Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I just ran into the Trailer Bunny while walking out of the lunch/bathroom trailer. He was sitting right beside the steps! He is so precious, and BIG. Not fat, just a big guy. He was snacking on an apple core which had been uncovered by the melted snow. I have a strong suspicion it belonged to my apple once, because I often throw food there, thinking of my little hoppy friend. It has been drizzling here all day, and my poor little tough man! He was soaked, and his fur was all bunchy. HEART B-BREAKING! I wanted to scoop him up and bring him inside to get warm, or at least give him a little under the chin scratch, but he didn't let me get closer then a few feet away. So, I stood in the rain and watched him devour the whole core. One last attempt to pet him, and he hopped away. I immediately ran back to my trailer to eat the apple i had leftover in my lunch so I could put out a new core for him to enjoy.

Sitting here now, beside my freshly eaten apple, my mind is _______. While eating, I looked up some information on rabbits, including that I probably shouldn't feed it unless I'm prepared to do it everyday forever. They'll become dependent on it. It really breaks my heart, but he has survived this long through an outdoor winter, so I hope he will make it through.

What do you guys think? Should I just throw the core out there for him or not?

PS i got another one of those name calls again, I even put Ms. as my salutation. It was an asian man who I think assumed I was "Tyler Fraser's" secretary because he says, hello im calling for tyler fraser. and I say yes, this is she.

uh i am calling for tyler fraser

yes...this is she.

tyler fraser?




the cat whisperer said...

You're a much bigger person than I am then! I would have taken it as an opportunity to just say, "Ok no, he's not here, you'll have to call back." Lazy days! :)

You need a bunny picture!

Plaid Guru said...

if you search trailer bunny in the top search bar their are some old pictures of him from nov/dec! he is sitting under the shed right next to the entrance to my work trailer..such a cute little man.

an aside: today i went down to the plant to find that someone had stolen my hard hat and safety glasses! so i went to get new ones and instead of my name, Tyler Fraser on the front i got "Miss Tyler" printed on it. no man is gonna steal it now!!! muaahahaha! all i need are some pink flower stickers..

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