Wednesday, May 4, 2011

schools out for summer soooo i can blog again now

For some reason I have this thing where I can’t announce something big before it happens without getting this horrible stomach feeling. I convince myself that if I announce it all proud and stuff that I’d be completely jinxing myself and then somehow it wouldn’t happen. So here I am. I have been a silent blogger waiting with baited breath to ensure my new adventure...
And well I guess it has happened: I. Have. Moved.

Yah. Moved moved. Out of my parents’ house and out of my hometown, for the first time in my life. (Someone’s growing uuuup) I was offered a summer job placement with Nova Scotia Power at Point Tupper Power Plant (see below) which is where I am now working as sort of an assistant to an instrumentation/controls technical specialist.
So to summarize I moved out and I’m working at another power plant for the summer.

What else?

I sort of started (?). I have like 6 pages, which is nothing. But I guess you could call it a start. I love love love writing. And FYI, you all will never ever read it. Ha! Maybe. Maybe someday...if I become a really famous and rich author ALA Stephanie Meyer (yaaaa rigggghhht).

Uh, I live with two boys in a 110 year old house which so far does not seem haunted, which is a plus. One of them is a 30 something "DJ"/computer nerd, Jamie, who I don't think has ever been even a little bit layed and the other is a 22 yr old paramedic named Scott who is constantly watching baseball or playing baseball video games, sometimes leaves pee in the toilet and enjoys eating my bagels. Gooooooood times.

They are very nice guys tho, so it could be worse. Nonetheless you'll most definitely be hearing my rants about them here

Aaaaand that's enough for now.

Lovelies <3


Tmo said...

Love that you posted! :) So happy for you and your summer job!

Robyn M. said...

Yay blogging again WHOOP WHOOP! I hear you about living with boys..its worse when its your brothers and they feel no need to be nice to you haha..

m. said...

Boys rarely flush the toilet. They also never buy toilet paper. I think you should definitely blog about all your adventures!
I don't know if you got my tweet, but I hope you're going to the wedding this weekend because I have a card for you that I was supposed to bring to your going away party.
Have fun honourary Cape Bretoner!

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