Friday, March 30, 2012

Five by Five


Pretty much (hope this) sums up my life right now.

"It's like my thumb is my dick."

The first thing I tweeted to Norman Reedus.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Norman Reedus

So much more than a man.

He is not your traditional "good looking". But the way his eyes bore right through you when he is on film. Gives the illusion that he is looking through the camera and into you.

So many emotions play out on his face. Every little subtle movement. His stare. It's searing.

I just applied(?) to purchase a copy of Flaunt Magazine that he is featured in this month as shown below. Here's hoping I get it!

Norman Reedus is so bad ass he tattoos his OWN name on his chest.

Norman Reedus is so bad ass he uses a lazy boy as a lawn chair.

Norman Reedus is so bad ass he worships two jesus's.

Norman Reedus is so bad ass he plants cacti in his vegetable garden.

I. Am. Ob. Sessed.

Love him.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zombie Survival Plan Volume One

OKAY - One of my favorite past times right now is envisioning my life if there were a zombie apocalypse aka if I lived within the world of the Walking Dead. Not Dawn of the Dead CAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS THEY RUN SUPER FAST. They are like SUPER zombies...I much prefer zombies that "walk" as opposed to those that 'fly'. I would have zero chance of survival, cuz I don't run that fast ha.

ANYWAYS so we are in The Walking Dead. GO.


First of all I have really long naturally curly hair AND bangs. Neither of these things is ideal. I can tell you the very first thing I would do would be to pull my hair back into a high tight ponytail. I would then deal with the bangs by wearing a headband/bandanna permanently I think which would holding them out of my face. The ponytail thing would be great UNTIL my hair got wet and then was no longer straightened.

I honestly think I would be bad ass enough to tear streakingly cut all of my hair off. It would be short short short as short as I could get it. Maybe even shaved if I had the right gear. Just imagine trying to keep your hair clean/untangled. My hair would be impossible. Getting it short would be the smartest thing to do. I would do it to survive.

Picture in your head every scary movie/adventure movie you have ever seen. 99% of the women in those movies have their hair down long hanging in their face. WHO WANTS HAIR HANGING IN THEIR FACE WHEN THEY ARE TRYING TO FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES?!?! Oh I didnt see you because of the MASSIVE BANG hanging over my left eye, I'm now dead. Not very realistic movie makers, not very realistic at all.


Much better...

So bad-ass!!

It's like a girl playing competitive soccer with her hair down long. It just wouldn't happen. Unless you were one of those people that did that, then everyone else made fun of you for it just so you know. Hellloooooooooo HAIR ELASTIC, get one!

OKAY, zombie apocalypse hair rant complete. I am surprised I wrote sooo much. I am very passionate about this subject if you didn't notice. Therefore this will be one in a series of many zombie survival related posts.

What would you do with your hair?!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

21 Jumpstreet, so badass

This preview actually pretty sums up a ton of this movie. I think I laughed the entire time, I actually lost my voice a little. It was slightly embarrassing in the theatre. The straight up idea of this movie alone is hilarious, but there is so much more funny that is not in the trailer it's unbelievable.

I now officially like Channing Tatum (Didn't think it was possible!)

PS James Franco Jr. is HaaaaaaaaaaWT!

**It's not just me! The movie got a rating of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes! Kick ass! The Hunger Games only got an 87% Think about that!**

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Thanks for the fucking Breaking Dawn Pt 2 teaser trailer.

Oooo a black screen.

Bella running through the woods SUPER FAST, looks like she survived and became a vampire guys. Unless Alice got some serious extensions.

OH YA that Taylor Lautner kid, ya he's still in it.

WAIT WHO'S THAT GUY oh it's the main character holding hands with his gf the other main character shockkkkk

Mmmmm hope there's lots of those weird clouds in the movie! CONNNNTEEEENT!

More black.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FUTURE kid names

Let me start this off by saying NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!

However it seems to be one my mind and in my face more and more these days, pregnancy and what not.

I love love love kids they are the bomb diggity and I will definitely be having some of my own. Preferably I will be married or, you know atleast have a boyfriend, ha, so for now I will live vicariously through my friends and will instead travel the world with no one to worry about but myself! Doesn't sounds too bad right ;)

I love playing around with future kid names though. Over March Break me and some gal pals were road-tripping and were throwing out names we'd love to use! I am really into unique names. Not too too unique, like Apple is a bit of a stretch for me...but for my future offspring I hope to move away from traditional or more common names. I would say I have somewhat of a unique name, Tyler. It's traditionally a boys name so me being a girl gives it a nice individual quality. Reiterating: I do not dislike traditional names but it's just not my personal style!

Without further ado, here are some of mine that I want!

For girls:

For boys:

WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE BABY NAMES THAT YOU CALL EXTREME DIBS ON? Hint: this is me calling extreme dibs on all these names. Take them...I. Will. Cut. You.

YA I know there's 10, but I am greedy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Makeup for Dummies by Tyler Fraser

I lurv me some good makeup. On the day to day I prefer to wear makeup that is less noticable. Sometimes my mom is like "You look pretty with no makeup!" and I'm like, SURPRISE I am wearing makeup! (Cuz without makeup I pretty much look like a boy...let's be serious here.)

Day to day, what I wear & recommend! After years and years of trial and error and being on a budget this is what is comes down to.

Covergirl TRUblend liquid makeup (I use 410 classic ivory cuz I'm one pale motha fucka) Retails approx. $9 Rub this all over your face. Well, mostly. Focus on forehead, checkbones, nose, etc.

Covergirl TRUblend pressed power (translucent light) Retail approx. $8 Cover face with this to set liquid make up.

Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara (in black) Retail approx. $7 This is by far the best mascara I have ever used, and I have used a lot. I used to use Lancome mascara, and I've also used Clinique, Benefit, etc etc more expensive brands. This one is my favorite for long, dark, non-clumpy lashes.

Seeing a trend here? If Ellen endorses it, it must be good.

Covergirl Perfect Blend eye pencil (in black) Approx. $5 Use to highlight the outer edges of your eyes and tilt upwards to make catlike eyes.


Almay Intense I-Color powder shadow Retail approx. $10 (I have dark brown eyes so I use the Shimmer-I Kit shown below. It's so smart and easy. There are all different ones depending on your eye color!) Follow the pretty packaging to color your eyes, the first color on the lid, the second in the crease of your eye and the third on top of the crease under your eyebrows. PS I just got this but I really really like it already and have integrated it into my daily routine.

femme couture: brow couture soft powder pencil (in medium brown) Retail approx. $4 Feather this onto your eyebrows to fill in and make your brows more prominent.

TerDA! Make up on, ladies.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Long Hair Love Affair

I have long hair. But. It needs to be longer. I want to do this. ALL of this. I love love love short hair but it is not for me. I am a long haired girl and always will be. Also I didn't mean for this to be completely rhyming.

Here is some long hair inspiration for you. Mila Kunis I WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH YOUR EYES.

My current favorite hair style: Long hair parted down the middle with longish bangs swinging back on each side (winging out sort of) and hair falling tousled but not curly.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

I watch the Walking Dead...I fall for this guy, more and more.

There is just something about him. It is pure. Absolute.

Who is Daryl Dixon? In a normal non-zombie world, someone who I would never even talk to. But in this world, the world of the walking dead, he is so much more. He has become. The man he is, you can see it in him. A better person. And that makes him so damn attractive. I recently rewatched all the episodes this time focusing on him. You have to look close but he does a 100 little things during his performance, things I didn't even realize I'd noticed the first time around. In a recent interview he even explains how he is trying to take the lines he's given and put a sense of emotion and sensitivity into them. He plays it so tough but his character actually cries in the show, multiple times. Not waaah waaah bawling crying but silent, I'm trying to hide my tears behind my toughness crying.

Sometimes I imagine myself on the show. (Yes I do do that, I imagine my real self put into a fictional show) What is appealing about him to me is that this is not the old world, and the same rules don't apply. I am attracted to him because I can be. This ragged wilderness man bad grammar swearing eating raw meat secluded dangerous 43. Me, educated innocent never shot a gun girly girl from a different world 23.

The appeal is in the impossible, now possible.

I am seriously crushing on a fictional character. :| And I am impatiently waiting the day he and Carol finally get together...get together as in kiss or hug or LAY DOWN together or something.



Monday, March 12, 2012


Most of you know I am the nerdiest of nerds. (And proud of it!) I love anime, vampire slayers, Doctor Who, elves and magic. ANY AND ALL TYPES OF FANTASY! Sometime, in my life, I will be costumed and at Comic Con. On my bucket list.

I thought I would show you what I get up to in my spare time. Now, this by far does not include everything that I watch/read/love, but it is a pretty good idea. If you're up to the nerdout task, give some of these a try.


Being Human UK
Doctor Who
Lost Girl
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Once Upon A Time
Vampire Diaries

But if you try only it Firefly.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Tron: Legacy
X-Men series
Harry Potter series
The Last Unicorn

But if you only watch one...let it be The Fifth Element.


The Hunger Games Trilogy
The Harry Potter series
The Giver
Hush series
Matched series
Elfquest graphic novels

If you only open one, it should be The Host.

What do you NERDOUT to? Do you think I might like it?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eugh sometimes my parents make me want to off myself

Ok we all love our parents, right? Let's get that out of the way.

SOMETIMES I WANT TO KILL MY PARENTS. Sometimes they give me this...look. It says, "What are you going to do with your life?" or "Why are you sitting here? Don't you have things to do?"

I can't stand it.

My mother is retired and has no vehicle in the winter. Therefore she is 24/7 housebound. She likes to spend 99% of this time sitting in the most common part of the house watching television and more so watching over any and all going ons in the house. That means that if I want to go anywhere upstairs aka anywhere but my bedroom (the bathroom, the kitchen, leave through the front door, etc) I have to suffer through extreme mind rape. Every time I am near her she says something to me. Not normal conversation things like, 'How are you today?' or 'Any plans for tonight?'. No, I get 'You should be eating more protein' or 'Have you called the car dealership yet about your windshield?'.

Everyday. Every hour. Every time I walk by her. And you know WHAT! If I try to ignore her or tell her she is making me crazy by playing constant watch dog over my life, she gets super defensive and tells me that I am hurting her feelings.


This is what I say to her atleast once a week. She doesn't learn.She makes excuses. She does it again. Then my dad uses this tone like he's talking to a 6 year old and tells her to stop bothering me. Seriously Dad that is almost as bad as her!! She's like my cat in that way. He's like 'ooo piece of food' and I'm like *bat* don't do that. 2 seconds later he's like 'ooo! piece of food'.


I am going to start making a tick list on the fridge everytime she says annoying things to me. Even better I will capture the most exciting and backstabbing ones for your viewing pleasure. "Shit my mom says" Hold on to your hats everyone.

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