Thursday, November 12, 2009


I don't care what anybody says, smoking is one of the most discusting things on the planet. I don't even understand how it is allowed..why is it not illegal?
What good comes of it?


What bad comes of it?
Well let's get past the usual negatives, which are depicted in full color on each and every pack: death, cancer, heart attacks and strokes, heart disease, emphysema, second hand smoke, etc.

No biggy, really :|

They also stink, they make you stink, they make the people around you stink, they make your teeth gross, they cost a fortune and they are completely unnecessary. I'm probably missing about 50 other things, but you get my drift.

There are two smokers in my trailer at work. Probably 4 times a day they go outside to the designated smoking hut (which happens to be about 10 ft up wind of my window) for a smoke break. First of all, why do they get a break to go out and smoke? I don't get a non-smoking break. One day I'm going to follow them out and be like, "Oh I'm just taking my non-smoking break guys, no worries." And just start reading a book or something.
And don't get me wrong, there is nothing really bad about them as people. They both are nice, smart, sensible guys. But it pisses me off sooooo much and I don't understand what they are thinking! Every time they come back I cringe because the trailer will inevitably reek of cigarettes for at least 20 min after. It seriously makes me want to puke. And then all I can think of is that the smell is getting on me and what if someone smells it off my jacket or my clothes. I don't EVER want to smell like that! Gaaah!

And there are ways to get around smoking so excuses are running low. These days, you can buy a pack of gum that will give you the same nicotine rush or whatever, minus the majority of kill yourself side effects. Yeah, they might be expensive, but so are cigarettes and isn't your life worth it?

Smoking is fucking stupid and all my friends who are smokers should save their lives and just quit.


m. said...

i totes agree. it's fucking stupid. the bf's roommates smoke in the apartment! and leave the overflowing ashtrays out! and it's a badly ventilated basement! ARGH. now his clothes smell like smoke and it's not even his fault. why do his roommates smoke? WHO STARTS SMOKING AT OUR AGE? ummm hello it's one thing for 70 year old men to be addicted but i'm pretty sure you'd have to be raised under a rock not to know that smoke can sort of KILL YOU. plus it was only the greasy people who smoked in high school. WHAT IS THE UP SIDE TO STARTING? there is none.
i also hate when people come in from a smoke break smelling like smoke. gag. they may as well have gone outside for a fart break.
and so ends my rant.

Plaid Guru said...

Txt msgs between myself and sis B:

Me: Someone in my work trailer keeps farting and it smells really bad!

Britt: LOL say randomnly that someone needs to go outside for a fart break (I just read your blog) lol

thought i should share this as she cannot comment herself...i also died from laughing shortly after...

brit said...

T: Now I need to go out for a laugh break!

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