Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Life and Times

Ladies (and gents)

I dont have anything in particular to write about but as I've read everything new on my Blog List I have to find some way of entertaining myself.

Many things have happened since my last blog, let's write in bullet form:

- My sister's man-friend D has a crazy stalker who is so so crazy that she has begun to harass B as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if she added me on fb next, found my blog url, started reading my blog and read this. If that is the case I have a little msg:

Life. Get one.

- I am going to be making Thanksgiving dinner for my household, aka me, my mom and dad. Big undertaking, who knew? I was at the grocery store last night and there was a pre-stuffed 9kg Butterball turkey selling for $60 !! Insane, right. Please turkey gods let me find a cheaper one.

- Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird has become a ballad to my life.

- All the Halloween decorations have been laid out upstairs on the kitchen table, but there are so many that I don't know which ones to put up. So, as of now the table is very scarily (and heavily) "decorated". Also, we have this candy bowl that talks to you, it has a motion sensor, and when you reach in for candy it yells something. Well, it's sitting by my room in the downstairs hallway and every time I turn the hall light off (either from downstairs or upstairs) it BELLOWS one of its phrases! Makes me jump every time. I could move it, but nah.

- I have one chapter left in a book I am reading, which was so cute and good. It made me laugh out loud a lot. The main character seriously reminds me of Ro-ro. (Yeah YOU) She should read it when I'm done.

- The soundtrack list for New Moon was just released; CD goes on sale October 20th. Counting the days.

- I need to go clothing shopping. I haven't been to the mall in that capacity since my trip with T-rish aka TOO long.

I am grasping for things now, so unless I'm going to describe what I had for lunch today, I am donzo.


m. said...

i very much enjoyed this post. write more like it. and yes, i want to know what you had for lunch.

brit said...

tehehe i like this post too (minus the whole telling everyone about my stupid drama :P) because this is almost exactly how i write my email updates to m. gee, we must be related or sumthin

Robyn M. said...

what book crazyface?

TJayne said...

Yes, mall soon would be good.

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