Friday, August 12, 2011


On book lending...

Don’t ever lend me a book. You have been warned. I have a problem where when I read a book, somehow it inevitably gets destroyed. I don’t know how or why. Some people read books and they come out the other side looking just as nice as the day they were bought.

Mine look like they’ve been dragged along pavement tied behind a car for 6 hours and then sold at a yard sale in a cardboard box.


Apologizes to anyone who might be reading this who’s books I currently have. I can think of atleast 2 of you... (ps molly I have two books that belong to you…my sisters keeper and memoirs of a geisha. And possibly life of pi! Who the hell lent me that book? Baaaah..can't remember) So its fair to say that I will probably be investing in a new copy of outlander for my dearest friend since her copy looks kind of like it was flushed down a toilet then stored in the attic. Erm...awkward. I swear I'm really ok with other things. Just books is my downfall. This all ties into my “Im-not-getting-an-e-reader-because-it-would-not-survive-me” theory.

On Smart Food...

If you put a bag of smart pop in front of me it will disappear. There is no question. I believe I am not the only one out there with this “smart food” syndrome. Firstly, it tricks you with it's title. Smart Food. Why do they have to call it that? It makes me believe (even though I know better) It makes me want to believe me that it's actually good for me Aka Healthy. Or at the very least better than the bag of Lays perched next to it.  

And why do they have to make it so damn good? All fluffy and munchy and full of flavor in every bite. I could honestly go for some, RIGHT NOW. Finally, the individual bags are so big, all you see is those dinky doritoes next to it and you cant help but think "Oh the smart food will be soooo much more filling! I am going to get it..." Those marketing geniuses bastards. They are the devil incarnate.

On social life...

I am loud. I am so loud! I love talking to people. I love meeting new people. I love making friends. I am not at all shy, although I am at times insecure (being insecure makes me defensive and sometimes brings out the bitch in me..but that’s another story). The only time I am shy is when I am in a group of people who I think are extremely intelligent and I keep my mouth shut on the grounds that I don’t want to say something stupid and look like a dumb head. (This happened to me a lot when I worked at the nuclear power plant. I was pretty much a clam. It was the only work place I have ever been told I did not take the lead enough.)

Speaking of leads, I enjoy being the leader. I have been the Captain of many a volleyball/soccer team in my day and have thoughrouly enjoyed every minute. I like being given extra responsibility. I love that feeling of being the one chosen to take it on.

I’m 23 and my partying days are still going strong. I am not as feisty as I was in my teens (no I cannot drink a pint of captain morgans white rum straight any more) but I am definitely not one to stay in (if I can help it). I love reading, watching tv shows and movies, but if there is a party to go to I will be there. If there is a table to dance on, I will dance it. If there is an unclaimed shot, I will take it!

I love going out and partying with my girl and guy friends. Completely letting loose, acting crazy, doing things that would surely embarrass you if only you could remember doing them come morning. Sigh...good times.

Yupp. I am so not over that faze in my life yet. Maybe someday. Maybe not.

Bitches. Ain't. Shit.


Onyx said...

Dear T-Pain,

I'm also bad with books don't feel bad. Usually I give them back and the front cover is like 6 inches from the first page because of the way I hold a book (oops! And Robbler I think I avoided this with your books)

SmartFood is the devil and I recall not being able to keep any in my apartment in Freddy because people would always eat it!!!

And I'm so not over the drinking party phase either, I will be responsible during the week but most weekends I want to have some drinks and "shake my booty". I'm also known for in my prime dancing on tables and you guys pulling me down prior to me breaking my neck (thanks!)

I miss you and am super excited for some amazing girl time with you and Roro this weekend <3 and I vow that for the rest of the summer I must find more ways to see you guys!! I miss you both so much and I never would have made it through last sumnmer without you (a.k.a. Wendy's in west end SJ)

<3 xoxoxoxo

a. said...

I tend to read in the bath and therefore, damage some books but I am super super carefully with my kobo in the tub.

I cant wait to party with you on labour day weekend! I will be in freddy and looking to have fun.

WhitneyAlaina said...

I'm a hard reader also. I prefer to think of it as my showing my love for the books. That's said, outlander is already on it's second life (re bought it once already haha). Can we please have a moment of silence in memory of them?

K thanks.

Party in approx twenty days? Avec moi?

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