Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Suburbs


Only took me about 2 hrs to get it set up (and my roommates help..) uh but it turned out good I got to talk to my sister for the first time in too long. Then she tells me there’s an IKEA in Halifax. :| WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE. I was only in Halifax for the past TWO weekends chillin in a hotel room. Now I am craving my first IKEA trip. And so is my bedroom.

Except I’m trying this new thing this summer: not buying a ton of stuff. Partially because I’m feeling very frugal lately and partially because there are no actual stores other than walmart within a 50 km radius of where I live. Either way I might just go to IKEA and come out with a chair that I’ll have to strap to the hood of my teeny car. I’ve been awaiting the ‘Great Move Out’ for many years now and I have been collecting things I will take with me during my life.

• porcelain acorn from my ma
• yellow rabbit bedside lamp
• wooden food trays
• wooden owl statue
• pictures framed in my room
• multiple baskets for holding things
• my map of the USA
• POLLY FUCKING POCKETS (it’s all for you future lil Tyler)

However, I do have an opening in the collection. The giant wooden owl I got from zellers on sale back when I worked there. For years I thought it was wooden with metal. Then it fell off my bed when I was packing and smashed. Apparently, it was some crazy heavy ceramic. So unfortunately it died.
Funny side note: when you Google ‘owl zellers’ not only does a picture of it come up BUT it is MY picture from a previous blog post. HA. (Ya. That was my room all pink and zebra-ey. It’s brown now KAY..)

I’m supposed to get paid tomorrow which is cool cuz I’m po. Paying rent SUCKS. Especially when your house has BUGS IN IT. Ya. Super gross. Three of them. Three bugs so far I’ve seen. 3 weeks I’ve been at the house. (Just to clarify all three were silverfish, I sort of got carried away with the spider pictures...)

The dreaded silverfish. 

Less frightening than the ear wig, more frightening than the spider.

Well atleast that was before I googled spider and found this disturbing shit! THANKS ALOT GOOGLE.

(Sorry Whit)

Either way GROOOSSSSSS. I just keep reminding myself that this is not my house and I have no real over-abundance of possessions in it which will get infested. AHHH I just said infested. Also I’m trying not to tell my mom because she will either freak out and make me move somewhere else for the summer or she’ll never let me set foot in our house again.

Personally I think its super disgusting. I have never lived in any house with bugs (cuz I’ve always lived at home and we just didn’t do bugs). But now that I live with two guys and the house isn’t exactly stunningly clean I am not really surprised. Apparently silver fish like damp, humid spaces (we live ten feet from the ocean in a 110 yr old house) and they eat sugar/carbs and paper products. I found two in the bathroom. And breath. One in the pantry on MY shelf under MY box of cereal. This morning I saw the second bathroom one and managed to kill it as it ran out from under the toilet paper roll I picked up that it was likely eating. Gross. Shudder.

Anyways, plan of action: Tell my land lady. Demand she hire the cleaning lady I was promised. Put everything I own in the pantry in a Rubbermaid container.


m. said...

there is most definitely not an ikea in halifax.

samboy said...

thanks for those pictures ty. *shudder*

i seriously went all shivery. ick ick ick.

Robyn M. said...

Could be worse.. Last year I lived in a house with centipedes.. THEY HAVE TOO MANY LEGS. Very creepy like.

WhitneyAlaina said...

next times lets give me the apology and a warning FIRST. I laughed when I saw it after (almost missed it i scrolled down so fast)

amyschmamey said...

Ewe. I sure hope that my friend Lydia doesn't see this ha ha ha. She is EXTREMELY arachnophobic ha.

I'm with a previous commenter. I'll take silver fish over centipedes anyday. I lived in an apartment that would get them pretty commonly. They are the most hideous things in the world. Google them. Blech! piss shiver.

tyler_fraser said...

Thanks guys your misfortune actually makes me feel better about my situation lol

AKC said...

there's no ikea in halifax :( you have been sadly misled.

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