Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A day (and some) in the life

Friday the13th, 2009…4:30am ~ Sat 930am

Wake up
Feel scared due to watching paranormal activity the previous night
Get over it
Take a shower
Cut self shaving
Eat a bagel
Put on moisturizer and make up
Fix hair
Get dressed
Brush teeth
Drive to midas
Sit in midas parking lot and finish makeup
Meet mike and dan and drive them to the regent mall
Meet liz there and drive to work
Can’t find my ipod headphones, luckily I bring spares.
Fall asleep in car
Wake up at security gate
Walk to trailer
Log on to computer
Check fb
Miss sisters
Check online banking
Go pee
Check work email
Start working on 3 excel spreadsheets
Listen to iPod
My immediate fav song Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
Snap some photos of the trailer before people arrive and I get embarrassed
Eat a yogurt cup, raspberry
Eat a banana
End up not eating banana due to excessive bruising
Drink water from trailers water cooler
Fellow trailer workers begin to arrive
Talk to brendon, my work husband
Give brendon my white out
He wants it for keeps so I demand it back
He gives it back
Begin another spreadsheet
Get a call from brendon to go help him cut things out
Cut fiber wire diagrams out with brendon
Snap photos of him in his office
Chat with janitor who shares brendons trailer
Go to bathroom
Get back to work on sheet F3
Glance at colin while walking by
He grumpily ignores me
Listen to Bad Romance
Stomach rumbles
Check blog
Work through to lunch
Marc Pelt, desk buddy, shows up
I am happier now by his presence
Head to lunch trailer with marc
Eat lunch in lunch trailer, usual crowd
Lunch consists of subway, carrot sticks and more cooler water
Receive a text inviting me to friends camp
Decide to go
Have Daily15 meeting in lunch room
Return to desk
Check fb
Harass friend into joining me for the evenings camp adventure
Check blog for new posts
Die holding in laughter at Robrob’s post: “Best Music Video EVER” – so true
Make inappropriate noises in silent trailer full of co-workers while trying not to laugh
Attempt to work more: going is slow, tedious, frustrating
Ping marc with a hair elastic
Lose said hair elastic
Get hit in head with paper ball
Work work work work
Am free by 4:30pm
Get picked up by carpool
Watch 3 episodes of how I met your mother via my iBaby
Fall asleep 20 min away from fred
Arrive barely awake.
Drop guys off at midas
Speed home
Have 30 min to prepare for night before being picked up
Ready on time but driver stops in for impromptu subway
Gives me time to shove down some supper
Get picked up
Run into parents in the driveway
Dad tells me about passionfruit Malibu quart on sale for 7.99
I tell him to get me one, please
Drive off in friends car
End up having to wait for other cars
Stop at dq
Introduce myself to the visiting guy from Yorkshire sitting shotgun
Put on awesome highlighter hat
Drive to camp
Get lost on creepy dirt road
Call dibs on a bedroom (3 girls, 4 boys, 2 beds, 1 couch, no bf’s or gf’s = danger danger)
Start a fire
Choose a spot at the unsturdy kitchen table
Tow all booze to table to avoid people having to get up
Start drinking
Learn an English drinking game called 21’s.
No one is very good at it, other than Yorkshire Ray.
He is not pleased.
Get scared by large picture window behind me and trade seats.
Drink drink drink drink.
Lose one of the girls to a drunken crying fit
Lose one of the boys who goes to calm her
Have an adventure outside
Listen to the boys have a heart to heart
Go to bed
Wake up and peel out asap
Get to McDonalds in time for delicious hangover killing blt bagel
Arrive home to find two quarts of passionfruit Malibu rum on the cupboard


brit said...

i enjoyed this a lot!! i wish daddy would buy me booze haha

TJayne said...

I want your life & a camp adventure.

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