Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bored and at work.

Sometimes there is work to be done, but you just can’t force yourself to look at it anymore. This is one of those times.

What a snore of a day. It’s only 10:30am. Nothing is in the least entertaining here at work today. My music is not satisfying me, and there is no one around to chat with.

Yesterday when I left work, I said goodbye to everyone as I always do. I usually get a “Bye Tyler” from Colin. He didn’t look up at all and didn’t say anything! And he couldn’t even pretend he wasn’t listening because he didn’t have his head phones on either.

Well, who really cares? Sometimes I don’t say bye, lol. But usually it’s because I’m cranky with him. We made me think maybe he is cranky at me for some unknown reason. Also this morning I walked by him coming in the door and said “Hi” and he again ignored me. Which brings me to my point: I did like Colin, but I also like him in a different way because he is one of my good work buddies. There aren’t exactly a lot of us students around here, and even less of them are fun to talk to! So, basically it’s me and Colin in my trailer, he’s my go to guy to talk to when I’m bored. Brendon is around here too, but in a different trailer.

Now I am dying of boredom and I feel like I want to go say “HEY whats up” to Colin, because that is the normal thing that I would do if looking at him in just a friend way. But then I’m like eff, maybe I shouldn’t go bug him because what if he just thinks it’s because I like him. And he already seems ticked off at me so poking at him might not be a good idea for that reason either…..

Which brings me back to my original dilemma: bored as **** at work. And I look like shite today. And my face is all hot for some reason, I keep having to put my hair back into a lame ponytail. Soon. Will. Begin. Stabbing. Hand. With. Pencil.


Robyn M. said...

I love you!!!!

TJayne said...

I hope you don't have a hole in your hand.

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