Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's almost over, but...

I know I have been living here in Cape Breton for 4 months now, and very soon I will be heading back home to Fredericton, New Brunswick BUT I did promise I would post pictures of my new bedroom in Port Hawkesbury. So for all of you who haven't seen it in person, enjoy!

My bed.
One of two windows.

My tv and bathroom gear.

My door and crap.
My wardrobe. It's kind of awesome! See, I don't have a closet...

My getting ready/computer area and second window.

My bulletin board and stuff I love.

Pictures of some friends and family.

My purse and super nifty stool. (I love you, Winners.)

That's all folks!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

things I love right now

These. Why Can't I wear these?

This song.

This show.

This lamp.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This is me being bored at work. (WHAT IS THAT THING ON MY CHIN. Oh, it's a pimple.)

This is me at the beach.

This is me at a waterfall.

This is a mini water fall I found on my run yesterday.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

GET TO KNOW TYLER: iPod shuffle

I love every song on my iPod. But when my iPod's on shuffle, I only like every 10th...

After Afterall – William Fitzsimmons
I don’t love you – My Chemical Romance
Cute Without the ‘E’ – Taking Back Sunday
Freak – Estelle
Remember When – The Black Ghosts
Fallout – Sofi Bonde
Love the way you lie – Eminem ft Rihanna
Cocaine Cowgirl – Matt Mayes
Whatchadoin? – N.A.S.A.
Toxic – Britney Spears

Haha, oh my. That last one.

(Current iPod put on shuffle, first 10 songs)

Friday, August 12, 2011


On book lending...

Don’t ever lend me a book. You have been warned. I have a problem where when I read a book, somehow it inevitably gets destroyed. I don’t know how or why. Some people read books and they come out the other side looking just as nice as the day they were bought.

Mine look like they’ve been dragged along pavement tied behind a car for 6 hours and then sold at a yard sale in a cardboard box.


Apologizes to anyone who might be reading this who’s books I currently have. I can think of atleast 2 of you... (ps molly I have two books that belong to you…my sisters keeper and memoirs of a geisha. And possibly life of pi! Who the hell lent me that book? Baaaah..can't remember) So its fair to say that I will probably be investing in a new copy of outlander for my dearest friend since her copy looks kind of like it was flushed down a toilet then stored in the attic. Erm...awkward. I swear I'm really ok with other things. Just books is my downfall. This all ties into my “Im-not-getting-an-e-reader-because-it-would-not-survive-me” theory.

On Smart Food...

If you put a bag of smart pop in front of me it will disappear. There is no question. I believe I am not the only one out there with this “smart food” syndrome. Firstly, it tricks you with it's title. Smart Food. Why do they have to call it that? It makes me believe (even though I know better) It makes me want to believe me that it's actually good for me Aka Healthy. Or at the very least better than the bag of Lays perched next to it.  

And why do they have to make it so damn good? All fluffy and munchy and full of flavor in every bite. I could honestly go for some, RIGHT NOW. Finally, the individual bags are so big, all you see is those dinky doritoes next to it and you cant help but think "Oh the smart food will be soooo much more filling! I am going to get it..." Those marketing geniuses bastards. They are the devil incarnate.

On social life...

I am loud. I am so loud! I love talking to people. I love meeting new people. I love making friends. I am not at all shy, although I am at times insecure (being insecure makes me defensive and sometimes brings out the bitch in me..but that’s another story). The only time I am shy is when I am in a group of people who I think are extremely intelligent and I keep my mouth shut on the grounds that I don’t want to say something stupid and look like a dumb head. (This happened to me a lot when I worked at the nuclear power plant. I was pretty much a clam. It was the only work place I have ever been told I did not take the lead enough.)

Speaking of leads, I enjoy being the leader. I have been the Captain of many a volleyball/soccer team in my day and have thoughrouly enjoyed every minute. I like being given extra responsibility. I love that feeling of being the one chosen to take it on.

I’m 23 and my partying days are still going strong. I am not as feisty as I was in my teens (no I cannot drink a pint of captain morgans white rum straight any more) but I am definitely not one to stay in (if I can help it). I love reading, watching tv shows and movies, but if there is a party to go to I will be there. If there is a table to dance on, I will dance it. If there is an unclaimed shot, I will take it!

I love going out and partying with my girl and guy friends. Completely letting loose, acting crazy, doing things that would surely embarrass you if only you could remember doing them come morning. Sigh...good times.

Yupp. I am so not over that faze in my life yet. Maybe someday. Maybe not.

Bitches. Ain't. Shit.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Stinky Roommate

The other day I was home alone and there was this smell in the kitchen. I could not figure out what it was but it was disgusting. And strong. It smelled kind of like rot or mold combined with nose burning bitter sweat.

Not until later that day when I opened the dryer did I finally realize where the smell was coming from. I had previously hidden my laundry detergent because the guys kept using it. Well, seems like Jamie decided to do a huge load without using any soap. Yupp. Washed clothes, underwear and towels together and did not use any laundry soap.

To make it that much worse, the load was so big that our puny dryer couldn't handle it. Therefore Jamie's "clean" clothes were stewing in their own juices half wet for at least 2 days.

S'cuse me while I go puke real quick.

Ok I'm back. Where was I? Right, so, this horrid sweaty burning smell was from all his clothing and towels, and the moldiness was because they were still wet. I piled his shit on the porch as fast as possible and closed the door because it was literally stinking up the house.

The next day I was walking into my bedroom upstairs and I smelled the fucking smell, again. It was now coming from Jamie’s room down the hall. He’d retrieved his clothes from the porch and moved them into his room. I have been sneakily closing his bedroom door ever since to block out the smell.

Today I came home and was about to close his door when I noticed

SUPER SNEAKY stacking CDs just slightly in front of the door to keep it propped open. And if I tried to close it I would have knocked the entire pile over, likely disclosing the fact that I was the one closing the door.

So, I thought I was being sneaky. I guess I wasn’t. Shit. On the plus side the smell coming from his room is now this:

A great improvement. I decided to leave the door ajar.

What a sneaker though, eh. That friggin stack had to be strategically placed. There's no way that was by chance. It's impossible!

Hmmmm, let’s see what else. Oh yes, for the past few days I have come home to this:

Which I promptly switch to this

Much better.

Until next time, Nancy out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GET TO KNOW TYLER: 3 most irritating ppl traits

WARNING TO READERS: Below is Tyler at her most vulgar


The First
When people use your things without asking ie food, laundry detergent, my BAR OF SOAP IN THE BATHROOM?! This is probably the biggest issue at my house. I have learned that I cannot leave my laundry detergent in the laundry room or else it will be gone next time I try to use it, that if I open a jar of cheese whiz, no matter where I hide it in the fridge, it will get eaten, that if I leave my soap in the shower it will inevitably get little hairs on it THAT DON’T BELONG TO ME SICK FUCK OFF! It is really gross. Moral of the story: only your bedroom is safe. And sometimes not even...

The Second
When people stand really close behind you in lineups, especially at the grocery store. Just because you are ramming yourself up my ass the store clerk will NOT ring in my groceries any faster! Thanks! Back. The. Fuck. Off.

The Third
When someone pulls out ahead of your car and then proceeds to drive extremely slow. Helllllooooo buddy. I know you saw me coming and I know you saw I was driving pretty fast. But you couldn't just let me go by ya, huh. Well fuck YOU buddy!! FUCKA-U. Socka my cock, TWO TIMES.

Monday, August 8, 2011

MY BIGGEST MONEY SUCK (other than gas and online shopping…)

Groceries are the biggest money killer to me. Of. All. Time.

I have a sick fascination with grocery stores. I love them. I love grocery shopping. I love making elaborate meal plans and I love making up the list!

Flip side: I hate cooking. I am lazy as shit when it comes to cooking and even when real effort is put in, the results are still average at best.

This is what living away from home for four months with access to a car and proximity to Sobeys and Superstore has taught me: I am a grocery hoarder. I hoard groceries! I buy groceries usually once a week, slamming away an avg. of $50 each time. I don’t know why it took me an entire 3 months to realize this behavior. It started when I began recording how many times I visited grocery stores.

Mind boggling!

This is my mentality: Hmm, I feel like making tacos tonight! Yumm!

Reality: I hit the store, buy all the supplies + whatever other groceries I see that spark my interest + anything that is on sale especially that sparks my interest + I am fairly certain there is already food prepared in the fridge that I should consume to stop it from going bad. (phew)

Every week I throw out food. Every week.  And I feel really bad about it. And not just because I know there are millions of people who could have benefited from what I've allowed go to waste but because it literally feels like I'm throwing money into the garbage. Then I also still want to be healthy (ish), so I'm not only eating cereal and KD (which never go bad...cept you kinda need milk for both of them) therefore I will keep buying fruit and veggies. Veggies and fruit are expensive. Meat? More expensive.

Currently in my fridge I have to dispose of a plastic container of tuna/egg mixture, a plastic container of cooked chicken, full feta cheese, bag of carrot sticks, possibly my lettuce bag and my (almost full) milk. This is a typical amount of food I throw out (when I get the guts to actually open the plastic containers and empty the contents…it’s usually pretty I like to put it off.)

What I have learned: 
  • Stick to the outskirts of the store: meat, veggies, fruit and bread. This is the bulk of what I live on and what goes bad the quickest and needs replacing. Anything on the inner is really just crappy filler. DELICIOUS crappy filler, but crappy filler non-the-less. Keep it out of your line of sight and chances are you won’t buy it. If you truly want something special: drink mix, kraft dinner, etc. make a special trip but just for that. When you are a single person feeding only yourself there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be able to push your cart through the 15 items or less checkout every time.
  • Bring in a list and ONLY buy what’s on the list. SALES BE DAMNED.
  • DO NOT buy something just because it is good for you if you don’t like it. Ex: I bought a box of blueberries last week. I HATE blueberries?! And I bought them why??? Because they are supposed to be good for your memory or some bullshit. But really cuz they were on sale and strategically placed directly in front of the doors when I entered and my basket was empty.
  • Eat the food you have. SUCK IT UP, YOU MONEY AND FOOD WASTER!

Does anyone else feel like this ever?! PLEASE if you have any, give me tips!
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