolate cake, then this time I got the whole damn thing.

This is all you get, he's a big Boston Red Sox fan. Whatever that means.

In other news, Lookit! I gots me a fancy new purse. Custom made from The Dainty Squid.
I loooooooooooooove iiiiiiiiiit.
Yup, I'm eye brow raise excited.

I also just received wicked pen pal mail from my girl Ashley KC. She made these earrings and I adore them. I've been wearing the little hoop one non-stop. I LOVE PENPALS.
**If anyone is interested in penpalling leave me a comment and shoot me an email at with your mailing address! I friggin love sending and receiving's the bees knees.

Anybody else notice how those two cats snuck their way into my pictures? Little attention seekers. I don't know how I will ever handle children.

I'll leave you with a song you should listen to: Your Protector - Fleet Foxes. Makes me feel empowered. Actually scratch that download their whole album, it's worth it. Night all.

Yup, good weekend.

Monday, May 3, 2010

show your bones

Why. Why the fuck do you feel the need to come sit your ass across from my desk and talk to me for 30 minutes? Why? I’m sitting here, minding my own business, clearly not into the conversation you are trying to have with me. So changing tactics you instead comment on the work I’m still attempting to do as you sit there looking at me. The usual rude comments you say that I despise, which make me feel uncomfortable and I find insulting instead of humorous. It’s like you are poking at the worm you’ve stepped on with a stick trying to bring it back to life, or banging on the glass of the snake tank trying to make it move. It’s not gonna happen.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m getting over you. Face it. It’s no longer a silly girl act of ignoring you, trying to give off the impression that I don’t care…. It is literally that I don’t. Go live your life with your lame ass gf and your developing unibrow and leave me be!!

Now let’s see. O. M. Gee. I had an awesome weekend! First weekend of school being over so lots of people I love have gone home for the summer (tear) but us townies still managed to scrape together some fun. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a good summer.

Friday me Whit Michelle and Dave watched THE FOURTH KIND on the big screen. IT WAS AWESOME AND TERRIFYING (and completely deserving of cap locks). I was actually shaking in my boots till I put myself to bed. We also made cake and ate it NOM!

Saturday night me Whit and Ebells had an insane girly night/throw back to 11 grade: running around town (literally outside...very dangerous and not highly recommended), drinking on the train bridge (possibly vomiting over the side and/or squat peeing on the bridge directly), and hitting up Indie Pop Night at the Capital. Yeah. Me and Whit started drinking at about 5:30pm...frozen summery drinks made of pure sunshine and goodness. Luckily we made it home alive in the end! Which the next morning I would have argued against...perhaps better wording would be that we survived, avoided jail and any fines and were infact breathing. Alive as in lively...not so much. Not till about 1pm for myself at least, which if any of you know me is a far cry from my usual "I have to get up at 4:30am to make it to work in SJ for 7:30". Oh and I guess I can't exclude our 3am trip to the infamous Diplomat for a delicious open 24/7 meal. (Cheeseburger and poutine....yuuuuuuuum) I would also like to mention here a few key notes: 1. Yelling "G'DAY, MATE!" while exiting the restaurant at various tables. Why you may ask? Well why the hell not.   2. W&E mooning a table of skanky cougars through the window outside while waiting for our cab.   3. One of said ladies running outside to tell us off, and being completely shut down verbally by Bells while me and Whitney died laughing in the background, and at the same time prayed the staff wasn't at that moment calling the cops on us.

umm...sometimes our maturity level is really high...

Moving on! Lastly my weekend ended with a loverly surprise visit from mr. evan sunday night. He brought some beers and we sat on the back porch eating potatoe chips and playing cards till the sun went down.

And even though it is gross humid and rainy outside I managed to drag my ass to yoga tonight, which was exceptional I might add. I could definitely feel missing last week tho: EVEN MY BONES HURT! Womp.

Please escuse me while I go take showa!
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