Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Despero is an effed up movie.

This month has been extremely hectic hence only 6 blog posts! Therefore, the following will be the most kick ass post ever seen around these parts. (Probably not but just got with it)

Let’s begin with the excitingness that was last weekend. Saturday night I arranged a mini-SJ celebration! Me, Whit, Jin and Evan all piled up in my car and booked it.

Here are a few side notes:
- Whitney recently was accepted into Education -Celebration.
- Whit and Jin were both celebrating the end of exams
- Evan is just awesome and so he decided to come along
- I had nothing especially to celebrate other than that I love all these people and I knew it would be a kick ass time.
- My dad gave me a 15 year old coupon for a free night at this sketchy sketchy motel The Fundy Line and after much deliberation, they honoured it – free room = ballin! No matter the level of sketch.

So we went down and got all prettied up, just for fun, and went out to dinner at East Side Marios which was really fun and delish, and then went back to our room and broke into the glug glug. After a few hours of never have I ever and many drinks, we headed downtown.

Summary: YAY going to bar! Boo whitney forgot her ID at the room. YAY evan threw some money at a cab to take me and whit back. Blah blah blah blah me and whit drunk talking to cabbie. A quick shot while grabbing ID and we’re off! Back to O’learys woooo! Find Jin and Evan and dance dancey dance! Aaand drink break! And more dancey dance. Dance dance dance. Drink. Dance. Sing. Evan singing to lady gaga. Dance drink sing. Dance drink sing. Bar closes, go outside. Girl crouched down crying by wall. Giant fight in the street! Us running like little girls away. Drunk drunk drunk. Running back uphill to find cab! Home again home again.

Meanwhile, I had been texting with Colin’s friend, Murphy all day and night. After we got home from O'learys 3 of them met us up at our motel. Ok, honestly, I love these guys. They are really not your typical ‘good guys’…I know stuff they’ve done that is very baaad, but they seem to like me a lot and therefore I like them a lot cuz they’re nothing but nice to me. Pretty much had a heart to heart with each one of them about Colin. How he is stupid and doesn’t know what to do or what’s good for him. How they all love me and hate her, and that they’ve all got my back. One of them reenacts how excited and close Colin was to going with me before Colleen snagged him back by referring to me as the touch down and how Colin was right on the end line about to score before he got pulled back. Their reassurances definitely made me feel better about the whole situation, even just the fact that they know so much about me and him. And especially the fact that they like me, it’s good to know they’re on my side.

Once they left Whitney hit the sack and me Jin and Evan walked (slash ran) down the street to the gas station and bought some nom noms! *I’d like to note that as we were running the seam on the front of my bra where it snaps together came apart aaaand i think we all died from laughing a bit.

Next day we got some mcdonalds breakfast (euggh), caught the ending of Despero on cable and hit up old navy for some shopping. All in all, complete success of a trip.

Now I am back at work, doing my thang as per usual. I work for two men mainly, and one of them is funner then the other. So I foolishly asked the fun guy for more work, and what does he do? He partners me up with fucking Colin to help him with some work he's doing. LOL. Just my luck, eh? Not that I mind working with Colin at all, but it’s just a funny coincidence. And I’ve yet again fallen into another spot with him…4 more months to freedom and a return to sanity. Breath. Also when I started the work with him yesterday I got these superiority complex vibes from him, like because I'm a girl therefore I am dumber then him. Well, we shall see, my fine feathered. We shall see.

YOGA is the sexiest thing on the planet. I lurv it and want to do it everyday! Sadly it’s only once a week at my gym…anyways moral of the story I went Monday was hot.

Last night I went out to a goodbye dinner and a walk by the water with my good gal friend Emily Hutch: good luck this summer woman! Can’t wait to see you when you return in the fall.

Tonight I am bout to kick some Evan ass at pool. LOOKOUT! Oh and I will be sending my first happy mail package tonight - je suis exciter.

Ummm ummm ummm ummm. That’s all for now. BAM.

PS: DESPERATELY asking ALL for aid! Every song on my ipod reminds me of him for some reason. I need distractions! Any new songs you have that you can tell me to download so I can made a giant new playlist and build new memories would help so much. Thank you thank you thank you for your support.

My near future..I hope...


Ashley K C said...

I love yoga, but I'm soooo terrible at it. I do it on my Wii fit because I'm scared of real people seeing me do it. Plus I fall over anytime one legged standing is involved, my balance is...non existant!
PS. Did you get your fun letter :)
PPS. You realllllllly need to check out the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire. most amazing books ever.

WhitneyAlaina said...

i think you might deserve pictures now. mind you i still have to find the camera and find the cord. and there are two cameras and two cords involved. i ask for patience.

brit. said...

I'm always good for songs! I don't have too many new ones at the moment though

Hot Chip - One Life Stand and I Feel Better... both are very catchy. I been singing I Feel Better all day!

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Dull Life and Hysteric

Junior Boys - In The Morning is always good

Also try out Tupelo Honey (the lead singer is Don's friend). I especially like Morphine, Not Alone and Make Me Believe

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I like the little pencil eraser conversation.

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