Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mambo #5

For your visual pleasure I have creeped photos of my roommates.


Unfortunately neither of them is him....

Uh so what has been going on, it has been an exciting past few days! One of my sorority sisters and good
friends just got married this past weekend. 5 of us girlies all converged to be there for her on her special
day, and let me tell you, it was special. I cried about…6 times. Here is a pic of the happy couple at the

Congrats guys!

Sunday I booted it to Halifax for another lovurly stay at the fancy Prince George Hotel (Thanks work!). I
decided to venture from my hotel room and ended up at the movie theatre! I went in and saw Thor. All.
By. My. Self. Hahaha, I told my friend and he was like: “Noooo! You are officially old.” Well, I guess at
22 it is official. I’ve never gone to a movie by myself before but it was pretty fun. I got to sit wherever I
wanted and I had lots of space! I ate a giant amount of buttery popcorn guilt free (NOM NOM NOM) and
I got really into the movie. O.K. As into the movie as I could possibly get. Mostly I was just staring at the
hotness of his body. As Homer Simpson drools for donuts, I drool for Thor.

This week’s goals: 1. Do laundry; mamma needs showering towels. 2. Find this swimming pool you’ve
been hearing so much about. 3. Cook a decent meal; PB&J is GROSS. 4. Finish gathering my lovely friend
Whitney’s birthdaaaay present!

I live the life of a wild man, I tell ya.


samboy said...

I did Thor drooling too. So much so, that I didn't notice my bf choking next to me. Ooops!

Robyn M. said...

You should make friends with this scott character.. I think he has the potential to have hot friends :) DO YOU HAVE A POOL? I WANT TO SWIM IN IT. Also we could invite the potentially hot friends.. All around solid plan..

Tmo said...

Well we know what Robyn has been dreaming of lately.
Thor is a solid movie :)

WhitneyAlaina said...

you remembered me :)

ps you're cat (Callie) has vomited two days in a row. pretty sure she hates me and misses you.

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