Friday, September 30, 2011

Blast from the Past - SJ style

So tonight I will be dipping into risky territory: Saint John.
The home of my second last great love affair or bullshit
or whatever it is that that was. This is a taste of some of
our summer correspondence... we will see what goes on
tonight. To drunkenly call him or to not drunkenly call
him. That is the question.

  • ttttttttttt frase im loaded just got back from awicked boatib trip im most eligible bachelor in upham i kicked that crazy girl out my job is goin awsome pullin all nighter like its goiin ot of style i tihnk abiut you all the time we gotta hang out you should come chiill at the pad for a weekiend or i could take some vaca and coem to come to cape breteon let me know call meanytime 832 0279 i lovr u


    • This is the best drunk msg ever! Haha ur hilarious

      • t frasssssssse what up.. i realy am single now for real and for good we gotta ctch up sometime give me a call 832-0279. work is goin great doing realy well must be everything i learned from PLGS haha doubtful. yeah that was a pretty sweet drunk message not as good as yours but good my cell doesnt work anymore so get a hold me
        peace................i get lonely all by myself in a big old house

        ****ya fucking right. YOU ARE STILL IN A RELATIONSHIP STATUS ON FB u loser liar face****
        • ****skipping me calling him a liar...a little further along****

          Tyler Faye
          • WHAT
          • haha cant believe marc wou;ld go back sick\
          • well i am going to visit sj soon
          • i lost ur number too new phone

            ****lies...just didnt want to call you....****

        • September 13
          Colin Andrew Boyd
          • cellys fucked gettin a new one this the house 832-0279 im either in moncton or out there no reception out there anyway

        • September 13
          Colin Andrew Boyd
          • you gotta come visit real soon...ill give ya the grand tour of the place

        • September 15
          Tyler Faye
          • Send me ur new cell when u get it

        • September 15
          Colin Andrew Boyd
          • will do.. are you completly against land the house or give your cell and ill call you...hope school is goin well im glad its you and not me...what ur plans for the weekend we should meet up..

            ****yes. yes i am. among other things.****

        • September 15
          Tyler Faye
          • not sure whats going on this weekend next should be pretty good tho 471-1344 hope to be receiving some excellent drunk dials

            On the other hand tonight I expect is going to be yet another riotous good time partying in Saint John. It has yet to let me down. I am sad that my friends Talbot and Roro will not be there BUT I am so extremely excited to be partying it up! I am being such a highschool girl right now. Forgive me. WHAT AM I DOING?!

            Haha long story made short: Tonight I will be dressing up and partying like its going out of style with my friends and maybe a chance encounter with a past love with transpire.

            NERVOUS YES.

            Weight watchers: week 2 complete! so far 8 lbs down. I am proud of myself and surprised that it is working. So long I have gone on feeling like I was eating healthy and wondering why the pounds werent coming off. But with weight watchers, I AM actually eating healthier and the lbs ARE coming off. So far it is working. Knock. On. Wood.

            Finally I would like to leave you all with a new purchase I made this week: $10 at the local Anti-Poverty store. A 60  year old Ouiji Board.

            This is it exactly. There is even a NAIL in the center of the plastic dial and it is POINTY like you are supposed to prick your finger on it to draw blood or something. Be afraid.

            I refuse to bring it in the house. It is in my car. But we will be playing it. Eventually.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Life Update (I AM NOT DEAD! but I might have almost died...but let's not talk about that)

Hey all time for a quick life update:

  • I have moved back to Fredericton
  • I am in my third week back at University
  • I started Weight Watchers
  • Colin and me are talking again
  • The sorority is hosting Rush recruitment

Weight Watchers
is intense. I have 56 points per day. This is week one. My first weigh in is Wednesday night.

I'm wearing a mini-cowboy hat on my head right now.
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