Sunday, May 15, 2011

big stop hangover breakfast is good

Two nights of drinking later and I think I have properly bonded with my roommates. However my liver is not talking to me.

Friday night was pomegranate vodka (you know the one) and the Jays vs the Twins. Last night was Long Island Iced Tea...and....the Jays vs the Twins. Scott is actually getting me into baseball. Never thought that would happen.

I am popular apparently, I have gotten two numbers already since moving here. Baam.

Shauna and Amanda. Ohhhh yeaaaaaaah. But in all seriousness it's nice to have some possible girl friends here. I'm also contemplating joining the local YMCA here. It's fairly inexpensive and in walking distance from my house. There's a public pool in the building next to it that has lap swim and such and I could get a membership to both places for about 60 bucks a month, which is not too shabby. I went to the Y yesterday. The gym kills me. Elliptical, my old friend, my legs have not missed you. Family Guy is slowly becoming my favorite show. Ps I am totally not maybe a little deny til you die crushing on my roommate. After Colin I have invoked a strict policy on not making things awkward. So NO. Nooo. NOOO.

But he is really hot. And his personality is deceptively flirty. It messes with my MIND. And we might have sort of almost slept in the same bed Friday. Cept I got outta there and went to my own bed because I am smart and have learned that lesson. DON'T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT PEOPLE. Anywaaays, as always I will keep it honest on my blog and keep you properly updated. I definitely still miss Matt a lot too though. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


Robyn M. said...


But YAY about friends.. Yous a playa. I also hate the gym but swimming is funsies..

And I would avoid the roomate thing at all cost, cause at least with a work thing you could get away from it when necessary but you can't if YOU LIVE THERE!


tyler_fraser said...


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