Friday, November 27, 2009

well here it goes..

Ra ra ah ah ah, roma, romama, gaga oh la la...

So wednesday night i stayed in sj for a little sleepover with my friend jen b. As was pointed out to me by my intelligent sister, b, i made this date night, not only for gf fun, but subconciously plotting in my quest to get hot work guy (who lives in sj). You guys all know the story, dangerous drunken texting etc etc.

Wednesday begins like any workday. Throughout I talk to colin about staying in sj for the night and that we are gonna go out to olearys and such, jokingly being like you should come out. This goes on and he keeps being ridiculous, saying stuff like no i cant go out ive already missed the past two fridays of work calling in sick, no i cant go out i will drop 300$ that i dont have, im supposed to go to a hockey game etc. meanwhile i am playing it cool, no worries blah blah. he mentions that i should text him that night, and i have to admit that ive deleted his phone number from my cell so as not to inappropriately drunken text him anymore. he says he liked my drunken text..which just is confusing. so im like well give me your cell number i dont remember it, but he ignores my comment. again, no big deal he knows whats happening and he can get ahold of me if he wants, he might have my number, i dont know. the day draws to an end and im walking by his desk, i stop and its so fucking silent in our trailer, i mime "whats up?". he then starts writing something, i thought for sure it was going to say "your a tool" or something, but he holds it up and its his cell #. im completely surprised, but keep it together miming him to rip it off.

so thats the work day part of the story..very good day at work to say the least. at this point however, i am convinced that nothing is going to happen and even if i text him he would never text me back. so i get to jen bunnys and we chat, i tell her the story and she shares her own boy tale and we're both like, skeptical about anything actually happening in either of our situations. we even go as far to say if this and this and this happens, then that is my wildest dream and my dreams will have come true! we're ridiculous and girly, i know.

We go to campus and then to taco bell for dinner and then to the liquor store and then back to her place. its like 830 or so and i figure its time to test out that number. this is the texting conversation that happens over the next half hour:

T: sup we're getting ready did you hit up the hockey game? we walked by it looked packed. Ty

*still thinking hes not going to txt back

C:no we were just at the bar at eastside marios having a couple no plans really u

T:olearys in a bit you guys can come here for some drinks if u like

*again at this point im like, this is such a shot in the dark, he's not gonna come to this random persons house he doesnt know, who is even with him..

C:wheres here

*freaking a little at this point

T:42 somerset up by the greco

C:cool yeah we'll probably be over in a half or so if thats cool with u

*uh, full out disbelief, completely freaking, not even dressed, hair not done, no makeup, not at all ready as never thought would actually be going down

T:sounds good apt 5

*for this text convo i was completely channeling you ro as i kept my calm and cool, and the sounds good at the end is classic you.

frantically get ready, 1 hour later the guys havent showed up. im like I KNEW IT! LOL whatever not a big deal meanwhile me and jen are continuously playing shots and well doing shots lol, watching peak season and then the hills and chatting having a good time. then i get this:

c: i think we're outside

and they were.

him and his buddy come up and join our chill session. we drink we chat, i drink way to much, wish i could remember everything lol...i was nervous tho. haha i just realized its quite ridiculous how intense i am about this whole situation. i dont remember the last time i liked someone this much, its fucked....

anyways colin is sitting beside me and we are just like staring weirdly at eachother and i think i touch his leg or something i dunno really it was all blurred at this point. he is just kind of smiling and laughing awkwardly and he tells me i make him nervous and we chat funny work stories. apparently he likes it when i get water from the water cooler in front of his desk, and he always stops what he's doing. i remember that well and now i am oddly nervous about getting water cuz im stupid like that. for some reason i shift away from him on the couch and all of a sudden he is madly playing footzies with me behind the coffee table and im like WHAT? whats happening? is this really happening??? but less cohesively. at some point we kiss on the couch im told, i dont remember this part. fucking sailor jerrys. i do remember colin looking at me and nodding in the direction of the bedrooms however, and we stumble into jens room and start making out in the dark. i remember jen coming in at some point and then my blur turns to black. fuck i need to drink less lol. colin told me earlier that he wasnt going to go out as he couldnt afford to miss work the next day which was fine, but we were meeting jens roommate there so we were still gonna go. we stayed at jens til about 12 i think. then we were at olearys, from what i remember of it it was awesome. an older man bought me a drink haha. the rest of the night is...not blog worthy and pretty much a blackout anyways.

Tyler and Jens new drinking game:
shots shots shot shot shot shots, everybody. aka shots by lmfao and lil jon. basically everytime the chorus comes on you take a shot. this game is actually awesome, but dangerous and can cause blackouts. (oh wait, i think thats just me..)

to sum things up, my wildest dreams came true...oh that sounds dumb. work yesterday was completely normal and we just acted like we usually do, went to lunch and such, which was great. im not sure whats going to happen from here, this is like one of those situations that helps you grow into knowing the other person better but you never actually talk about what happened. especially since its not a work appropriate conversation and that was the first time we've hung out outside of work.
Keep work life and personal life separate, please.

whho knows whats going to happen next, im not worried about it, just kind of going with the flow and will do what i think is right when its the right time for it..

ill leave you with this last piece of info, that jen was told by colins buddy when we were in the other room i guess: he said that he had wanted colin to do something else earlier but colin had said "no, i need to look good for tonight" That gives me a little hope, as it seems his intentions were as premeditated as my own and not just a result of beer.

Here's hoping,


Robyn M. said...

hahaha..clearly when I say sounds good I am pretending to be cool when I am obviously freaking out.. and I understand the frustrations of semi blacking out drunk..which is always a bad idea..bad choices are made...Also I lovvvvveee are ridiculously hilarious..also I noticed you wrote this ridiculously early and I applaud you for being so coherent so early in the morning haha...

TJayne said...


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