Monday, November 30, 2009

weird rainy day

im going to attempt to write this post in 5 minutes! record time for me: here goes...

today has been a really weird day at work. super quiet: 4 of the regular guys that sit in my trailer are missing, and they are mostly the talkative ones (me and colin usually talk but literally have not said two words to eachother today, lol. COLD TURKEY!). Bottom line, I've been sitting in silence and there is no one who can even see me from where I sit so I have been dancing and mouthing words to my music ALL DAY LONG. Lol it has been the only thing to keep me sane.

So it has been raining here all day. Bummer. Brendon didnt show up for lunch like he usually does, so I sat there with the old men and listened to their grumblings and read my lady gaga featured flare magazine (her cover made me buy it, spur of the moment last night at the grocery store). Pretty uneventful...

There is a maintenance shed right beside my trailer entrance and there has been a bunny rabbit sitting under it in the same spot on and off for the past few weeks. Today it was there all day :) It makes me smile everytime I come to walk into the trailer, I can't help but think "BUNNY!" Lol. And it is fat and cute and not afraid of people and I just want to pick it up and adopt it.

Tonight I am going to a Yoga class for the first time since last year and I could not be more excited. I've got my lovely pink mat and LULU carrying case all ready at home! Hope I dont pass out, lol. Went to the gym for the first time in like years Saturday. Also went Sunday..then while grocery shopping had an extreme fainting attack, where I did not actually faint but had to hold myself up on my cart and was breathing like I had just run a marathon. Possibly due to my body not being used to exercise, possibly from getting the h1n1 shot saturday afternoon, possibly from getting smashed in the face with a drink tray. Too many possibilities. (I took 5 ibprophen when I got home, one for each illness and sore! Lol)

Well my time is up and I think I did it. Sorry for the shitty spelling which I am sure has happened and I'll try and snap a photo of the trailer bunny for future postings.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Did that really just happen?!?!

O-M-G. HAHAHAHA im laughing just thinking about what im about to tell you.

Alright, so I'm on this fuck boys kick right? Well, I met this really nice guy online about 2 months ago and we have been talking. He went away for a month and just got back so we decided to figure a hangout date.

I almost called it off last minute. Sitting in my room just running over the prospect in my mind repeatedly. I absolutely hate dating or first time hangouts. Those sort of things just make me cringe. I find I get this projection of someone and then when I meet them I'm usually disappointed. Fortunately, last night was quite an exception.

He picked me up half hour late because he got lost. I liked that cuz I never like a guy who is too nice or too perfect. He was texting me however the whole time, so we are still steering clear of asshole territory.

We went to Dooley's and played pool for probably 2 1/2 hours. It was so fun! And I was so surprised by him. I could tell from talking to him he was kinda dorky, but it was all in a good way. He made me feel ridiculously comfortable even though I could tell he was very nervous. We both were loosened up by the end of it and he's like where to next? So we went downtown to Zees to meet up with Hutch and Jess.

We walk in and there they are sitting at this table with a random random guy, who introduces himself as Igor. (Enter wtf face here) The name makes him sound like an ugo but in their defense he was pretty cute.

We go upstairs, we're dancing, it's actually really fun even dead sober. Josh is not afraid to dance. Beforehand he is sure to warn me that he sucks. (He actually did NOT suck. I was very impressed. I mean really, if he was that bad I would have been like, oo lets not dance anymore but do something else la la)

So, the girls are occupied with whoever they're dancing with and drunk faced so we kinda go off by ourselves. Yes, I was dancing alone with a guy, sober, at nicki zees. It was actually so fun! We sang pokerface for god's sake. Pretty much won me over with that.

(ok, brace yourselves for the following hilarity)

It is utterly packed and we are hot so we step off the floor to get a drink, all of a sudden, WHACK. You know the big gray drink trays they carry around to pick up glasses and bottles? Well please picture me walking along through the masses and all of a sudden one of these trays gets like frisbee thrown at my fucking forehead, upturns on me and I am left standing there shocked, stunned and soaked!! Some guy ran into the bartender carrying it and it just went flying and all I see is this guy getting dogpiled by 3 bouncers and everyone is screaming and yelling in this fucking brawl. Meanwhile I'm like OMG WTF just happened!!!!!!! Josh is like all concerned and I am even too shocked to be embarrassed. He leads me to the bathroom, and omg, my hair was down straight, the whole top is soaked, and I mean dripping. My sweater is soaked, my makeup is running. God, not pretty. I also smell like mixed drinks, which is surprisingly a good smell. (must not have been beer in there thank god for small mercies) I'm standing there in the bathroom starring in the mirror: I could either freak out and demand he take me home right now Or I could brush it off not be spaztic and keep having a great night.

I pull my sopping hair into a side ponytail, wash off the running makeup and stride back out. He was definitely excepting me be like LETS GO. When I tell him we should stay and go dance he is elated. He was very sweet for the rest of the night, kept telling me I still looked beautiful and even kissed me on the neck to prove he didn't care I was covered in gross dirty booze.

We left a while after that and he drove me home. He offered to walk me to my door, but I told him he better not. My mom would likely be standing there and open the door on us. (seriously, it's happened before) He kissed me goodnight and that was that)

An awesome, ridiculous night that even a flying drink tray to the face could not stop

PS: I thought things like this only happened to Robyn....must be cuz she's out of town..

Here is a shot of my forehead after a well needed shower last night:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

(cue australien accent) It's a giiiiiiirrrrrllllls niiiiiight!

Why do my friends rock so much? I dont know, why do they rock so much.

Had the best effing time last night! Havent had a good girls night in too long.

Me yesterday = wohn wohn woooohn. So bummed, obviously.
Driving home in my carpool with a million thoughts running through my brain, I get a txt from my brotha from another motha ju, telling me to get the fuck over there for a mario party tonight. Hilarious! I'm like ok, but i wont be drinking (nobody likes a depressing drunk). i then get this lovely msg from whit: "pansy ass". lol, love how they are coordinating these texts. I'm alone at home, and decide i need to escape my super depressing household funk, so I head over to hutch's for some well needed girly time. We watch a little Chicago (Richard Gere, you're hot) and talk about my effed up dilemmas. Then she enlightens me with this awesome information that she is now allowed to drink again, healed after her ulcer sickness!!! Oh my god, I'm freaking. About this time we get some alisha texts from upstairs that pretty much sum up to: "bad day, need shots shots shot shot shot! and bar". Whit calls and begins to harass me to drink, bribing me with 3 bottles of white wine which she will never drink as she is a red girl. And we are sold.

We all 3 arrive at Whits and drink of the wine and do the hair and the makeup and listen to dancy songs. Meanwhile juju is having a less fun night, one of the guys he invited over is sick and the other is being a doucha. so he is solemnly playing guitar in the background. <3 except then we start talking about boys and sex and the conversation turns quite promiscuous...and julian is still right there listening LOL, throwing out comments every now and then but mostly laughing at our discussions. Love this kind of thing, haha always hilarious and honest and really it's stuff you can only talk about with your gfs.

Juju drives us to sweets at around 11:45...Ladies night! Dancey dancey dancey all night long (or atleast til 1) I talk and dance with a nice cute boy of 20. (Youngin'!) We see lovely Jin out! She is such a sweetheart and my fav asian, lol! All is good with the world.

at this point id just like to say i made sure to delete colins number from my phone before drinking and did not even think of him (much). Bottom line: NO DRUNK TEXTS! i think i am growing as a person.

Diplomat is next! yummy yummy poutine, chinese food and breakfast special. buddy comes with us, and clearly wants to come home with us. im like, sorry im going to whitneys and we are supposed to cuddle. DENIED lol. he was nice though and i will be sure to talk to him today, but really...fuck boys, im over it. Juju comes to get us and we head back, get on our pjs and hit the sack.


the night was just what i needed. funny how life just works itself out like that.

...aaaaand that's what i thought

well, this will be kept short as i am not getting emotional and/or worked up over this subject again. Thursday was cool with Colin and Friday as well we were both acting normal with no awkwardness. This crazy since gr 10 gf chick, who according to Colin hasnt been his gf since around may, calls him every morning at the same time on his work phone. i can tell he is talking to her because he talks very quietly and what he says just sounds like he is talking to someone who is nagging him. anyways, point is yesterday morning before he hung up he said, "love you too" very, very quietly, but i could tell that was what he said. i have never heard him say that to her before and the last time on his fb was May. so there i was sitting alone in my silent trailer, not believing my ears. seriously, i was shaking and sick. havent had those kind of feelings in so long. meanwhile im texting b madly to call me before i have a breakdown. she calls me right away thank god and talks me off my mind cliff and tells me the facts straight up: that my beginning 'kissing him' goal and not dating him ever has morphed into this, oh god epiphany that i do want to date him and want to be his gf; that he is clearly an asshole since he made out with me wed and now he is telling this poor other girl who has no clue that he loves her, 3 days later! that he is not worth me and i need to find someone who is not an asshole. (why oh why do i like the assholes?) and that i need to quit him cold turkey and just write the whole thing off.

wish it was as easy as that sounds. honestly i have always felt strong in these kind of situations, doing whats best and least destructive for myself. I dont even know who i am right now.

luckily i have the best girlfriends in the world who make me real and who i am and who i aspire to be.

i wish i didnt have to see him everyday, i literally have to walk by his desk to get out of my trailer. anytime i want to leave to pee, get water, print something off, etc etc There he fucking will be. Fuck haha, FML!!!

oh well whatever im over it, writing about it feels good, just getting it all out of my system.

Fuck boyfriends!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

well here it goes..

Ra ra ah ah ah, roma, romama, gaga oh la la...

So wednesday night i stayed in sj for a little sleepover with my friend jen b. As was pointed out to me by my intelligent sister, b, i made this date night, not only for gf fun, but subconciously plotting in my quest to get hot work guy (who lives in sj). You guys all know the story, dangerous drunken texting etc etc.

Wednesday begins like any workday. Throughout I talk to colin about staying in sj for the night and that we are gonna go out to olearys and such, jokingly being like you should come out. This goes on and he keeps being ridiculous, saying stuff like no i cant go out ive already missed the past two fridays of work calling in sick, no i cant go out i will drop 300$ that i dont have, im supposed to go to a hockey game etc. meanwhile i am playing it cool, no worries blah blah. he mentions that i should text him that night, and i have to admit that ive deleted his phone number from my cell so as not to inappropriately drunken text him anymore. he says he liked my drunken text..which just is confusing. so im like well give me your cell number i dont remember it, but he ignores my comment. again, no big deal he knows whats happening and he can get ahold of me if he wants, he might have my number, i dont know. the day draws to an end and im walking by his desk, i stop and its so fucking silent in our trailer, i mime "whats up?". he then starts writing something, i thought for sure it was going to say "your a tool" or something, but he holds it up and its his cell #. im completely surprised, but keep it together miming him to rip it off.

so thats the work day part of the story..very good day at work to say the least. at this point however, i am convinced that nothing is going to happen and even if i text him he would never text me back. so i get to jen bunnys and we chat, i tell her the story and she shares her own boy tale and we're both like, skeptical about anything actually happening in either of our situations. we even go as far to say if this and this and this happens, then that is my wildest dream and my dreams will have come true! we're ridiculous and girly, i know.

We go to campus and then to taco bell for dinner and then to the liquor store and then back to her place. its like 830 or so and i figure its time to test out that number. this is the texting conversation that happens over the next half hour:

T: sup we're getting ready did you hit up the hockey game? we walked by it looked packed. Ty

*still thinking hes not going to txt back

C:no we were just at the bar at eastside marios having a couple no plans really u

T:olearys in a bit you guys can come here for some drinks if u like

*again at this point im like, this is such a shot in the dark, he's not gonna come to this random persons house he doesnt know, who is even with him..

C:wheres here

*freaking a little at this point

T:42 somerset up by the greco

C:cool yeah we'll probably be over in a half or so if thats cool with u

*uh, full out disbelief, completely freaking, not even dressed, hair not done, no makeup, not at all ready as never thought would actually be going down

T:sounds good apt 5

*for this text convo i was completely channeling you ro as i kept my calm and cool, and the sounds good at the end is classic you.

frantically get ready, 1 hour later the guys havent showed up. im like I KNEW IT! LOL whatever not a big deal meanwhile me and jen are continuously playing shots and well doing shots lol, watching peak season and then the hills and chatting having a good time. then i get this:

c: i think we're outside

and they were.

him and his buddy come up and join our chill session. we drink we chat, i drink way to much, wish i could remember everything lol...i was nervous tho. haha i just realized its quite ridiculous how intense i am about this whole situation. i dont remember the last time i liked someone this much, its fucked....

anyways colin is sitting beside me and we are just like staring weirdly at eachother and i think i touch his leg or something i dunno really it was all blurred at this point. he is just kind of smiling and laughing awkwardly and he tells me i make him nervous and we chat funny work stories. apparently he likes it when i get water from the water cooler in front of his desk, and he always stops what he's doing. i remember that well and now i am oddly nervous about getting water cuz im stupid like that. for some reason i shift away from him on the couch and all of a sudden he is madly playing footzies with me behind the coffee table and im like WHAT? whats happening? is this really happening??? but less cohesively. at some point we kiss on the couch im told, i dont remember this part. fucking sailor jerrys. i do remember colin looking at me and nodding in the direction of the bedrooms however, and we stumble into jens room and start making out in the dark. i remember jen coming in at some point and then my blur turns to black. fuck i need to drink less lol. colin told me earlier that he wasnt going to go out as he couldnt afford to miss work the next day which was fine, but we were meeting jens roommate there so we were still gonna go. we stayed at jens til about 12 i think. then we were at olearys, from what i remember of it it was awesome. an older man bought me a drink haha. the rest of the night is...not blog worthy and pretty much a blackout anyways.

Tyler and Jens new drinking game:
shots shots shot shot shot shots, everybody. aka shots by lmfao and lil jon. basically everytime the chorus comes on you take a shot. this game is actually awesome, but dangerous and can cause blackouts. (oh wait, i think thats just me..)

to sum things up, my wildest dreams came true...oh that sounds dumb. work yesterday was completely normal and we just acted like we usually do, went to lunch and such, which was great. im not sure whats going to happen from here, this is like one of those situations that helps you grow into knowing the other person better but you never actually talk about what happened. especially since its not a work appropriate conversation and that was the first time we've hung out outside of work.
Keep work life and personal life separate, please.

whho knows whats going to happen next, im not worried about it, just kind of going with the flow and will do what i think is right when its the right time for it..

ill leave you with this last piece of info, that jen was told by colins buddy when we were in the other room i guess: he said that he had wanted colin to do something else earlier but colin had said "no, i need to look good for tonight" That gives me a little hope, as it seems his intentions were as premeditated as my own and not just a result of beer.

Here's hoping,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

eugh, my brain is not working properly right now...i have 22 minutes left til 4:30 and i get to peal! literally sitting here staring at work ive already done months ago and not being able to figure out how i did it. blaaaah. tomorrow i will come in refreshed and it will take me 30 secs probably.

i'd like to take a moment and talk about something really important that i havent mentioned yet. this is really serious girls, so you should all pay close attention:

NEW MOON WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! baaaaahahhahahaha. in all seriousness, it was better than the first movie and totally blew away my expectations. oh, hi jake
how are the your muscles doing?]


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorority Inspiration!

I have been an avid IBChi since my first year at unb. Even before that, my older sister B was a member and let me tag along to some events when I was still in highschool. I have always played sports and been involved in different groups; you could say, I love being part of a team.

This semester, Fall 2009-2010, has honestly been the most harmonic for the sorority since I have joined. This past weekend, we had our final initiation ceremony for the PI pledge class. Since, I have been utterly inspired to flaunt all there is IBX! I have just not stopped smiling, like, excuse the stereotyping, a giddy sorority girl.
It makes me proud that I am part of such a wonderful, diverse group of women.

So gushy, I know. But it's true. The other day M showed me this blog: T-Shirts and Mini Skirts: A Sorority Girl's Life . Bad name, wicked blog pics. I mean just look at the house, the extravagant decorations, the matching outfits! The first time I saw it I just thought, wow, we are puny.

I could not have been more wrong. IBChi's rule <3 (lol suddenly I want a ghetto tshirt and/or headband that says: IBCHI'S RULE on it...or a little less gaudy perhaps just IBChi) We also dont use that nickname enough. Like that megan chicks soro, they are kappa delts and we are IBChi's.

Shout out to my ladies!

Love love love love love.

Monday, November 23, 2009

cheese strings

just thought everyone should know that i couldnt get my fucking cheese string open. i couldnt get the pull tab apart!!!! i was too embarrassed to ask for help in my silent trailer so i cut it open with scissors. EFFFING PACKAGING!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

resurrection of the past

These were drug out of a certain beside cabinet: the 'journals' of sorts i kept from gr 12 to a bit into first year at unb. My present blog is bound to be influenced...
look close and you'll see when i become a sister of iota beta chi.

Just a few pages.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A day (and some) in the life

Friday the13th, 2009…4:30am ~ Sat 930am

Wake up
Feel scared due to watching paranormal activity the previous night
Get over it
Take a shower
Cut self shaving
Eat a bagel
Put on moisturizer and make up
Fix hair
Get dressed
Brush teeth
Drive to midas
Sit in midas parking lot and finish makeup
Meet mike and dan and drive them to the regent mall
Meet liz there and drive to work
Can’t find my ipod headphones, luckily I bring spares.
Fall asleep in car
Wake up at security gate
Walk to trailer
Log on to computer
Check fb
Miss sisters
Check online banking
Go pee
Check work email
Start working on 3 excel spreadsheets
Listen to iPod
My immediate fav song Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
Snap some photos of the trailer before people arrive and I get embarrassed
Eat a yogurt cup, raspberry
Eat a banana
End up not eating banana due to excessive bruising
Drink water from trailers water cooler
Fellow trailer workers begin to arrive
Talk to brendon, my work husband
Give brendon my white out
He wants it for keeps so I demand it back
He gives it back
Begin another spreadsheet
Get a call from brendon to go help him cut things out
Cut fiber wire diagrams out with brendon
Snap photos of him in his office
Chat with janitor who shares brendons trailer
Go to bathroom
Get back to work on sheet F3
Glance at colin while walking by
He grumpily ignores me
Listen to Bad Romance
Stomach rumbles
Check blog
Work through to lunch
Marc Pelt, desk buddy, shows up
I am happier now by his presence
Head to lunch trailer with marc
Eat lunch in lunch trailer, usual crowd
Lunch consists of subway, carrot sticks and more cooler water
Receive a text inviting me to friends camp
Decide to go
Have Daily15 meeting in lunch room
Return to desk
Check fb
Harass friend into joining me for the evenings camp adventure
Check blog for new posts
Die holding in laughter at Robrob’s post: “Best Music Video EVER” – so true
Make inappropriate noises in silent trailer full of co-workers while trying not to laugh
Attempt to work more: going is slow, tedious, frustrating
Ping marc with a hair elastic
Lose said hair elastic
Get hit in head with paper ball
Work work work work
Am free by 4:30pm
Get picked up by carpool
Watch 3 episodes of how I met your mother via my iBaby
Fall asleep 20 min away from fred
Arrive barely awake.
Drop guys off at midas
Speed home
Have 30 min to prepare for night before being picked up
Ready on time but driver stops in for impromptu subway
Gives me time to shove down some supper
Get picked up
Run into parents in the driveway
Dad tells me about passionfruit Malibu quart on sale for 7.99
I tell him to get me one, please
Drive off in friends car
End up having to wait for other cars
Stop at dq
Introduce myself to the visiting guy from Yorkshire sitting shotgun
Put on awesome highlighter hat
Drive to camp
Get lost on creepy dirt road
Call dibs on a bedroom (3 girls, 4 boys, 2 beds, 1 couch, no bf’s or gf’s = danger danger)
Start a fire
Choose a spot at the unsturdy kitchen table
Tow all booze to table to avoid people having to get up
Start drinking
Learn an English drinking game called 21’s.
No one is very good at it, other than Yorkshire Ray.
He is not pleased.
Get scared by large picture window behind me and trade seats.
Drink drink drink drink.
Lose one of the girls to a drunken crying fit
Lose one of the boys who goes to calm her
Have an adventure outside
Listen to the boys have a heart to heart
Go to bed
Wake up and peel out asap
Get to McDonalds in time for delicious hangover killing blt bagel
Arrive home to find two quarts of passionfruit Malibu rum on the cupboard

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady

I was driving my fried M to her bfs the other night and what do we see as we're driving down Kitchen? This moppy white animal sniffing some leaves halfway down. First I thought, why is that poor cat outside in November? But then: O-M-G! Is that Toby???

IT WAS. Our friends doggy who also lives on that street. He had somehow got out of the house after they had just bathed him so he didn't even have his collar on. They had been looking and looking for him with no luck and our friend was in tears as we placed him in her arms, safe and sound! WELL, it's just lucky we are super awesome and have eyesight like Hawks! Cuz we also love Tobs and losing him would not be ok.

Tribute to my lovelies:

They don't give a fuck.

Mighty Liam.

Seriously on crack.

Monday, November 16, 2009


ok, hot work guy is looking especially hot today. God DAMMIT!(said like CarrieB after Aiden's doggie chews her unworn shoe) And by especially i mean extremely: he's wearing this long sleeved plaid shirt that has a wicked color scheme (i think it is new) and his hair is all messy and crazy. we've ran into each other unexpectedly twice already today and all i could do was like smile stupidly and stare at the hotness.

efffffffff...just when i thought i was getting over him.
oh, he just burped really loud...why do i like this guy again?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I don't care what anybody says, smoking is one of the most discusting things on the planet. I don't even understand how it is allowed..why is it not illegal?
What good comes of it?


What bad comes of it?
Well let's get past the usual negatives, which are depicted in full color on each and every pack: death, cancer, heart attacks and strokes, heart disease, emphysema, second hand smoke, etc.

No biggy, really :|

They also stink, they make you stink, they make the people around you stink, they make your teeth gross, they cost a fortune and they are completely unnecessary. I'm probably missing about 50 other things, but you get my drift.

There are two smokers in my trailer at work. Probably 4 times a day they go outside to the designated smoking hut (which happens to be about 10 ft up wind of my window) for a smoke break. First of all, why do they get a break to go out and smoke? I don't get a non-smoking break. One day I'm going to follow them out and be like, "Oh I'm just taking my non-smoking break guys, no worries." And just start reading a book or something.
And don't get me wrong, there is nothing really bad about them as people. They both are nice, smart, sensible guys. But it pisses me off sooooo much and I don't understand what they are thinking! Every time they come back I cringe because the trailer will inevitably reek of cigarettes for at least 20 min after. It seriously makes me want to puke. And then all I can think of is that the smell is getting on me and what if someone smells it off my jacket or my clothes. I don't EVER want to smell like that! Gaaah!

And there are ways to get around smoking so excuses are running low. These days, you can buy a pack of gum that will give you the same nicotine rush or whatever, minus the majority of kill yourself side effects. Yeah, they might be expensive, but so are cigarettes and isn't your life worth it?

Smoking is fucking stupid and all my friends who are smokers should save their lives and just quit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day and Tattoos

Today is Nov 11th, Remembrance Day
Love the idea of remembrance day and what it's all about. Also love the fact that it gets me the day off from ol'work!

Tats. Tattoos...have wanted to get a tattoo since I found out what they were, but have been extremely cautious. Its a delicate subject, so many people have strong opinions...SO HERE IS MINE! I think tattoo sleeves are really hot: Dallas Green, Tommy Lee, David Beckham, to name a few. Kat Von Dee rocks it as well, but I think it is a rare women who can pull it off. I find small, or symbolic tattoos very tasteful, but their location must be specific...I am anal about certain places. Beefs: shoulder, neck, ass. Not a fan, but for a few exceptions. I love the idea of a full back tattoo...if I was getting one today it would be a combination of japanese art and fantasy: a giant coy fish, multiple ocean waves, the sun and the moon, a mermaid lain across the bottom, stars, maybe some little birds, and anything else a tattoo artist could think to add to it.

I think the tattoo trend of the moment is the owl, which I actually really like, especially when done with a dead tree or sort of forest motif and pastel background colors. It's definitely dangerous to follow the trends tho, I mean we all remember the two cherries from high school. Nowadays....not so nice.

Someday the trio of biological sisters will be getting matching ones, to represent our individuality and our strange sisterly connection. And by strange I mean, spiritual or psychic or powerful or whatever...only ways to describe the phenomena that occur when we get together. Haha, B you know what I'm talking about!

For now, I don't see me getting one anytime in the near future..but someday, before I'm old and wrinkly. For everyone who's been brave enough to get a tattoo, kudos.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silent laughter and good moods

5:45 am.

5:45 am was the first thing I looked at this morning. I have to leave my house at 5:50 am to drive to the regent mall, where I am picked up by my carpool at 6.

5:45 am.

Who made it to the carpool on time? I made it to the carpool on time.

Sporting the clothes thrown nearest to my bed, a bag of toiletries and a trusty headband of course. Today has actually turned out to be a good day. You gotta love a good day. I think it's all about your mood: today, even though I look like I'm ready for Day of Beauty, I feel really uninhibited. Just talking to everyone, being extra outgoing, chatting up the lunchroom, taking phone calls and constantly fighting down fits of silent's all good.

Everyday I come to work, I'm really concentrating on whether I look good or not, because heaven forbid I wouldn't want to not have makeup on and be talking to my work crush. But what is the point of that?

There is none, other than that I have been possessed by this overpowering desire that subconsciously happens to every girl when you like someone. Guess I needed a 5-minute deadline to snap me out of it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

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