Sunday, May 30, 2010

giveaway as promised

This is going to be my first giveaway! (in delayed celebration of reaching 20 fol and because i just think they're nifty)

To enter:

1. You must be a follower of my blog
2. You must leave a comment recommending a great blog for me to check out!
3. You must say what country you are from
Also please leave your name and email address so that I can contact the winners.

For 2 additional entries each:
Blog about my giveaway and link to it OR Tweet about my giveaway.

(please leave a separate comment for each)

Prize #1: fun girly stuff
card holder
pocket mirror
nail brush
nail file
thing for painting toe nails...
hair bobbles

Prize #2: for lounging around the house

to do list
blank cards with envelopes
mike and ikes
mean girls dvd

Liam helping out

Prize #3: time to travel
2 bracelets
travel bag
packing list
luggage tag

In addition to the 3 sets, I'll be randomly throwing in either:

This old school Hardees cup...

Earrings made from this old necklace...

Or a necklace made with this pendant...

I'll be throwing in a few other extra little things to each, just for fun!

Good luck fellas. Will be drawing the winner in 2 sundays time.


Anonymous said...

1. i follow.
2. a great blog to checkout?
3. i'm in the u.s of a.
4. danielle

Anonymous said...


Mariella said...

I am one of your followers.
Cool blog:
I live in Puerto Rico.
My name is Mariella, and my e-mail is

Lynda Del. said...

I’m following your blog via GFC. ID: lyndadawinda1074
lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

Lynda Del. said...

I love this blog:
lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

Lynda Del. said...

I'm from the United States of America.
Name: Lynda
Email: lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

Robyn M. said...

You know I'm your Follower biotch.
I think I was there when you got some of this stuff...Oh yeah we spent a MILLION year in Michaels..
We follow alot of the same blogs but heres one that is different hopefully and also awesome:
And I'm from Canada. I think basically everyone who follows my blog follows yours but I will still post about it cause I love for my email I'm sure you could find me if I won... LOVE !!

Katie said...

that is a great giveaway...btw is that buffy playing in the background? haha i love that show and you if it is^^
i follow under kshuttle
one great blog is this one
she helped me a lot with starting my blog!
i live in ontario, canada
and my name is katie
email is

theeastcoaster said...

I AM A FOLLOWER. i also forget i use caps all the time at work...
do video blogs count and if so i recomend the commnuitychannel on youetube.

im from CAN and me names S.evan D. corey... i mostly want the sweet hardee's cup an i suggest that its only eligable to be won by ppl with the same name as me :)

and the email is

Mariella said...

I blogged about your giveaway at

AKC said...

This isn't me entering because I don't think it's fair to enter when I have no blog and none to recommend, all I want to say is: AWESOME nailpolish, what kind/color is it?

samboy said...

I already follow and you know my name, country and email already :)

You should read -

That's my baby sister's blog :) x

Caro said...

I followed your blog.
Cool Blog:
My name is Carolina and I'm from Puerto Rico.
My e-mail:

Caro said...

Blogged about your giveaway:

LiLu said...

Ahhhh so fun! Is Liam part of the giveaway? ;-)

1. Definitely a follower.

2. Steamy!

3. USA, baby.

Amy Renee Martin said...


Ok. I am entering now!

I don't know what blogs I can recommend that you don't already know of. ha. ummm.

and I am from the USA

Amy Renee Martin said...

tweeting @AmyReneeMartin

Amy Renee Martin said...

AaAAAAAnd Blogging bout ya today!

grrfeisty said...

Hi! I thought I already followed you bc I've been here a few times..but now I am for sure! :)
I suggest you read my bff's blog.
I live in Houston, tx :)
Roxy.Rodriguez (at!)


haha peer pressure at its best! so
1. I follow your blog
2. awesome dating blog (a must-follow):
3. Canada
4. you already know my name and you can contact me through facebook if i win :)

grrfeisty said...

tweeted :) [@grrrfeisty]

Naimah said...

awesome giveaway! i hope i'm lucky enough to win!
a great blog for you to follow...mine!

i'm from the usa

and i'll tweet abt your giveaway at @dmae_clothing

Furrycrazer said...

Kitty! You know I'm a fan, but I'm related so that might disqualify me. :) I just wanted to comment on how cute Liam is and how much I miss my kitty.

Bailey Morrison said...

First, your nail polish is SICK. LOVE.

1. I follow!
2. UM. i love outsapop blog
3. I am in the united states.

pppssssshhhhhh: (i am dying to have that pendant!!!!)

Plaid Guru said...

AKC - shut up I am entering you. The nail polish IS sick, I just got a pedicure and picked it, then I loved it so much I bought it haha! It is OPI Whats With the Cattitude? Yea, it's one of the Shrek ones...who knew they rock!

Lilu - he'd cost too much to ship. (BIG cat)

Erica - i am sending you you're own special surprise!!!

Bailey - you DONT follow me!!! do it up, woman! Thnx bought the nails, I sincerely recommend it, it's a different color but awesome and wearable at work and such: OPI Whats With the Cattitude

Bailey Morrison said...

aahhhh, ok i'm a tard. NOW I"M FOLLOWING!! :) don't judge.

Plaid Guru said...

giveaway closed. thanks all who entered! winners to be announced either tonight or tomorrow...

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