Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

I watch the Walking Dead...I fall for this guy, more and more.

There is just something about him. It is pure. Absolute.

Who is Daryl Dixon? In a normal non-zombie world, someone who I would never even talk to. But in this world, the world of the walking dead, he is so much more. He has become. The man he is, you can see it in him. A better person. And that makes him so damn attractive. I recently rewatched all the episodes this time focusing on him. You have to look close but he does a 100 little things during his performance, things I didn't even realize I'd noticed the first time around. In a recent interview he even explains how he is trying to take the lines he's given and put a sense of emotion and sensitivity into them. He plays it so tough but his character actually cries in the show, multiple times. Not waaah waaah bawling crying but silent, I'm trying to hide my tears behind my toughness crying.

Sometimes I imagine myself on the show. (Yes I do do that, I imagine my real self put into a fictional show) What is appealing about him to me is that this is not the old world, and the same rules don't apply. I am attracted to him because I can be. This ragged wilderness man bad grammar swearing eating raw meat secluded dangerous 43. Me, educated innocent never shot a gun girly girl from a different world 23.

The appeal is in the impossible, now possible.

I am seriously crushing on a fictional character. :| And I am impatiently waiting the day he and Carol finally get together...get together as in kiss or hug or LAY DOWN together or something.




Trisha Jayne said...

That is Nathan's fav character! I am not a big fan of him in the show. He's a jerk, he's getting better though. (I liked him in Boondock Saints!)
Shane does it for me.
I also place myself in the show and then I'm saddened to realize Idid in season 1, episode 1. I'd be that girl.

Trisha Jayne said...

Just remembered Sunday's episode. :( Damn.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree about Daryl. If it can't be me with him, I hope it is Carol, and soon! She is of course much prettier than me, but on the other hand, I can shoot!

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