Sunday, November 29, 2009

Did that really just happen?!?!

O-M-G. HAHAHAHA im laughing just thinking about what im about to tell you.

Alright, so I'm on this fuck boys kick right? Well, I met this really nice guy online about 2 months ago and we have been talking. He went away for a month and just got back so we decided to figure a hangout date.

I almost called it off last minute. Sitting in my room just running over the prospect in my mind repeatedly. I absolutely hate dating or first time hangouts. Those sort of things just make me cringe. I find I get this projection of someone and then when I meet them I'm usually disappointed. Fortunately, last night was quite an exception.

He picked me up half hour late because he got lost. I liked that cuz I never like a guy who is too nice or too perfect. He was texting me however the whole time, so we are still steering clear of asshole territory.

We went to Dooley's and played pool for probably 2 1/2 hours. It was so fun! And I was so surprised by him. I could tell from talking to him he was kinda dorky, but it was all in a good way. He made me feel ridiculously comfortable even though I could tell he was very nervous. We both were loosened up by the end of it and he's like where to next? So we went downtown to Zees to meet up with Hutch and Jess.

We walk in and there they are sitting at this table with a random random guy, who introduces himself as Igor. (Enter wtf face here) The name makes him sound like an ugo but in their defense he was pretty cute.

We go upstairs, we're dancing, it's actually really fun even dead sober. Josh is not afraid to dance. Beforehand he is sure to warn me that he sucks. (He actually did NOT suck. I was very impressed. I mean really, if he was that bad I would have been like, oo lets not dance anymore but do something else la la)

So, the girls are occupied with whoever they're dancing with and drunk faced so we kinda go off by ourselves. Yes, I was dancing alone with a guy, sober, at nicki zees. It was actually so fun! We sang pokerface for god's sake. Pretty much won me over with that.

(ok, brace yourselves for the following hilarity)

It is utterly packed and we are hot so we step off the floor to get a drink, all of a sudden, WHACK. You know the big gray drink trays they carry around to pick up glasses and bottles? Well please picture me walking along through the masses and all of a sudden one of these trays gets like frisbee thrown at my fucking forehead, upturns on me and I am left standing there shocked, stunned and soaked!! Some guy ran into the bartender carrying it and it just went flying and all I see is this guy getting dogpiled by 3 bouncers and everyone is screaming and yelling in this fucking brawl. Meanwhile I'm like OMG WTF just happened!!!!!!! Josh is like all concerned and I am even too shocked to be embarrassed. He leads me to the bathroom, and omg, my hair was down straight, the whole top is soaked, and I mean dripping. My sweater is soaked, my makeup is running. God, not pretty. I also smell like mixed drinks, which is surprisingly a good smell. (must not have been beer in there thank god for small mercies) I'm standing there in the bathroom starring in the mirror: I could either freak out and demand he take me home right now Or I could brush it off not be spaztic and keep having a great night.

I pull my sopping hair into a side ponytail, wash off the running makeup and stride back out. He was definitely excepting me be like LETS GO. When I tell him we should stay and go dance he is elated. He was very sweet for the rest of the night, kept telling me I still looked beautiful and even kissed me on the neck to prove he didn't care I was covered in gross dirty booze.

We left a while after that and he drove me home. He offered to walk me to my door, but I told him he better not. My mom would likely be standing there and open the door on us. (seriously, it's happened before) He kissed me goodnight and that was that)

An awesome, ridiculous night that even a flying drink tray to the face could not stop

PS: I thought things like this only happened to Robyn....must be cuz she's out of town..

Here is a shot of my forehead after a well needed shower last night:


TJayne said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! <3 AND YOU!!

Anonymous said...

T.! I had no idea!
lots of love!

Robyn M. said...


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