Monday, March 26, 2012

Zombie Survival Plan Volume One

OKAY - One of my favorite past times right now is envisioning my life if there were a zombie apocalypse aka if I lived within the world of the Walking Dead. Not Dawn of the Dead CAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS THEY RUN SUPER FAST. They are like SUPER zombies...I much prefer zombies that "walk" as opposed to those that 'fly'. I would have zero chance of survival, cuz I don't run that fast ha.

ANYWAYS so we are in The Walking Dead. GO.


First of all I have really long naturally curly hair AND bangs. Neither of these things is ideal. I can tell you the very first thing I would do would be to pull my hair back into a high tight ponytail. I would then deal with the bangs by wearing a headband/bandanna permanently I think which would holding them out of my face. The ponytail thing would be great UNTIL my hair got wet and then was no longer straightened.

I honestly think I would be bad ass enough to tear streakingly cut all of my hair off. It would be short short short as short as I could get it. Maybe even shaved if I had the right gear. Just imagine trying to keep your hair clean/untangled. My hair would be impossible. Getting it short would be the smartest thing to do. I would do it to survive.

Picture in your head every scary movie/adventure movie you have ever seen. 99% of the women in those movies have their hair down long hanging in their face. WHO WANTS HAIR HANGING IN THEIR FACE WHEN THEY ARE TRYING TO FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES?!?! Oh I didnt see you because of the MASSIVE BANG hanging over my left eye, I'm now dead. Not very realistic movie makers, not very realistic at all.


Much better...

So bad-ass!!

It's like a girl playing competitive soccer with her hair down long. It just wouldn't happen. Unless you were one of those people that did that, then everyone else made fun of you for it just so you know. Hellloooooooooo HAIR ELASTIC, get one!

OKAY, zombie apocalypse hair rant complete. I am surprised I wrote sooo much. I am very passionate about this subject if you didn't notice. Therefore this will be one in a series of many zombie survival related posts.

What would you do with your hair?!

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Trisha Jayne said...

I would not survive long enough to make any hair care decisions.
Good topic.

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