Thursday, April 1, 2010

easter weekend

So here comes the 4 day weekend.

I should be in a better mood, really, 4 days off is definitely what I need. But of course my day has been blotched. It's really not necessary to say by whom.

One question: Why can a boy never just leave you alone to get over him in peace? Why does he have to always say something sweet to you or email you or follow you to lunch and eat with you or touch your hand or notice you have just got your ears pierced again when no one else does.

It’s like he knows exactly what buttons to push and when to push them to keep me hanging on to him.

*Violently shakes head*


No plans… other than what I’ve so far thrown together with a few awesome people…
I was really hoping on going for a little road trip to somewhere but didn’t really work out with peoples work schedules, with nothing being open Fri or Mon, and with no where close I want to go to that it isn’t still too cold out for. (sadly I’m not ready for camping or the beach yet)

Tonight I am getting together with my gal Robyn! We are going to spend the night gossiping about boys and how much they suck and busy ourselves making cardboard ‘gag awards’ for our Sorority Ball next Saturday. I am meeting her for dinner first at Dimitres. YUM! I am going to remember to photograph it hopefully to show off the nummyness.

I sort of wish I was 7 years old and someone would make an easter egg hunt for me. That was my all time favorite thing to do. I would even buy the candy myself, If only someone would offer to hide it for me - and hide it good, cuz now I’m older and wiser, and taller and can see on top of things.

If only…sigh.

Since my weekend is going to be fairly low key you’ll probably be hearing from me again before next Tuesday. Cheers all! I hope your Easter weekends are simply magic.


TJayne said...

Aww, maybe your mommy will? My mommy still does it for my sister and I, Nathan has even one it with us last year, ha ha, I'm loser. Or actually, my mm is a loser, but I love her. Hope your four days off are amazing. :) <3
ps. don't let Robyn accuse you of stealing anything.

Plaid Guru said...

hahahaha the infamous ipod cord!

Robyn M. said...

I only accused because it was true... And I think that would be lots of fun.. That is the egg hiding thing.. I would definatly do that..especially if we took turns..see you soonish!!

Anonymous said...

I used to love easter egg hunts too. :) I don't know why boys dangle girls around on a string. ??? They can be really stupid. Hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy your Easter.

Ashley K C said...

I begged and pleaded with my boyfriend to hide those little foil eggs for me last year and this year. He said no, he's a fuddy duddy.
Conclusion: boys can be JERKS. and completely lame.

Also, how funny is my verification word "Fackop"? I may use it as a new expletive

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