Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"That would be my gatorade bottle."

Okay it’s official. Nothing is funnier than the men at my work making PA announcements. I’m pretty sure somewhere they are all taking bets on whether or not someone will dare say something vulgar/ridiculous/hilarious. God love them. They make my day that much more bearable.

Also Easter egg M&M’s are GOOD. Thanks, Mom!

Last night was another gym excursion. Running around the track was a little bit easier this time and I found out that working with a barbell is much easier than working with those stretchy bands. SCREW YOU stretchy bands. Or maybe it’s just because my muscles did all their initial “you worked out for the first time and killed us” bitching over the weekend and now they are done complaining. (Let’s hope so!) Thursday we are doing a special ‘Body Pump’ session which is sure to kick my ass. I like having a trainer though. Honestly, nothing motivates me to jog around a track like someone periodically looking me in the eye saying “I want you to push it this lap.” And then making me do stairs.

I sort of heart him.

Exciting news tonight, I have been invited for a ‘Surf and Turf’ evening of extravagance at Jamie’s mother, Kate’s house. She lives about 30 min away on the BEACH and apparently she’s making lobster and steak. NOM NOM NOM MARRY ME KATE NOM.

I also met Scott’s mom last night (she is visiting from Ontario for the week) and oh my gosh is she not the spitting image of him. They are adorable. She is such a tiny little thing! And so sweet. She asked me all about my job and education and life. And then the three of us watched the, you guessed it, Jays game! And the comments her and Scott were making just killed me.

So after work we are all piling into Scotts car and driving out there. I AM EXCITED. I WANT TO LEAVE WORK NOW.


Thursday night will be another gymtastic evening and Friday I am looking forward to a little girl time with my new PH friend, Amanda, who has recently moved to my ‘hood’ as I like to call it. House-breaking in party. Woop, there it is.

Happy Wednesday!

PS: Just checked out: 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood, 'Matched' by Ally Condie and '1984' on DVD from my local library. Has anyone read/watched these? What did you think?


WhitneyAlaina said...

i stole (i mean borrowed) the handmaids tale from shane on the weekend! i loved margret atwoods book the robber bride so im hopeful.

Robyn M. said...

Margaret atwood is sweet.. very post apocalypic..Oryx and Crake is my fav..

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