Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awwww ya!

Well it’s been another stunningly productive day here in my closet, I mean office. The bossman has been gone now for 2 days. He is gone for the next 3 weeks. This is going to be the longest 3 weeks ever. I have gotten as far in work as possible today but instead of being a keener and reading something which would make me smarter, I am not. I am just not in the mood this week like I was last week and the week before. I am dog tired… 2 visits to the gym after none for +6 months has taken its toll on my bod.

I am enjoying the Y however (cuz as crappy as the gym is, there is nothing else to do in Port Hawkesbury!) and last night planned on joining. Instead, ‘Kevin’ aka Gym instructor hottie! Suggested I sign up for a personal fitness class he and another trainer lead. They began this week and apparently a chick dropped out after the first day :|. Monday and Thursday for 8 weeks 6-8pm $125 will get me the class, along with a gym membership and get this, a FREE 6” sub from subway every day of the 8 weeks.

This class is supposed to be not only a wicked powerful training class but they will take time to teach us about nutritional facts and healthy diets. Kevin (he is so dreamy) looked me in the eye and told me it was a privilege that he’d asked me to join because he knew of other people who had been on a waitlist (probably lies, but he has such pretty eyes!) and that I must promise to eat well and come to the gym at least once a week apart from his class (how could I say no to him???).

Also a plus the winner (there are 5 of us) aka the person who loses the most weight/inches(?) will win a free 1 year YMCA membership, and second place will win a free 4 months (which is about as long as I will be in PH, bonus!). So now I am motivated to win, cept these other chicks have got a 4 day head start. Biatches! I am going to enjoy a final meal at some point before my weigh in from McDo and drink as much water as possible the day of so maybe I will bloat an extra few pounds, muahaha.

Oh. Ya. The class. So 30 min is dedicated to cardio. They have a separate track where we will be jogging/running and doing stairs (pictures the biggest loser workout, male and female trainers yelling encouragement at you included) 30-60min working with bands, kettle bells and weights and time for life lessons at some point I guess. I am the youngest in the group. Hope I do ok! Lol. Apparenty the last chick that won lost 22lbs. I think I can trounce her.

Wish me luck.


Robyn M. said...

Niiiiicccceee.. I want free subs with my gym membership :(
You are going to be a legend at that gym :)

Sandra said...

You had me at Gym instructor hottie...well, ok, that AND the free Subway sub.

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