Wednesday, October 28, 2009

something wicked this way comes

Halloween is so close and it is my #1 favorite holiday so don't be surprised if I write about it everyday, twice a day. Yesterday, instead of having to go to work I was allowed to attend a free training session in Mactaquac! (Good food, free stuff, full brain) I got home at 4:30ish, which is a lot earlier then usual and therefore decorated till I could decorate no more (I used everything I had..). Now the outside of my house and yard is covered in CAUTION! DANGER! yellow tape, there are flashing pumpkins on the bushes, spiders hanging from the lights, 1 hanging vampire and 1 hanging skeleton. Muahaha. I loove it.

Hmm, halloween, what else what else? Oh I must now see Paranormal Activity! Gimme gimme gimme MOLS. I will supply you with a jump drive Thursday at the zombiethon. Meanwhile I've been busying myself watching AMC (american movie channel) halloween movies. Last night was Poltergeist(classic) and Michael IV.

everyone should know the guy that sits beside me, who i usually think of as a brother, is looking really hot today :| His hair has just achieved the perfect length for a shaggy yet sexy look. Apparently I'm feeling incestuous. Oh here he comes, I should maybe stop writing about him. Shall I creep a picture in tho? Yes, perhaps, for good measure. But, maybe I should wait until he isn't sitting directly behind me..

in the meantime ill put this one:

Ummm, looks like there is not enough happening this weekend to quench my halloween thirst. I need like the mother of all halloween gatorades. Dont get me wrong, there is plenty happening on actual All Hallows Eve, too many parties in fact..but there is serious lacking on the pre-halloweeners! Luckily, looks like something may have turned up just today which will consist of pumpkin carving, candy, (drinking i imagine), and mandatory costumes. Phew!!! Close call.
Seriously, if I only got to dress up once I'd be pissed and consider it an epic fail.

Oh, and apparently NB Power has just been sold to Hydro-Quebec for 10 billion. For anyone that cares haha or is paying attention to the recent news/politics going around. Atleast I am bilingual, eh. VIVE LA FRANCE!

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TJayne said...

I wasn't able to read this post because I was too busy staring at the picture in it. But by the title I think you are very excited about Halloween. :)

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