Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorority Inspiration!

I have been an avid IBChi since my first year at unb. Even before that, my older sister B was a member and let me tag along to some events when I was still in highschool. I have always played sports and been involved in different groups; you could say, I love being part of a team.

This semester, Fall 2009-2010, has honestly been the most harmonic for the sorority since I have joined. This past weekend, we had our final initiation ceremony for the PI pledge class. Since, I have been utterly inspired to flaunt all there is IBX! I have just not stopped smiling, like, excuse the stereotyping, a giddy sorority girl.
It makes me proud that I am part of such a wonderful, diverse group of women.

So gushy, I know. But it's true. The other day M showed me this blog: T-Shirts and Mini Skirts: A Sorority Girl's Life . Bad name, wicked blog pics. I mean just look at the house, the extravagant decorations, the matching outfits! The first time I saw it I just thought, wow, we are puny.

I could not have been more wrong. IBChi's rule <3 (lol suddenly I want a ghetto tshirt and/or headband that says: IBCHI'S RULE on it...or a little less gaudy perhaps just IBChi) We also dont use that nickname enough. Like that megan chicks soro, they are kappa delts and we are IBChi's.

Shout out to my ladies!

Love love love love love.

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