Tuesday, May 24, 2011

canadian holidays = long weekend for ME

Okay, the disappointment of there being no Ikea in Halifax has set in. Apparently my sister was playing an extremely mean joke on my spirits. Moving on…

Just got back from the long weekend and whew! TIRED WOMAN. Basically I hung out with my friends (a lot!), celebrated my #1 gals 23rd birthday, got told what to do by my mom, spent $700 on new rear wheel bearings (STUPID CAR), went to the market with my fawscha, attempted to see Bridesmaids (it was sold out), ate a delicious meal of BBQ and salad with my family, lit a crap load of sparklers, took my grandmother out to eat, went grocery shopping in my parents cupboards and spent $70 at Future shop replacing everything that was stolen from my car.


Oh ya. My car was broken into last week. Yay for Port Hawkesbury! More points towards why I love you so.

Note to self: don’t leave rear door open.

Note Note to self: Don’t let boys sit in your backseat who forget to lock the doors.

I wonder if it’d be cool to take my bra off at work. IT REALLY HURTS. It’s being super uncomfortable for some reason and Gaaaaah. I have a little over an hour left. I think when it gets to the hour mark I am gonna lose it. Be prepared boys. The girls are coming out!

Pleasant surprise: got back to PH yesterday to find our hay field of a lawn mowed! YAAAAAY. No longer bee central (goodbye dandelions). I got my TV set up in my bedroom and it’s just like being home now, I have gotten my room the way I want it. Pictures to come…be excited.

Recent life goals: Find a park and go all out swinging. Plant some daisies. Take off this bra. Make banana bread.

Ohhh so this weekend here’s a little update for yas: Matt came up to stay overnight for the party. Here’s me and the Robler trying to go home to my house at the end of the night and my friend Dan is all “Come to my house my parents are not home blaah blaaah we will party more” (Yeah, some of us still live at home, we are young kaaay) So we end up there, 20 min later all I want is to go home and cuddle in my bed! And Dan SUPER AWKWARDLY asks Matt if he is going home with me when I’m not in the room with them. Matt is like “I don’t know, if she’ll let me.” I am so so tired of boys and annoyingness. When you’re 22 relationships are NOT rocket science people. You like someone or you don’t, and they like you or they don’t. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find someone you like who likes you back. DONE.

Matt who so clearly likes another girl is now trailing along to my house. Gaaah. SO TIRED OF IT. I actually left my bed in the morning hours and slept on the couch upstairs instead. I think I’m officially over it.

My roommates favorite movie is Wedding Crashers, so I made sure to bring my copy from home for him. Now there's the real problem, my friends.


Tmo said...

Sounds like you had an excellent weekend my dear! xo
Excited to see your room!

samboy said...

oh no, sucks about your car :(

and your sister is evil. ikea is the big blue place of dreams and to take that away from you is unforgivable! x

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