Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silent laughter and good moods

5:45 am.

5:45 am was the first thing I looked at this morning. I have to leave my house at 5:50 am to drive to the regent mall, where I am picked up by my carpool at 6.

5:45 am.

Who made it to the carpool on time? I made it to the carpool on time.

Sporting the clothes thrown nearest to my bed, a bag of toiletries and a trusty headband of course. Today has actually turned out to be a good day. You gotta love a good day. I think it's all about your mood: today, even though I look like I'm ready for Day of Beauty, I feel really uninhibited. Just talking to everyone, being extra outgoing, chatting up the lunchroom, taking phone calls and constantly fighting down fits of silent laughter...it's all good.

Everyday I come to work, I'm really concentrating on whether I look good or not, because heaven forbid I wouldn't want to not have makeup on and be talking to my work crush. But what is the point of that?

There is none, other than that I have been possessed by this overpowering desire that subconsciously happens to every girl when you like someone. Guess I needed a 5-minute deadline to snap me out of it.
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