Monday, October 26, 2009

these are the days of our lives

Conclusion of the day: awkward work situations make you work that much harder on actual work! i got so much done today. Poor hot txt msging victim...i basically hid from him all day while he chain smoked like there was no tomorrow (he was trying to quit)... oooo fuck haha. I have training in Fredericton tomorrow to look forward too, avoid the awkwardness for another day. Chiaaa!

Halloween: I cannot wait! Little Red will strike again

Baaaah new peak season is on tonight. Looove it. It is a good show, so realistic it's refreshing. Can't wait to hit the hills with one ms. martin and wear our ballin matching FLORESCENT hats. Too bad there are, so far, no hot guys in this tv show. Unlike the Hills aka Broody and clean-shaven Justin Bobby. I wish I had grown up snowboarding so I would be pro at 21.

Bought NM tickets for the first showing. Me and T-Mowatt. Dont hate!

Apparently the stereos and midway station are coming to the playhouse..I will also be there.

Oh, can't forget this. You have to read it yourself or else it just doesn't have the same punch (this was to my Friend, Friday night/sat morning. Just for clarification, this was a fb msg, NOT the txt msg guy)

well i did see you tonight and you were making out with some random chick. way to go big man on campus. uh, i fell oiver how embarrassing but is \ts ok cuz i love you like a brother,;....anywhioe i didnt n=\get kickede out and danced the night away wuitrh some one named peter snow until i had came home with my friend and ditched him!@!!!!!m \\ girlsrock. umm im\ve got the spins love you ty

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TJayne said...

Tyler I love you more and more every day! :) <3 He he, you rock for too many reasons in this post.

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