Friday, March 16, 2012

Long Hair Love Affair

I have long hair. But. It needs to be longer. I want to do this. ALL of this. I love love love short hair but it is not for me. I am a long haired girl and always will be. Also I didn't mean for this to be completely rhyming.

Here is some long hair inspiration for you. Mila Kunis I WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH YOUR EYES.

My current favorite hair style: Long hair parted down the middle with longish bangs swinging back on each side (winging out sort of) and hair falling tousled but not curly.

1 comment:

kristy1504 said...

Ahh thank you for this! I was just noticing how long my hair is becoming and considered cutting it off again, but this made me remember why I wanted to grow it out in the first place! So pretty!!

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