Thursday, April 8, 2010

keep the good times rolling

Alright alright alright, time for a good old wordy blog. Can I just begin with that it’s FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE?

Yessssss. Nothing is better then working in a small trailer with the window down beside my computer and glorious sun shining in, listening to good tunes on my iPod. Hmmm. Ok…rereading that, lots of things are better, but it is the best case scenario for me at work sitting at my desk. Ya, that’s a little more accurate.

Anyways, this week has been pretty relaxing. Watched Battle Royale Tuesday night, love that movie! If you haven’t seen it, see it. I got so caught up that I went out and bought the book the movie’s based on last night and have already started reading it. Exciting.

Last night, my good buddy Evan picked me up and we went and played some killa pool. Best part was this short hottie who was, for the most part, sitting at the bar all night and therefore pretty sure he was hammered, or atleast had a good buzz on. He walked by our table twice to go to the bathroom. The first time when he was walking away I caught him eye starring me down. He just had the most serious look on his face, like pure seduction, I actually started laughing. I was giggling and blushing just like a little school girl. And he just sauntered back up to his post at the bar. The second time he did it, I was ready and I kept my composure, trying to equal his seduction look while not being able to stifle my smile. He literally kept eye contact until he was looking backwards at me while still walking away. It was awesome! Haha, awesome because he was actually kinda hot. He was fairly short, but I like short guys, and the way he walked, looked at me, and his general appearance, he sort of reminded me of Stefan from Vampire Diaries. HAHA! Oh geez, ok next topic.

Tonight I am once again resting my head in the fair city of Saint John. My car pool TOTALLY ditched out on me today, so I had to drive by myself...figured I might as well make lemonade! Jbone doesn’t get off work until about 7:30pm so I’m on my own until then. I got to work late this morning (perk of not having to meet a carpool: able to say ‘fuck it’ and hit that snooze button!) so I’ll be here until about 6pm if I’m a good girl. 30 min or so to SJ, then I figure I’ll get some grub and do a little shopping. No, Colin is not on the menu, if anyone is curious. At the moment I’m pretty sure we are in a…fight. Complicated, long story, not blog appropriate.

Anywho, I’m hoping me and Jen get some quality hang out time in and possibly play some Disney scene it, cuz we are seriously ballin’ at that game.

Uhhhhh, what else. God this is a doozie. Can you tell I’m bored at work? Uh, let’s see Friday night I am going to see Two Hours Traffic at UNB sub. PUMPED! Have seen them in concert twice already and they are awesome guys. Hutch and Whit have agreed to be my dates.

Saturday night is Iota Beta Chi’s Annual Ball! I am sooo excited! Evan is coming with me (as my guest) and he is gonna dress up all sweet, he even got this grey vest to wear and he’s getting it taken in right now. I heart him. Predrinking at Miss Whitney’s house I do believe. I am fairly excited for the whole affair.

That about sums it up. Keep the good times rolling.


brit. said...

anyhooo... you're weekend sounds like it will be super fun! I'm gonna call you tonight, perhaps while you are bumming around SJ waiting for J.

Ashley K C said...

oooh Battle Royale is soooo awesome. But I would definitely not want to be in that situation :\ Definitely not.

WhitneyAlaina said...

1) i want to play disney scene it
2) i want jen. yea i want her. i dont just want to see her.
3) can Evan be Julians date so i can still have you?
4) im watching new moon
5) i also want you.

TJayne said...

I love this post, I love Stefan, I love Disney Scene it - I own it, I love you, I love IBX Ball, I love life.

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