Wednesday, January 13, 2010

famous Wine and Cheese: ABC style

So, googling ABC party costume ideas was no help. Guess I'm going to have to turn on my creative genius.
These poor girls were basically all I could find. I cut their heads off to leave them some anonymity. (and some dignity!)

I really like the feather idea! I think I could do that...I am going to keep my eye on that one. I can't even tell what the three on the right are supposed to be...

OK creative genius coming out: IDEAS plucked from my cranium, GO.

Taped together grocery bags. Haha I would do NB liquor bags.

Christmas wrapping paper! Bow and all.

A flag! (Michelle could be South Africa)

Duck tape (obvious....)

Some sort of shrubbery, vines or fake flowers. Dollar store special!

Aluminum foil. You could also somehow incorporate those foil baking pans.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND that's all I've got. Feathers is still my fav. Glue gun: FIRE!

Now, for funny things to drink out of:

a watering can
soap dish
washed out shampoo bottle
coffee pot
blender pitcher
small plastic garbage can
a bucket
sand castle making bucket
flower pot.. o shit they have holes in the bottom dont they. maybe not.
ziplock bag (Home made mini sips!!!! lmao.)
ice cream container
salt and pepper shakers

BAAAAH hilarious. I certainly have enough of those ideas. This weekend I will be heading to the dollar store and getting some supplies together. Project for craft Sunday!


samboy said...

being half naked in a party sounds like my idea of a nightmare!

the no cups thing is funny though!

ummmm make a dress out of garbage bags? more demure that way too :) x

brit said...

this is an AWESOME theme for a party!! suggestion of a material: shower curtain

Plaid Guru said...

hehe I will not be dressing THAT skimpily, for certain. Maybe ill make a matching feather headdress....

BRITT good idea! like map of the world shower curtain lol.

brit said...

another suggestion (perhaps for someone else): plastic garbage can with bottom cut out. wear it oscar the grouch style

m. said...

i was thinking feather boas and pink duct tape from michaels. i will not be drinking so i don't need a cup. i think it should be illegal for me to drink while wearing no clothing, that would almost certainly turn out badly.

Plaid Guru said...

FEATHER IDEA STEALER! I will be doing exactly that. Boas and all. lol.

TJayne said...

I'm so excited for thissss!!! :D I am getting good ideas, ha ha ha!

WhitneyAlaina said...

can we make costumes together Ty!! pleaseee. also I saw your mama driving today with someone in the car with her (you perhaps?)

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