Thursday, October 29, 2009

To creep or not to creep

Continuing with the Halloween theme, this morning we shall be discussing being "creepy". (oooooooooo! - ghost) I've recently been involved in an abundance of creeping or being 'creepy'. We've all creeped on that cute guy in the mall, or been creepy like "I have a huge crush on Taylor Lautner, aka Jacob from NM. Oh, he's 17 btw." (ILLEGAL!)
There is also the term 'creeping', which is the action of navigating peoples fb page or myspace or whatever. I occasionally fb creep and usually dont have a problem finding what I'm looking for. Like, you can read two peoples conversations between walls using Wall-To-Wall, or a persons status or profile picture. Or if someone has a lady friend you can usually click them and atleast get a lil something something. Or if they're tagged in an album, usually you can see that whole persons album even if you're not their friend.
And yeah yeah you have alllll done it so dont go getting all judgy on me.

Recently, I have definitely raised the bar on creeping however...please observe. So txt msging or hot work guy (which is now my text victims nickname) gave me his fb and work computer password. Weird I know but that's another story. All I was missing was his email, which I figured I could find on his fb info section. WRONG not there. So I dug deeper (this is where the real creeperness (or sneakyness as I prefer to call it) begins)....I am usually last in my work trailer with him and another guy but sometimes they leave early. Well I waited till he left, snuck onto his computer, logged on, opened internet explorer and went to fb. Got his email in the log on section and then ran away hysterically!!! haha, it was a big rush being super sneaky like that and getting away with it. So, then I had all the key ingredients I needed to perform the ULTIMATE CREEP.

At this point, perhaps I should explain some of the logic behind this insane invasion of privacy. So, scenario: hot guy at work aka txt msg is all flirty and hot. been working with him for about 5 months, has never mentioned a gf. we add eachother to fb, and there written all over his wall are sappy love notes from a certain female, CT we will call her. Well, naturally I'm intrigued. Why havent I heard of this before? The other guys often talk about their relationships. Automatically, I want to see their Wall-To-Wall. Sacrebleu! She has blocked her profile so that I cannot even click on her! Now this just sickens me, I MUST KNOW if he is as sappy and gross in his wall msgs as she is. I talk to him at work about it as discretely as possible, which is quite difficult as we are usually doing lots of work. To summarize my findings, basically he explained that they have been off and on since gr 10, more off of late, she is not his gf and they are not in a relationship. From this I assume, being the realist that I am, he keeps her around because she clearly worships him and definitely would, at his convenience, have sex with him. But, he is sneaky, and I feel like he is hiding something still....

So, took my new found information to Hutch's, sat with the computer and tried to log in. EPIC FAIL. Didnt work, so i figured he must have changed the password since he told me.
I am disappointed, but I think I am most disappointed because I was hoping to find something that would make me dislike him. Crushes are confusing.
Then I am home, it is late, and I tentatively check the paper that I scribbled his email on. Low and behold, I had tried the wrong email..

I put it in and the password and BINGO. Log out of his fb chat as quickly as possible and proceed to perform the most horrid, invasion of personal privacy ever.

Turns out everything he has said to me previously is the truth. More disappointment. Her wall msgs since May have basically gone unanswered, her msgs become more and more desperate while his become more nonchalant. Now, I just feel bad for the chick who is clearly getting used and ABUSED! Dumb dumb.

Which brings us to the events of last Friday and the famous tell off text msg.

Here concludes our creep-extravaganza.

Keep on creeping in the free world
T Frase

PS: In the spirit of not being a super creeper, I've decided to leave Lautner below and not put up a picture of my hot desk-mate, the Pelt.

This is a creeper mask, so says google images. I should wear it and be a fb creeper for halloween. Oh wait! I already am.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

something wicked this way comes

Halloween is so close and it is my #1 favorite holiday so don't be surprised if I write about it everyday, twice a day. Yesterday, instead of having to go to work I was allowed to attend a free training session in Mactaquac! (Good food, free stuff, full brain) I got home at 4:30ish, which is a lot earlier then usual and therefore decorated till I could decorate no more (I used everything I had..). Now the outside of my house and yard is covered in CAUTION! DANGER! yellow tape, there are flashing pumpkins on the bushes, spiders hanging from the lights, 1 hanging vampire and 1 hanging skeleton. Muahaha. I loove it.

Hmm, halloween, what else what else? Oh I must now see Paranormal Activity! Gimme gimme gimme MOLS. I will supply you with a jump drive Thursday at the zombiethon. Meanwhile I've been busying myself watching AMC (american movie channel) halloween movies. Last night was Poltergeist(classic) and Michael IV.

everyone should know the guy that sits beside me, who i usually think of as a brother, is looking really hot today :| His hair has just achieved the perfect length for a shaggy yet sexy look. Apparently I'm feeling incestuous. Oh here he comes, I should maybe stop writing about him. Shall I creep a picture in tho? Yes, perhaps, for good measure. But, maybe I should wait until he isn't sitting directly behind me..

in the meantime ill put this one:

Ummm, looks like there is not enough happening this weekend to quench my halloween thirst. I need like the mother of all halloween gatorades. Dont get me wrong, there is plenty happening on actual All Hallows Eve, too many parties in fact..but there is serious lacking on the pre-halloweeners! Luckily, looks like something may have turned up just today which will consist of pumpkin carving, candy, (drinking i imagine), and mandatory costumes. Phew!!! Close call.
Seriously, if I only got to dress up once I'd be pissed and consider it an epic fail.

Oh, and apparently NB Power has just been sold to Hydro-Quebec for 10 billion. For anyone that cares haha or is paying attention to the recent news/politics going around. Atleast I am bilingual, eh. VIVE LA FRANCE!

Monday, October 26, 2009

these are the days of our lives

Conclusion of the day: awkward work situations make you work that much harder on actual work! i got so much done today. Poor hot txt msging victim...i basically hid from him all day while he chain smoked like there was no tomorrow (he was trying to quit)... oooo fuck haha. I have training in Fredericton tomorrow to look forward too, avoid the awkwardness for another day. Chiaaa!

Halloween: I cannot wait! Little Red will strike again

Baaaah new peak season is on tonight. Looove it. It is a good show, so realistic it's refreshing. Can't wait to hit the hills with one ms. martin and wear our ballin matching FLORESCENT hats. Too bad there are, so far, no hot guys in this tv show. Unlike the Hills aka Broody and clean-shaven Justin Bobby. I wish I had grown up snowboarding so I would be pro at 21.

Bought NM tickets for the first showing. Me and T-Mowatt. Dont hate!

Apparently the stereos and midway station are coming to the playhouse..I will also be there.

Oh, can't forget this. You have to read it yourself or else it just doesn't have the same punch (this was to my Friend, Friday night/sat morning. Just for clarification, this was a fb msg, NOT the txt msg guy)

well i did see you tonight and you were making out with some random chick. way to go big man on campus. uh, i fell oiver how embarrassing but is \ts ok cuz i love you like a brother,;....anywhioe i didnt n=\get kickede out and danced the night away wuitrh some one named peter snow until i had came home with my friend and ditched him!@!!!!!m \\ girlsrock. umm im\ve got the spins love you ty

Saturday, October 24, 2009

drunken indoor night


- amazing day + night
- shopping spree with myself: bought new bomber jacket, two winter hats, two pairs of mittens, wicked feather earrings that make me feel like lauren from peak season
- sporatic drinking gathering (thank you joanne, you started the ball rolling)
- hilarious chat in a living room with one of my favorite couples
- sweetwaters ultimate party: randomnly dancing with many friends and strangers, boys, and 2 coors light (ps i dont ever ever EVER drink beer..but im trying to get into it)
- jacks and a free ride home (thnx d)
- hilarious uninhibited text messages to hot guys that i work with who are immature and need to stop flirting with me if they dont have the balls to make a move: "this is tyler, im disappointed in you, you definitely think less of me then the dirt beneath your sneakers, keep on using booty shorts for sex aka your non gf who worships you and you treat like shit, know that i will not be nice to you at work anymore, too bad work sex is hot." Yupp. Surprisingly im glad that i did this because bottling feelings is not healthy.

New life motto: Regret nothing.


- mornings when you get the spins = hilarious
- tostitos and nacho cheese for breakfast dinner and supper
- conversations with sisters that dont happen enough
- evenings with stoned whit (not from weed, long story), chill get-togethers full of chocolate popcorn and stale crackers and alcohol.
- kitties, matching winter hats and mac photoshoots.

basically just loving life and waiting for the winter season to learn how to snowboard with my fav chicka.

Peace brothers.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I guess today was deployment day, or whatever they call it. My brow is furrowed and my chest feels heavy like it hasn't for a long time. I think I'd rather avoid any conversation pertaining to the subject, or else have a major cry session with one or more of my girls. It's all confusing, hence the furrowed brow. Emotions stunt my life sometimes. It's funny because I'm not dating one of them, or engaged, or anything really significant other than friendship, and I'm affected this way. I can only imagine...

Peace brothers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gobble gobble and other such things

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope all had excellent family time and are now caring for turkey, stuffing, gravy and vegetable food babies. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
And away we go...

Me making dinner actually turned out well, I think. Thank goodness I had my cooking guru 'GPS' standing beside me the whole time giving me helpful directions. (Warning: vegetarians look away.) Did anybody else know that when you buy a frozen turkey there is stuff INSIDE? YES, THERE IS, AND IT'S GROSS. They cut the neck and tail off and shove them in there, and there is also a bag full of 'giblets' aka the heart and kidneys ? I did not know this, and what a rude surprise if i had stuffed the bird with those things still in it! There should be a caution sticker. Otherwise all went well, turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, carrots, peas, turnip, parsnip, hot rolls, apple pie and Germain chocolate cake with ice cream. Baaaaaallin'. Except of course I ate too much and had to lay down on the living room couch for about an hour before I could move again.

I'm going through this phase where I am obsessing about my things being organized. I guess it's not really a phase cuz I've always enjoyed organizing, but now that I don't have school work to occupy my evenings and weekends, I have more time to plan and conquer. I'm really excited about IBChi Frenchy's coming up because it gave me a great excuse to clean out my drawers and closet. But I still have to much stuff, I hate clutter! My books, DVD's, and various hygiene products are taking over my personal space. Gaaah. Give me ideas people.

Excuse me I need a break from this and the bring it on marathon on Much to eat some leftovers.

Oh yum I am full and now catching up on missed Hills episodes. When did Justin Bobby get so hot? First he shaves the hobo beard and then quotes one of my favorite songs? I don't understand!!

The plan for this week is to: go shopping; buy multiple rubbermaid containers to store bedroom shit in; decorate for halloween; get an oversized touque for the cold months; find another good book to read. Phew, I'm sooooo busy. So, how's school everyone? Baaha.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Life and Times

Ladies (and gents)

I dont have anything in particular to write about but as I've read everything new on my Blog List I have to find some way of entertaining myself.

Many things have happened since my last blog, let's write in bullet form:

- My sister's man-friend D has a crazy stalker who is so so crazy that she has begun to harass B as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if she added me on fb next, found my blog url, started reading my blog and read this. If that is the case I have a little msg:

Life. Get one.

- I am going to be making Thanksgiving dinner for my household, aka me, my mom and dad. Big undertaking, who knew? I was at the grocery store last night and there was a pre-stuffed 9kg Butterball turkey selling for $60 !! Insane, right. Please turkey gods let me find a cheaper one.

- Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird has become a ballad to my life.

- All the Halloween decorations have been laid out upstairs on the kitchen table, but there are so many that I don't know which ones to put up. So, as of now the table is very scarily (and heavily) "decorated". Also, we have this candy bowl that talks to you, it has a motion sensor, and when you reach in for candy it yells something. Well, it's sitting by my room in the downstairs hallway and every time I turn the hall light off (either from downstairs or upstairs) it BELLOWS one of its phrases! Makes me jump every time. I could move it, but nah.

- I have one chapter left in a book I am reading, which was so cute and good. It made me laugh out loud a lot. The main character seriously reminds me of Ro-ro. (Yeah YOU) She should read it when I'm done.

- The soundtrack list for New Moon was just released; CD goes on sale October 20th. Counting the days.

- I need to go clothing shopping. I haven't been to the mall in that capacity since my trip with T-rish aka TOO long.

I am grasping for things now, so unless I'm going to describe what I had for lunch today, I am donzo.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wow. Some people are just born to sing.

These two sisters from Sweden own two of the most interesting voices I've ever heard. Everyone should give them a listen. They are singing live. I think me and B could do it np.

Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song covered by First Aid Kit

I love the Swedish language, I think it's quite beautiful, and they make me want to be Swedish.

god natt min vännerna
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