Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my head bobs subconciously whenever i hear lady gaga

1. I didn't blog yesterday. :| . Which means I actually had a decently busy day at work, yay! My boss taught me all this new stuff and got me into a new technical design to rework.

Sometimes I can be extremely nerdy...is it weird that work gives me a happy?

2. The sorority I'm in, IBX or Iota Beta Chi, is hosting RUSH for the next two weeks. It is our recruitment period where we host numerous events and collect potential new pledges. Today is the first event: we have a booth set up at the Clubs and Societies fair where we talk about our group, give out candies annnnnd special invitations to our famous Wine and Cheese, which is always our final Rush event. This year we chose an ABC theme...anything but clothes and cups. (Bulgy eyes) Does anyone have any original ideas of what I could make an outfit from/what to drink out of??

3. I finally downloaded the Fame Monster by Lady Gaga, and have been listening to it non stop on my iPod. 26 songs of pure exhilarating, dancie goodness! highly recommended.


"He ate my heart
(I love that girl)
He ate my heart
(Wanna talk to her, she’s hot as hell)"

4. Snowboarding on Saturday was amazing. I DID not break a damn thing, other than my ego.. The lesson was very tiring for my non conditioned muscles. I feel a lot better after just that short time with an instructor however, and am planning on taking the class again this Saturday. Hopefully my muscles will be a little stronger and I will be confident enough to make it down some real hills with my girl.

5. Life after high school: does anyone elses body feel really different? I feel like my whole psyche works in a new way. In lots of areas, that is a good thing..growing up, maturing, settling into adulthood. But one thing I've been thinking about is how active I used to be. Back then I used to get up, go to school all day, stay after school for practice or a game, go home, stuff down some food, and most likely go out to a different team practice or game. Busy little bee I was, as were most of my friends. Now, 3 years later, I catch myself complaining about how I don't have time for anything after my 12 hour work day, blah blah blah whine whine whine. I used to embrace my fast paced lifestyle. Now I can barely make myself go out to dance with friends and stay til the bar closes without wanting to pass out.

WHERE HAS MY ENERGY/SPIRIT/FIRE GONE? Well, I'm determined to find it again. For the past two weeks I've been attending workout classes at my gym after work and trying to think of any other fun ways of getting back to my old toned and capable body. Ideas or workout buddies are welcome and appreciated.

6. Last night, after Yoga class, while I was in the kitchen with my momma chatting like we do and getting my lunch ready for today:

"What did you want to take? There is some pork left."


"Well, I can make you a chicken breast."


"How about a steak?"

"I think I want to become a vegetarian..I'm bored of meat."

She then pulled out of the fridge a vegetarian lo mein from M&M Meat Shop.
(She had actually bought us both one as a treat for New Years Eve. I was planning on staying in on NYE and having a chill mom&ty-party with her aka laying in her bed watching Criminal Minds reruns and keeping up a steady commentary about who we think is the best looking in the cast and why..but of course was talked into going out (I am easily convinced). She is the sweetiest person around. I love my momma.)

So vege huh. What do y'all think?

7. HEY! I didn't even think of writing about Colin, until just now while am going back and editing..

What does that tell me!

Nothing much actually...he is still the same for me. I'm struggling between the desire to hang out with him and the desire to remain sane. Yesterday, (remember I was quite busy) he came over to my desk in the morning just to chat, which is very rare in itself. (He's on my way out of the trailer so I am often the one walking by him) He cajoled me again when I was coming to Saint John. Then he went into his "Us four should get together again and hang out" speech. ("Us four" being myself, Jen Buns, him and his trusted friend Murphy) and I assume us hanging out would mean drinking and making out again...

He has been singing that song to me since my return from Christmas break. Here is where I am torn between wanting to give in...Aren't we all just living for those small precious moments of happiness. Frustration with myself ensues.

Boys are complicated, but that's what makes them worth it, isn't it?


samboy said...

do it! being veggie is great xxx

Erica said...

Oh no you don't! We are not going to have one of those in our family! No holidays with tofurkey!
Seriously though, I love reading your blog. It's nice to hear what's going on in your life.
Love you babe!

"That Feral Cat" said...

let me say this. i <3 ed first and second year. then life came, and went away the energy. I have the belief that with the end of school comes a new challenge that must be entered with full enthuism and when it gets stale, you just call a collective of girls we all know an love, then BAM! Life is once agin okay. yes?

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