Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uh, baaaaackspaaaace!

All of the things I have to write about today are locked up in my head and don’t seem to want to come out. Whether because I am terrified of what could happen if released or whether I really believe they’re irrelevant. Only time will tell. I’ve been catching up on one of my favorite blogs Chelsea Talks Smack. I love her stuff but it always makes me very reflective and thoughtful. Sometimes too much so. Tomorrow I know I will be like, “Whaaaa was I thinking? Damn sentiment. Quit pulling my heart strings already!” Therefore to save you all from a possible word vomitorium, without further ado (and drum roll please)...


Summer goal lists are…classic. Everyone makes them and they’re always the same: full of a redonkulous amount of things that we already do every summer and are just extremely missing due to copious amounts of snow and ice and extreme sun withdrawal. Then the rest of the stuff we throw in there, the spark of our own individuality, is usually either insane, improbable, likely not going to happen or something we’ve strived towards our entire lives but haven’t got around to doing yet.

And all that doesn’t make them any less damn fun to write up. So cheers people.

50 Things to do This Summer

1. Go on a picnic
2. Watch a sunset
3. Build a bonfire
4. Sing karaoke
5. Make a new friend
6. Learn how to drive a standard
7. Kiss a boy
8. Blow bubbles
9. Fly a kite
10. Put my feet in the ocean
11. Watch a sunrise
12. Write a book
13. Eat campfire food
14. Lose 15lbs
15. Get drunk off tequila
16. Go camping
17. Light a ton of sparklers
18. Play a video game, and win
19. Fall in love
20. Play mini golf
21. Get a pedicure
22. Make an elaborate sand castle
23. Go star gazing
24. Run barefoot through the grass
25. Eat corn on the cob
26. Go see fireworks
27. Go bridge jumping
28. Read a book on the front porch
29. Jump into a swimming pool with all my clothes on
30. Complete my summer video
31. Pick a bouquet of flowers
32. Get a wicked tan
33. Do a cartwheel
34. Make mimosas
35. Go down a waterslide
36. Buy a dream catcher, just because
37. Walk barefoot on the beach
38. Ride on a boat
39. Play washer toss
40. Go fishing
41. Grow something from the ground
42. Go swinging
43. Set up a bird feeder
44. Run beside a train just to see who’s faster
45. Go on a road trip
46. See the Cabot trail
47. …any other suggestions? MUST BE SOMETHING AWESOME/CRAZY!

Ya.  I already started. Wrote the friggin list in my journal last week.



Robyn M. said...

I want to do many of these thing too! Also I could try and teach you standard if you want..My car is super easy to learn on (case and point I learned haha)

Anonymous said...

Run beside a train to see who's faster?!?!???!?! IT'S LIKE YOUR READ MY MIND.

a. said...

i want to road trip with you this summer!

WhitneyAlaina said...

i want to do almost all of this with you this summer and it makes me realize how improbably it is that in the few weekends we would have together we could actually accomplish it. I say we try? Every time I see you we should try to cross a few things off.

i miss tyler full summers.

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