Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day and Tattoos

Today is Nov 11th, Remembrance Day
Love the idea of remembrance day and what it's all about. Also love the fact that it gets me the day off from ol'work!

Tats. Tattoos...have wanted to get a tattoo since I found out what they were, but have been extremely cautious. Its a delicate subject, so many people have strong opinions...SO HERE IS MINE! I think tattoo sleeves are really hot: Dallas Green, Tommy Lee, David Beckham, to name a few. Kat Von Dee rocks it as well, but I think it is a rare women who can pull it off. I find small, or symbolic tattoos very tasteful, but their location must be specific...I am anal about certain places. Beefs: shoulder, neck, ass. Not a fan, but for a few exceptions. I love the idea of a full back tattoo...if I was getting one today it would be a combination of japanese art and fantasy: a giant coy fish, multiple ocean waves, the sun and the moon, a mermaid lain across the bottom, stars, maybe some little birds, and anything else a tattoo artist could think to add to it.

I think the tattoo trend of the moment is the owl, which I actually really like, especially when done with a dead tree or sort of forest motif and pastel background colors. It's definitely dangerous to follow the trends tho, I mean we all remember the two cherries from high school. Nowadays....not so nice.

Someday the trio of biological sisters will be getting matching ones, to represent our individuality and our strange sisterly connection. And by strange I mean, spiritual or psychic or powerful or whatever...only ways to describe the phenomena that occur when we get together. Haha, B you know what I'm talking about!

For now, I don't see me getting one anytime in the near future..but someday, before I'm old and wrinkly. For everyone who's been brave enough to get a tattoo, kudos.

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TJayne said...

I think I'm getting one someday soon, something of scottish descent...I've been researching tattoos for three years, lol

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