Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FUTURE kid names

Let me start this off by saying NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!

However it seems to be one my mind and in my face more and more these days, pregnancy and what not.

I love love love kids they are the bomb diggity and I will definitely be having some of my own. Preferably I will be married or, you know atleast have a boyfriend, ha, so for now I will live vicariously through my friends and will instead travel the world with no one to worry about but myself! Doesn't sounds too bad right ;)

I love playing around with future kid names though. Over March Break me and some gal pals were road-tripping and were throwing out names we'd love to use! I am really into unique names. Not too too unique, like Apple is a bit of a stretch for me...but for my future offspring I hope to move away from traditional or more common names. I would say I have somewhat of a unique name, Tyler. It's traditionally a boys name so me being a girl gives it a nice individual quality. Reiterating: I do not dislike traditional names but it's just not my personal style!

Without further ado, here are some of mine that I want!

For girls:

For boys:

WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE BABY NAMES THAT YOU CALL EXTREME DIBS ON? Hint: this is me calling extreme dibs on all these names. Take them...I. Will. Cut. You.

YA I know there's 10, but I am greedy.


WhitneyA said...

you will never live through me. not for kids anyway. we are not counting cats right?

a. said...

I like Owen a lot(just saying!) My extreme dibs on names are Jacob Alexander for a boy and Taylor Audrey Anne for a girl. Yup even got the middle names too. For boys I really like Lucas, Owen, Ethan and for girls I like Grace, Maddison, Annabelle. YAY babies and kids....well someday anyways ;)

brit. said...

Future Aunt Brittany: "This is my niece, Blaze."
Nope, that won't do at all. Please don't name your future child Blaze!!!

Tyler said...


Venassa said...

I liked Toby and Logan (before it got super popular) or Mia or Mya for a girl. I ended up with a Chloe, and that name was never really on my list of names I liked.
Soak up all the baby-free moments while you can. Enjoy long showers, shopping and being able to run out for food at midnight. Those are the things I miss the most haha.

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