Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady

I was driving my fried M to her bfs the other night and what do we see as we're driving down Kitchen? This moppy white animal sniffing some leaves halfway down. First I thought, why is that poor cat outside in November? But then: O-M-G! Is that Toby???

IT WAS. Our friends doggy who also lives on that street. He had somehow got out of the house after they had just bathed him so he didn't even have his collar on. They had been looking and looking for him with no luck and our friend was in tears as we placed him in her arms, safe and sound! WELL, it's just lucky we are super awesome and have eyesight like Hawks! Cuz we also love Tobs and losing him would not be ok.

Tribute to my lovelies:

They don't give a fuck.

Mighty Liam.

Seriously on crack.

1 comment:

brit said...

nawwwww, liam is such a handsome man

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