Saturday, October 24, 2009

drunken indoor night


- amazing day + night
- shopping spree with myself: bought new bomber jacket, two winter hats, two pairs of mittens, wicked feather earrings that make me feel like lauren from peak season
- sporatic drinking gathering (thank you joanne, you started the ball rolling)
- hilarious chat in a living room with one of my favorite couples
- sweetwaters ultimate party: randomnly dancing with many friends and strangers, boys, and 2 coors light (ps i dont ever ever EVER drink beer..but im trying to get into it)
- jacks and a free ride home (thnx d)
- hilarious uninhibited text messages to hot guys that i work with who are immature and need to stop flirting with me if they dont have the balls to make a move: "this is tyler, im disappointed in you, you definitely think less of me then the dirt beneath your sneakers, keep on using booty shorts for sex aka your non gf who worships you and you treat like shit, know that i will not be nice to you at work anymore, too bad work sex is hot." Yupp. Surprisingly im glad that i did this because bottling feelings is not healthy.

New life motto: Regret nothing.


- mornings when you get the spins = hilarious
- tostitos and nacho cheese for breakfast dinner and supper
- conversations with sisters that dont happen enough
- evenings with stoned whit (not from weed, long story), chill get-togethers full of chocolate popcorn and stale crackers and alcohol.
- kitties, matching winter hats and mac photoshoots.

basically just loving life and waiting for the winter season to learn how to snowboard with my fav chicka.

Peace brothers.


TJayne said...

You go girl! Did you actually text that to him!?
I want to have a photoshoot :( Bahaha.

Plaid Guru said...

guilty...give or take a little of that haha cant wait to see him at work today!

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