Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Satisfied?

In an effort to return to my bloggy roots, I have lowered myself to writing blog posts, ON paper in class. This has nothing at all to do with how mind-numbingly bored I am. Currently I'm sitting in controls class chowing down on a seriously large (and might I add delicious) bowl of meat chili.

You ever get that feeling that lots of stuff is going on, but then you keep finding yourself bored, doing nothing? How does that happen? Is this like some internal subconscious self sabotage? I'm having a real hard time staying on track. And I find myself reaching out for attention, boy attention. BAD boy attention. Texting Colin and TA man, when I know I should be doing neither. I think I might possibly be brainwashed. How do I become one of those people who end up scaling mountains or trekking through the jungle in sturdy hiking boots that are molded to their feet. 

I want to join the ranks of the adventurous. Travel, but not just travel...live elsewhere, somewhere a full 180 from where I am now. I want to get out, be adventurous, learn how to do things like hunt, survive off the land, shoot a bow and arrow. I want to be Rachel Weisz in The Mummy. I want exotic hair like that blond chick in The Last Air Bender, hair that is colored and strange but somehow fits. I want to learn to sword fight, do karate, be able to defend myself in a fight. I WANT ALL MY FANTASIES TO COME TRUE. (Don't we all?)

Ever think about what would happen if the world should end apocalypse style, or zombie nation, or germ warfare? Would you be one of those few survivors? I would want to be. I think my favorite books are those depicting post-apocalyptic worlds. Not that I want the world to end or anyone to die, obviously. Let's play this hypothetical. If it did happen. Where would you be? Who would you become. Would you be strong enough. I want to be.

Are you satisfied with an average life ?


Robyn M. said...

I hear you. We should go on an adventure.

brit. said...

FINALLY! your adventure gene has kicked in! come traveling with me next year! it will be a survival test to see if we don't kill each other lol

Miss No Eyebrows said...

Hi, nice blog. I happen to be feeling the same way... Sucks, ne? Specially if you're stuck in an island like me, where an average life is all you can ask for.
Read you :)

Tmo said...

YOU GO GIRL! You are a powerful strong woman and you can do anything you put your mind to! Get out there and do your thing lady.

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